My Christmas-New Year-Vacation Aspiration-Prayers, part 11

Editor's note

Sri Chinmoy offered the following prayers during his visit to Cambodia in December 2001 and January 2002.

25 December 2001

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

1 My Lord ...

My Lord,
Why am I so ungrateful to You?
I clearly see that
Your Heart is drawn out towards me
To shelter me
And be my strongest support.

2 I Must Be The Winner ...

I must be the winner
In the race of life —
I must!

3 My Lord Tells Me ...

My Lord tells me,
“My child,
When your enemies hinder you
In every way imaginable,
Cultivate faith in Me.
I shall be with you,
In you and totally for you.”

4 If I Do Not Care ...

If I do not care
To manifest my Lord’s Light
On earth,
Why should He liberate me
From the bondages of time?

5 I Have Come To Learn ...

I have come to learn
That my own sincerity-heart
Is a source of tremendous energy
And vitality
In my spiritual life.

6 O My Inner Faith ...

O my inner faith,
You are the only one
To enable me to withstand
All the attacks
Of my stark adversaries.

7 My Lord Says To Me ...

My Lord says to me,
“My child, do not give up,
Do not give up!
I am coming, I am coming!
I am coming to you as a Beacon
In your ignorance-night.”

8 Do Not Doubt ...

Do not doubt,
Do not hesitate!
Your God-fulfilment-promise
You will be able to carry through
To completion.

9 Weakness-Multitudes ...

Soulfully confessed
Are immediately forgiven.

10 God’s Love Is Not Only ...

God’s Love is not only
For a few selected seekers.
It is definitely available
To all.
Needless to say,
You and I are included.

11 God’s Special Blessings ...

God’s special Blessings
Are not beyond our reach.
It is His genuine desire
That we all receive
His special Blessings
Directly from His own Hand.

26 December 2001 ...

26 December 2001

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

12 Time Is Short, Very Short ...

Time is short, very short.
Our uppermost concern
Has to be God-fulfilment
Here on earth.

13 God Says To Me ...

God says to me,
“My child,
Just give Me once and for all
What you are:
I shall, in return, immediately give you
The abundance of My own Life:
Beauty, Light, Delight,
Perfection and Satisfaction.”

14 I Give God ...

I give God
An iota of my love.
God gives me
His entire Life
And His very Breath.

15 God Says To Me ...

God says to me,
“My child, true,
You have gone astray.
But do I not have Love-Power
To draw you back?
Lo, you are back
And once more safe
Inside My Heart-Home.”

16 When God’s Voice ...

When God’s Voice
Is my only choice,
He in no time bridges
The longest gap
Between my life and His Heart.

17 I Have Completely Forgotten God ...

I have completely forgotten God,
But God tells me that His Heart
Is still sleeplessly occupied
With me and my life.

18 My Lord Beloved Supreme Tells Me ...

My Lord Beloved Supreme tells me,
“My child,
You can doubt Me if you want to,
But you will never be able to doubt
My Love.”

19 My Lord Of Infinite Compassion ...

My Lord of infinite Compassion
Says to me,
“My child,
You express your wild hostility
Towards Me
And I accept it gladly.
I know that is your way of life.
My child,
Since I gladly accept
What you give Me,
Can you not accept
What I have to offer:
My Love, My Concern,
My Compassion and My Forgiveness?”

20 When I Meditate ...

When I meditate
Solely on God’s Victory,
I go far beyond
The confines of time.

21 Ignorance-Night I Have ...

Ignorance-night I have.
Wisdom-light I need
To enrich my life
Divinely and ceaselessly,
And God is all ready
To fulfil me.

27 December 2001 ...

27 December 2001

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

22 God Says To Me ...

God says to me,
“My child,
If you light your heart-candle,
I shall take care of your darkness.”

23 The Body Says, “I Can Sleep.” ...

The body says, “I can sleep.”
The vital says, “I can strangle.”
The mind says, “I can fight.”
The heart says, “I can love.”
The soul says, “I can watch
And send my report to God.”

24 God Says That He Has Seen Me ...

God says that He has seen me
Countless times,
And I am still the same.
Next time He wants to see me
With a new mind, a new heart
And a new face.
If I fail Him,
He may never give me
Another chance.

25 When My Mind ...

When my mind
Wants to speak to God,
God says to my mind,
“You are too close!
Go back at least
One hundred metres.
Do not worry —
I have two very big Ears.
I shall be able to hear you
Very easily.”

26 When My Heart ...

When my heart
Wishes to speak to God,
God says to my heart,
“My child, why do you have to stand
So far away?
Am I a stranger?
Come, come very, very close to Me.
The nearer you come,
The better for both of us
To hear each other.”

27 God’s Eye ...

God’s Eye
Examines all and sundry,
With no exception.

28 God’s Heart ...

God’s Heart
Examines only
The chosen few.

29 My Mind Thinks ...

My mind thinks
It knows everything
About God.
My heart feels
It has to learn everything
About God
From God Himself.

30 My Master Tells Me ...

My Master tells me
That if I want to become
A perfect disciple of his,
Then he expects cheerful surrender
And not forced surrender
To His God-oneness-will.

28 December 2001 ...

28 December 2001

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

31 I Must Reach ...

I must reach
The summit
Of my God-surrender-ecstasy.

32 Alas ...

All my meetings with my mind
Are always noisy, unproductive,
Worthless and useless.

33 I Feel Lonely ...

I feel lonely
Only when my God-Friend
Is not beside me.

34 God’s Compassion-Eye ...

God’s Compassion-Eye
Is always ready to greet
The seeker in me.

35 God’s Satisfaction-Heart ...

God’s Satisfaction-Heart
Is always ready to embrace
The divine lover in me.

36 The Mind’s Self-Doubt-Blows ...

The mind’s self-doubt-blows
Are extremely powerful
And unthinkably destructive.

37 The Smiles Of My Soul ...

The smiles of my soul
Are my heart’s
Heaven-climbing hopes.

38 My God-Devotion-Heart ...

My God-devotion-heart
Steers my life-boat
To the Golden Shore
Of the ever-transcending Beyond.

39 The Insecurity ...

The insecurity
Of my inner life
Is the madness-thunder
Of my outer life.

40 My Lord Supreme Has Blessed Me ...

My Lord Supreme has blessed me
With an aspiration-road
Which is at once ageless
And endless.

41 My Soul-Bird Is Teaching Me ...

My soul-bird is teaching me
How to fly far above
The streaming tears of my heart
The brooding fears of my mind.

42 My Beloved Lord’s ...

My Beloved Lord’s
Most inspiring and most energising
Long-distance calls
Are cordless and wordless.

29 December 2001 ...

29 December 2001

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

43 May My Heart ...

May my heart
Be a galaxy
Of God-blossoming dreams.

44 To Maintain Our Inner Poise ...

To maintain our inner poise,
We must give equal value
To success and failure.

45 My Unconditional Aspiration-Heart ...

My unconditional aspiration-heart
Is a luxury
I have received from
God’s Compassion,
Affection, Love and Bliss.

46 My Heart Urges Me ...

My heart urges me
To love God.

47 My Soul Compels Me ...

My soul compels me
To serve God.

48 God Pleads With Me ...

God pleads with me
To remember Him
Sleeplessly and self-givingly.

49 Alas ...

My mind
Is shockingly heartless.

50 Alas ...

My heart
Is helplessly homeless.

51 Alas ...

My life
Is unthinkably godless.

52 Everything Deceives Me ...

Everything deceives me
Save my aspiration-heart-tears.

53 The Moment My God-Obedience-Heart ...

The moment my God-obedience-heart
Stops functioning,
My earth-existence becomes
A colossal failure.

54 To Lose ...

To lose
A childlike heart
Is to miss
A God-Heart-Smile.

31 December 2001 ...

31 December 2001

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

55 The Beauty ...

The beauty
Of the earth-planet
Is extremely inspiring.

56 The Duty ...

The duty
Of the earth-planet
Is extremely surprising.

57 The Outer World ...

The outer world
Quick motion.

58 The Inner World ...

The inner world
Intense aspiration.

59 Every Day ...

Every day
Is a holiday
For my God-surrender-life.

60 I Climb Up ...

I climb up
And sit at the very top
Of my hope-mountain.

61 I Climb Down ...

I climb down
And become
My promise-fulfilment-fountain.

62 Alas ...

My body chooses
The lethargy-life.

63 Alas ...

My vital chooses
The hesitation-mind.

64 Alas ...

My mind chooses
The impatience-vital.

65 To My Great Joy ...

To my great joy,
My heart chooses
God’s Protection-Feet.

1 January 2002 ...

1 January 2002

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

66 O Pilot Of The New Year-Boat ...

O Pilot of the New Year-Boat,
Do give my heart a new hope,
My life a new promise
And me a new assurance
That You are going to take me
To Your Golden Shore.

67 O My Mind ...

O my mind,
I beg of you,
Please leave your old life behind —

68 O My Heart ...

O my heart,
I beg of you,
Please cry more for humanity —
And please smile more at God —

69 I Know, I Know ...

I know, I know,
God’s Compassion-Eye —
For this my heart lives.

70 I Know, I Know ...

I know, I know,
God’s Forgiveness-Heart —
For this my life lives.

71 I Know, I Know ...

I know, I know,
God’s full manifestation on earth —
For this I live.

72 God Himself Feeds The Genuine Seekers ...

God Himself feeds the genuine seekers
Every day.
Therefore, their aspiration-hearts
And their service-lives
Are becoming stronger and stronger
Every day.

73 Self-Importance ...

Self-importance —
Dangerous, dangerous!
I must shun it
Once and for all.

2 January 2002 ...

2 January 2002

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

74 The Heart Never Questions ...

The heart never questions,
Never doubts God’s Presence
In each and every life
And each and every death.

75 My Lord ...

My Lord,
I promise I shall not delay
My unconditional
Surrender-life-existence on earth
Any more.

76 A God-Searching Mind ...

A God-searching mind
Must embody

77 A God-Aspiring Heart ...

A God-aspiring heart
Must embody

78 A God-Serving Life ...

A God-serving life
Must embody

79 To See My Lord Smiling ...

To see my Lord smiling,
Even for a fleeting moment,
I am prepared to cover
The length and breadth
Of the world.

80 My Lord Supreme Tells Me ...

My Lord Supreme tells me
That He does not stop enjoying
The exquisite fragrance
Of my gratitude-heart-tear-garland.

From: Sri Chinmoy, My Christmas-New Year-Vacation Aspiration-Prayers, part 11 - , Agni Press, 2002
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