III. Someday

  1. Someday I shall be able to please all my spiritual children

  2. Someday my spiritual children will please God in His own Way

  3. Someday earth’s cry and heaven’s smile shall embrace each other

  4. Someday each man shall know that he is God’s great promise to the world

  5. Someday ignorance shall sit at the feet of light for transformation

  6. Someday each man will manifest the highest Goal: perfect perfection

  7. Someday God’s unconditional Compassion will be valued by mankind

  8. Someday God’s unconditional Love will be appreciated by mankind

  9. Someday God’s unconditional Concern will be admired by mankind

  10. Someday God’s Compassion will be adored by mankind

  11. Someday poor God will be properly understood

  12. Someday the aspiration of the finite will consciously claim the Light and Bliss infinite as its very own

  13. Someday the animal love will be perfected

  14. Someday the human love will be liberated

  15. Someday the divine Love will be manifested

  16. Someday human love will know not only what the divine Love is, but also what the divine Love can and will do for it

  17. Someday human fear will realise its stupidity

  18. Someday human doubt will realise its futility

  19. Someday human jealousy will realise its poverty

  20. Someday human nature will realise its insincerity

  21. Someday human mind will realise its obscurity

  22. Someday human heart will realise its insecurity

  23. Someday human vital will realise its own animality

  24. Someday human body will realise its impurity

  25. Someday human life will realise its uncertainty

  26. Someday the searching man will reach his ultimate Source

  27. Someday the aspiration in man will achieve God’s own Realisation

  28. Someday man will soulfully welcome the Gratitude-Queen and she will no longer remain a stranger

  29. Someday man’s sublime thoughts will be transformed into God’s adamantine Will

  30. Someday man will know that God’s Love and human life are inseparable

  31. Someday man will discover that love is the power of life

  32. Someday man will discover that life is the sacred secret of God

  33. Someday man will realise that God’s crown is made of his heart’s unceasing Love

  34. Someday man will realise that God is extremely eager to offer His Throne to him

  35. Someday man will realise that God is more anxious to see the arrival of His children at His Palace of Truth and Light

  36. Someday mortality will ask Immortality, “Where were you hiding from me for such a long time?” Immortality’s answer: “I was not hiding from you, I was examining your necessity’s sincerity.”

  37. Someday the finite will tell the Infinite, “For years you have been ignoring my bleeding heart.” Infinity’s answer: “I was not ignoring you. It was you who did not care for me, but cared only for the pleasure-filled, tempting ignorance.”

  38. Someday the fleeting time will tell Eternity, “You care only for your own existence. You never care for my fleeting breath. Eternity’s answer: “I do care for you. Unfortunately, your little breath, is terribly afraid of me, afraid of my big breath. Enter into me cheerfully and, like me, become God’s entirely and claim God’s Infinite Height, Eternal Breath and Immortal Life unhesitantly, unmistakably.”

  39. Someday the suspecting mind will love the perfecting heart

  40. Someday the brother mind will request the sister heart to guide him

  41. Someday the body will cheerfully walk towards the Goal of the Beyond

  42. Someday the vital will powerfully march towards the Goal of the Beyond

  43. Someday the mind will speedily run towards the Goal of the Beyond

  44. Someday the heart will soulfully dive into the Goal of the Beyond

  45. Someday the soul will selflessly grow into the Goal of the Beyond

  46. Someday man’s perfect perfection will give joy to God

  47. Someday God’s total manifestation will give joy to man

  48. Someday God will ask heaven to climb down unhesitantly

  49. Someday God will ask man to climb up bravely

  50. Someday God will ask heaven to give to earth what it has: beauty

  51. Someday God will ask earth to give to heaven what it has: duty

  52. Someday earth’s duty and heaven’s beauty will get married. They will have a child and this child will embody Infinity’s Light, reveal Eternity’s Height and manifest Immortality’s Soul

Sri Chinmoy, AUM — Vol. 7, No.11, June 27, 1972.First published by AUM Centre Press in 1972.

This is the 9067th book that Sri Chinmoy has written since he came to the West, in 1964.


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