My Christmas-New Year-Vacation Aspiration-Prayers, part 57

Editor's note

Sri Chinmoy offered the following prayers during his visit to Varna, Bulgaria in December 2006 and January 2007.

31 December 2006

Varna, Bulgaria

1 We Can Never Hide ...

We can never hide
From God
And from His choice Hour.

2 The Weeping ...

The weeping
God the man
I love.

3 The Smiling ...

The smiling
Man the God
I need.

4 Only True God-Lovers ...

Only true God-lovers
Have the key
To open
Heaven’s Heart-Door.

5 God Asks Me ...

God asks me
Never to miss
Even a single chance
To please Him
In His own Way.

6 The Love Divine ...

The love divine
Is at once God-remembrance
And self-forgetfulness.

7 My Unconditional Surrender ...

My unconditional surrender
To God’s Will
Has to be made here and now,
And not in the far distant future.

8 In The Inner World ...

In the inner world,
Silence is made of power.

9 In The Outer World ...

In the outer world,
Silence is made of joy.

2 January 2007 ...

2 January 2007

Varna, Bulgaria

10 My Aspiration ...

My aspiration
Has another name:
My God-intoxication.

11 Each Time I Cry For God ...

Each time I cry for God,
He blesses me
With a new horizon.

12 A Sleepless Oneness-Heart ...

A sleepless oneness-heart
Is the only thing
That the world badly needs.

13 Why Do You Need ...

Why do you need
A mind that all the time
Confuses and refuses?
What you need
Is a God-loving heart.

14 Each Divine Action ...

Each divine action
Is, indeed,
A God-Fragrance-Joy.

15 My Lord Supreme ...

My Lord Supreme
Is never pleased
With my mind-forest.

16 My Lord Supreme ...

My Lord Supreme
Is mightily pleased
With my heart-garden.

17 World Harmony Run ...

World Harmony Run
Means the beauty
Of the universal heart
And the fragrance
Of the transcendental soul.

3 January 2007 ...

3 January 2007

Varna, Bulgaria

18 Hope Is At Once ...

Hope is at once
Sweeter than the sweetest
Stronger than the strongest.

19 Time ...

The human in us.

20 Time ...

The divine in us.

21 The Mind ...

The mind
Wants war.
The hand
Supports it.

22 Open Your Heart! ...

Open your heart!
Close your lips!
This is how a seeker
Must speak to God.

23 Explore, Explore! ...

Explore, explore!
Very soon
You will be able to knock
At God’s Heart-Door.

24 Each Day Is My ...

Each day is my

25 As The Highest Height ...

As the highest height
Is for us,
Even so, the lowest abyss
Is against us.

4 January 2007 ...

4 January 2007

Varna, Bulgaria

26 The Beyond Is Calling Me ...

The Beyond is calling me.
I must go far beyond
The snares of this world.

27 Heaven ...

Watches us.

28 Earth ...

Instructs us.

29 God’s Compassion And Concern ...

God’s Compassion and Concern
Do not leave us,
Even when we deliberately enjoy

30 My Master Blessingfully Sails ...

My Master blessingfully sails
His life-boat
On my heart-river.

31 Poise ...

Is the most important thing
In whatever I do,
Whatever I say.

32 Challenges Remind Me ...

Challenges remind me
Of my wakefulness
To my Lord’s Compassion-Eye.

33 When I Prayerfully Cry ...

When I prayerfully cry,
God allows me
To dive into His Depths.

34 When I Soulfully Smile ...

When I soulfully smile,
God allows me
To fly into His Heights.

5 January 2007 ...

5 January 2007

Varna, Bulgaria

35 Alas ...

It is I
Who am not available.
My Lord
Is always available.

36 My Gratitude-Heart-Tears ...

My gratitude-heart-tears
Sleeplessly sing
God’s Victory-Songs.

37 Be A God-Dreamer First ...

Be a God-dreamer first,
And only then can you be
A God-lover.

38 A God-Dreamer I Was ...

A God-dreamer I was.
I now am at once
Both a God-lover
And a God-server.

39 I Try To Fulfil ...

I try to fulfil
My tomorrow’s dream
In my today’s life.

40 Before It Is Too Late ...

Before it is too late,
Convince yourself
That you love God only
And you need God only.

41 Not Two Closed Eyes ...

Not two closed eyes
But only one open heart
Is needed
To welcome God.

42 God’s First And Foremost Choice ...

God’s first and foremost Choice
Is the silence-garden
Of my heart-home.

6 January 2007 ...

6 January 2007

Varna, Bulgaria

43 Every God-Seeker-Moment ...

Every God-seeker-moment
Awakens us
To a higher height.

44 Surrender ...

Helps us evolve
Quicker than the quickest.

45 Inner Poise ...

Inner poise
Is absolutely needed
To meet with
Outer challenges.

46 Meditation ...

Is the secret
Of God-oneness-nectar-delight.

47 Depression ...

Is the beginning
Of self-destruction.

48 Detachment ...

The enlightenment-way.

49 My Heart’s Inner Cries ...

My heart’s inner cries
Quickly bloom
On earth.

50 My Heart’s Inner Cries ...

My heart’s inner cries
Slowly, steadily and unerringly
Blossom in Heaven.

7 January 2007 ...

7 January 2007

Varna, Bulgaria

51 To Be God’s Partner ...

To be God’s partner,
You have to be
God’s lover and server first.

52 My Heart-Page ...

My heart-page
Is full of Blessings
Written by God Himself.

53 My Mind-Page ...

My mind-page
Is all blank,
Empty of God’s Message.

54 All Souls ...

All souls
Struggle and struggle and struggle
Inside the body-cage,
But eventually they bring victory
To their Lord Supreme.

55 If There Is Even An Iota Of Fear ...

If there is even an iota of fear
In approaching God,
Then God immediately
Runs away.

56 God And I ...

God and I
Share a great many secrets.
Our hearts breathe them
Day in and day out.

57 My God-Hope Is Blooming ...

My God-hope is blooming.
My God-promise is blossoming.
My thoughts are all
God’s Heart-Garden-Flowers.

58 My God-Thoughts ...

My God-thoughts
Can easily break through
The darkest
Of the mind.

8 January 2007 ...

8 January 2007

Varna, Bulgaria

59 My Lord’s Compassion ...

My Lord’s Compassion
All my blunders.

60 My Transformation-Life ...

My transformation-life
Is urgently needed
Both by Heaven and earth.

61 I Shall No Longer Allow ...

I shall no longer allow
To damage my God-given life.

62 Each Gratitude-Song ...

Each gratitude-song
Of my heart
Brightens the Face
Of my Lord Supreme.

63 My Life-Boat Carries ...

My life-boat carries
My Lord’s special Blessings
Wherever it goes.

64 May My God-Surrender-Life-Plant ...

May my God-surrender-life-plant
Faster than the fastest.

65 My Heart Loves ...

My heart loves
The weeping God
Much more than
The smiling God.
The weeping God hastens
My progress-life.

66 The Love Divine ...

The love divine
Is at once shadowless
And limitless.

67 To Hear Is Not Enough ...

To hear is not enough.
To see is not enough.
To feel is enough,
More than enough.

9 January 2007 ...

9 January 2007

Varna, Bulgaria

68 Every Morning ...

Every morning
I place my very best
And my very worst
At the Feet
Of my Lord Supreme.

69 In The Morning I Offer ...

In the morning I offer
My Lord Supreme
My heart’s garland
Of obedience.

70 In The Evening I Offer ...

In the evening I offer
My Lord Supreme
My life’s garland
Of surrender.

71 My Mind Lives ...

My mind lives
In the land
Of darkening evening.

72 My Heart Lives ...

My heart lives
In the land
Of clearing dawn.

73 God Is Fond ...

God is fond
Of my heart’s
Rising joy.

74 God Dislikes ...

God dislikes
My mind’s
Rushing pride.

75 Retirement ...

Is empty of

From: Sri Chinmoy, My Christmas-New Year-Vacation Aspiration-Prayers, part 57 - , Agni Press, 2008
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