My Christmas-New Year-Vacation Aspiration-Prayers, part 36

Editor's note

Sri Chinmoy offered the following prayers during his visit to Qingdao, China in December 2004.

24 December 2004

Qingdao, China

1 May My Life Be A Heart ...

May my life be a heart
Of humility-flower.

2 My Lord ...

My Lord,
How can we ever deserve
Your Love,
How can we?

3 My Lord ...

My Lord,
You do not need me
For anything,
But to give me importance
In Your Mission,
You make me feel
That I am indispensable.

4 Not Through Mere Words ...

Not through mere words,
But by constant selfless actions
I must please my Lord.

5 My Lord Wants Me To Communicate ...

My Lord wants me to communicate
With my brothers and sisters
Of the world
With tremendous affection,
Love and concern.

6 Every Day ...

Every day
A new lotus petal
Is blossoming
In my heart of aspiration.

7 Every Day ...

Every day
I must give a most beautiful smile
To my Beloved Supreme,
And also receive from Him
His most beautiful Smile.

8 Every Day ...

Every day
Can be a golden opportunity
To transform my mind
And purify my life.

9 I Try And Try And Try ...

I try and try and try
To follow the stars
Of my heart-sky.

10 Self-Offering ...

Without expectation
Is a happier than the happiest

11 My Lord Is Telling Me ...

My Lord is telling me
That happier and brighter days
Are ahead of me.

12 As Long As I Can Offer ...

As long as I can offer
Any kind of service
To my Lord Supreme,
I shall be extremely happy.

13 My Lord Teaches Me ...

My Lord teaches me
How to take giant strides
Towards His
Peace-Bliss-flooded Abode.

14 We Must Not Allow ...

We must not allow
Earthly trivia
To delay our inner progress.

15 My Lord ...

My Lord,
I want only Your Happiness,
Only in Your own Way.

16 Today ...

My Lord has given me
Two new eyes
To see His Divinity.

17 Today ...

My Lord has given me
One new heart
To feel His Divinity.

18 Today ...

My Lord has given me
One new life
To worship His Divinity.

19 Today ...

My Lord has given me
One new hope
To climb up and reach
His Heart-Home
And bring down His Divinity’s Light
To spread all over the world.

20 Intensity ...

My prayer-eyes need.

21 Immensity ...

My meditation-heart needs.

22 Integrity ...

My service-life needs.

23 The Human In Us Cries ...

The human in us cries
For the divine in us
To smile.

24 The Divine In Us Cries ...

The divine in us cries
For the human in us
To follow the divine.

25 Nothing Is More Satisfying ...

Nothing is more satisfying
Than our sleepless

26 Our God-Surrender ...

Our God-surrender
Breaks down our mind’s

27 God Trains ...

God trains
The human in us
And welcomes
The divine in us.

28 O My God-Questioning Mind ...

O my God-questioning mind,
Do not dare to darken
My heart-door any more.

29 My God-Faith-Heart-Flower ...

My God-faith-heart-flower
Has fully blossomed today.

30 My God-Destination ...

My God-Destination
Is powerfully beckoning
My heart’s aspiration-cries.

31 Earth-Expectation ...


32 My Lord Teaches Me ...

My Lord teaches me
How to ride
The life-dedication-wave.

33 My Aspiration-Bird ...

My aspiration-bird
Is learning from my soul
How to soar high, higher, highest
And fly fast, faster, fastest.

34 Devotion ...

Is sweetness

35 Sweetness ...

Is never to be found
In the life of darkness.

36 God Lives Inside ...

God lives inside
My entire being,
But He prefers to live
Inside my heart-home.

25 December 2004 ...

25 December 2004

Qingdao, China

37 Every Seeker’s Heart ...

Every seeker’s heart
Must be
A God-gratitude-fountain.

38 For Sleepy Eyes ...

For sleepy eyes
There is no real God.

39 God Loves To Give A Feast ...

God loves to give a feast
For the aspiring souls
Every day.

40 The Mind Says ...

The mind says
That God
Is an unsolicited Adviser.

41 The Mind Never Prays ...

The mind never prays
To God
For His Advice.

42 A Long Inner Journey ...

A long inner journey
Inspires my soul.

43 A Long Inner Journey ...

A long inner journey
Encourages my heart.

44 A Long Inner Journey ...

A long inner journey
Discourages my mind.

45 A Long Inner Journey ...

A long inner journey
Disheartens my vital.

46 A Long Inner Journey ...

A long inner journey
Frightens my body.

47 I Promised My Lord ...

I promised my Lord
To meet Him here
In the heart of Mother Earth.
Alas, I have not kept
My promise.

48 My Lord Promised ...

My Lord promised
To give me a Smile
Every day on earth.
Alas, my Lord has not kept
His Promise.

49 My God-Communion ...

My God-communion
My mind does not even want
To understand.

50 My God-Communion ...

My God-communion
My heart eagerly
And sleeplessly treasures.

51 God Does Not Judge ...

God does not judge
Any seeker’s competence.

52 God Judges ...

God judges
The seeker’s readiness,
Willingness and eagerness.

53 An Aspiration-Heart ...

An aspiration-heart
Deliberately disregards
Its sleep.

54 A Seeker ...

A seeker
Takes God’s every Wish
As his solemn command.

55 If You Need God ...

If you need God
Only for yourself,
Then you can make friends
With Eternity.

56 The Higher We Go ...

The higher we go,
The quicker we grow
Young in our hearts again.

From: Sri Chinmoy, My Christmas-New Year-Vacation Aspiration-Prayers, part 36 - , Agni Press, 2005
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