My Christmas-New Year-Vacation Aspiration-Prayers, part 52

Editor's note

Sri Chinmoy offered the following prayers during his visit to Langkawi, Malaysia in February 2006.

16 February 2006

Langkawi, Malaysia

1 Pathfinders ...

Are infinitely more important
Than travellers.

2 When God Is My Choice ...

When God is my choice,
Only choice,
God’s Voice cannot remain far,
Very far.

3 Man The Bondage ...

Man the bondage
God the Freedom
Together live.

4 I Want To See ...

I want to see
God’s Feet first,
Before I see God’s Face.

5 I Want To See ...

I want to see
God’s Eye first,
Before I see the world.

6 God-Knowers ...

Are more God-lovers
Than God-seekers.

7 God’s Grace ...

God’s Grace
Is always
Empty of condition.

8 The Strength Of Goodness ...

The strength of goodness
Far surpasses
The strength of greatness.

9 I Am Extremely Fond ...

I am extremely fond
Of the heart of everything
In God’s world.

10 Peace, Universal Peace ...

Peace, universal peace,
Is definitely within the reach
Of all.

17 February 2006 ...

17 February 2006

Langkawi, Malaysia

11 Life Is Eternal ...

Life is eternal
Only when we cry to live
In God’s Breath.

12 Change ...

Is absolutely necessary
In the process of evolution.

13 Love Of God ...

Love of God
Is our only religion.

14 To Fulfil God ...

To fulfil God
In His own Way
Is the code of our life.

15 Religion Means ...

Religion means
Conscious God-union.

16 Religion Means ...

Religion means
To live in a higher height.

17 Religion Means ...

Religion means
Universal Smile.

18 Nothing Else ...

Nothing else
But spirituality
Is the world-salvation.

19 With Love ...

With love
We make our progress.

20 With Service ...

With service
We make ourselves

18 February 2006 ...

18 February 2006

Langkawi, Malaysia

21 Knowledge And Information ...

Knowledge and information
Are good friends.

22 Wisdom And Will ...

Wisdom and will
Are perfect friends.

23 Knowledge Means ...

Knowledge means

24 Wisdom Means ...

Wisdom means

25 Leadership ...

Extremely easy.

26 Friendship ...

Extremely difficult.

27 Life Is Not ...

Life is not
A false dream.

28 Life Is The Blooming ...

Life is the blooming
And blossoming

29 We Learn From God ...

We learn from God

30 God Learns From Us ...

God learns from us

19 February 2006 ...

19 February 2006

Langkawi, Malaysia

31 My Lord ...

My Lord,
I really try to love You only.
Please do not be sad or mad
If I do not succeed.

32 I Do Not Know ...

I do not know
Why I am confined
To the dark chamber
Of self-doubt.

33 My Lord ...

My Lord,
If You really love me,
Then do not overlook
Even a slight mistake!

34 I Am My Constant Loyalty ...

I am my constant loyalty
To my Supreme.

35 When God Approaches Us ...

When God approaches us
We get frightened.
Therefore, He comes to us

36 When God Does Not ...

When God does not
Smile at me,
My life becomes
Real death.

37 God’s Smile ...

God’s Smile
Always embodies Silence —
The mightiest Silence-Sound!

38 There Is No Ignorance-Abyss ...

There is no ignorance-abyss
That cannot
Be crossed.

39 God Inundates Me ...

God inundates me
With His
Life-giving Love.

40 Each Time You Speak ...

Each time you speak
Against your fellow seekers,
You go away —
Farther than the farthest —
From your Lord Supreme.

20 February 2006 ...

20 February 2006

Langkawi, Malaysia

41 I Am Ready To Be Disregarded ...

I am ready to be disregarded
By all,
But not by my Lord Supreme.

42 A Soulful Seeker ...

A soulful seeker
Is he whose life-breath
Is offered to God.

43 Tomorrow’s Promise ...

Tomorrow’s promise
We never fulfil.

44 God Wants Us ...

God wants us
To preserve our love for Him
And our service for the world.

45 To Become Complete ...

To become complete,
What we need
Is God-realisation.

46 Peace-Blossoms ...

We find
Only in our heart-garden.

47 My Heart Is One ...

My heart is one
With the happiness
Of the moon.

48 My Life Is One ...

My life is one
With the power
Of the sun.

49 My Breath Is One ...

My breath is one
With the Immortality
Of God’s Heart.

50 My Hope ...

My hope
Is my beauty’s fragrance.

51 My Promise ...

My promise
Is my duty’s fulfilment.

21 February 2006 ...

21 February 2006

Langkawi, Malaysia

52 My Heart Is Flying ...

My heart is flying
With my Lord’s Breath
Towards Heaven.

53 Everybody Needs ...

Everybody needs
Every day.

54 Everybody Needs ...

Everybody needs
Every day.

55 Everybody Needs ...

Everybody needs
Every day.

56 My Happiness-Life ...

My happiness-life
Is on God’s
Priority list.

57 I Love To Journey ...

I love to journey
Into the Unknown
At every moment.

58 Some Great Souls ...

Some great souls
Disguise themselves
As street beggars.

59 The Beauty Of The Heart ...

The beauty of the heart
Is too deep
For the mind to appreciate.

60 Every Heart ...

Every heart
Is made of dreams.

61 Every Life ...

Every life
Is made of realities.

22 February 2006 ...

22 February 2006

Langkawi, Malaysia

62 The Power Of Silence ...

The power of silence
The mind tries to break
In vain.

63 Spirituality Begins ...

Spirituality begins
With God-awareness.

64 There Is No Real Treasure ...

There is no real treasure
In the mind;
All the treasures
Are hidden in the heart.

65 The Hopes Of The Heart ...

The hopes of the heart
Are full of fragrance.

66 The Aspiration-Dedication-Life ...

The aspiration-dedication-life
Is truly difficult,
But not impossible.

67 I Cry And Try ...

I cry and try,
I try and cry
To become
A choice instrument
Of God.

68 My Soul-Smiles ...

My soul-smiles
Widen my life.

69 My Heart-Tears ...

My heart-tears
Heighten my life.

70 A Gratitude-Heart-Experience ...

A gratitude-heart-experience
Is beyond compare.

71 May The Climbing Flame ...

May the climbing flame
Of my heart
Please God
In His own Way.

23 February 2006 ...

23 February 2006

Langkawi, Malaysia

72 The Desire-Mind ...

The desire-mind
Lives between
Gloom and doom.

73 Not God The Justice ...

Not God the Justice
But God the Compassion
Prepares our future.

74 Nobody Can Go Towards God ...

Nobody can go towards God
Until God Himself
Comes towards him.

75 Each Prayer ...

Each prayer
Is a climbing ladder
To Heaven.

76 Each Meditation ...

Each meditation
Is a bridge
Between Heaven and earth.

77 For The Heart ...

For the heart,
God’s Name
Is a daily

78 With My Tear-Waves ...

With my tear-waves,
I go to God.

79 With My Smile-Seas ...

With my smile-seas,
I return.

80 When We Think Of God ...

When we think of God,
Is not to be found anywhere.

81 O My Mind ...

O my mind,
What you need
Is just one gratitude-plant.

24 February 2006 ...

24 February 2006

Langkawi, Malaysia

82 Nothing Starts ...

Nothing starts
With human beings.
Everything starts
With God’s Heart.

83 Each Moment ...

Each moment
Is a miracle-experience
In the history of the world.

84 I Need A Heart-Elevating ...

I need a heart-elevating
And not an eye-catching
God-drawing service.

85 Be A Man ...

Be a man
Of few words
But endless deeds.

86 To Enter Into God’s Boat ...

To enter into God’s Boat,
We need only
A soulful smile.

87 We Long For ...

We long for
Earthly length,
But we should long only for
Divine strength.

88 God Loves Two Things ...

God loves two things:
My listening ears
My embracing heart.

89 My Aspiration-Heart ...

My aspiration-heart
Carries me home
To Heaven.

90 My Lord ...

My Lord,
When will my mind come to learn
That my heart will never be able
To live without You?

91 My Physical Death ...

My physical death
Is not the end of my life —
I am an eternal journey.

From: Sri Chinmoy, My Christmas-New Year-Vacation Aspiration-Prayers, part 52 - , Agni Press, 2007
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