My Christmas-New Year-Vacation Aspiration-Prayers, part 50

Editor's note

Sri Chinmoy offered the following prayers during his visit to Penang, Malaysia in February 2006.

2 February 2006

Penang, Malaysia

1 When My Soul Meditates ...

When my soul meditates
Inside my heart,
My entire being
Gets a tremendous thrill.

2 The Necessity Of Speed ...

The necessity of speed
In everything
Is of paramount importance.

3 Without Sincerity ...

Without sincerity,
Nobody can fulfil
God’s Will.

4 The Mind Does Not Want ...

The mind does not want
To know
What the Truth is.

5 Do Not Be Afraid ...

Do not be afraid
Of weaknesses.
They are not everlasting.

6 How Can One Deny ...

How can one deny
God’s Existence forever?

7 An Aspiration-Empty Heart ...

An aspiration-empty heart
Our God-connection.

8 The Blame-Game ...

The blame-game
Is at once
Easy and dangerous.

9 My Heart-Tears ...

My heart-tears
Are treasured
By the golden dawn.

10 I Immediately Avoid ...

I immediately avoid
All my backward-looking

11 My Heart-Lotus ...

My heart-lotus
Is opening to God,
Petal by petal.

3 February 2006 ...

3 February 2006

Penang, Malaysia

12 When I Offer My Aspiration-Heart ...

When I offer my aspiration-heart
To God,
He blesses me
With His Satisfaction-Smile-Garden.

13 In The Spiritual Life ...

In the spiritual life,
Nobody is expected
To remain in the beginners’ class
All the time!

14 No Aspiration ...

No aspiration
Should have
An ailing experience.

15 No Dedication ...

No dedication
Should have
A failing experience.

16 Silence Pleases God ...

Silence pleases God
More easily
Than anything else.

17 My Gratitude-Heart ...

My gratitude-heart
And God’s Fondness
Are found always together.

18 Aspiration And Dedication ...

Aspiration and dedication
Are to be found
On the same level of consciousness.

19 I Must Offer My Gratitude-Heart ...

I must offer my gratitude-heart
To God
Daily and punctually.

20 A God-Descending Thought ...

A God-descending thought
Is what I need.

21 A Heart-Ascending Willingness ...

A heart-ascending willingness
Is what I need.

4 February 2006 ...

4 February 2006

Penang, Malaysia

22 When I Please God ...

When I please God
In His own Way,
I see countless stars
Singing and dancing
In my heart-sky.

23 We Came Into The World ...

We came into the world,
Not only to eat material food,
But also to feed our heart
With our aspiration-meal.

24 The Mind’s Limitations ...

The mind’s limitations
Lead us, quite often,

25 Each Heart ...

Each heart
Has a museum
Of sweetness-memories.

26 Meditate, Meditate ...

Meditate, meditate —
Do not

27 When We Do Not Pray ...

When we do not pray
And meditate,
We become prisoners
Of our mind.

28 Nothing Can Remain ...

Nothing can remain
Forever unreachable.

29 A Single Glance ...

A single Glance
From my Lord Supreme
Gives me unimaginable happiness.

30 Truth Blossoms ...

Truth blossoms
Only inside
The heart of pure God-seekers
And God-lovers.

31 O Seeker ...

O seeker,
Do not be greedy!
Why do you have to be
All alone with God?

5 February 2006 ...

5 February 2006

Penang, Malaysia

32 I Love ...

I love
The lion-roar
Of my prayer.

33 I Love ...

I love
The sea-peace
Of my meditation.

34 Those Who Are Faith-Heroes ...

Those who are faith-heroes
Will not be afraid of anything
Here on earth.

35 The Willingness Of The Mind ...

The willingness of the mind
And the eagerness of the heart
Must work together
To arrive at the Goal.

36 God Wants Us ...

God wants us
To be happy, happy, happy
All the time.

37 We Want God ...

We want God
To be proud of us
All the time.

38 In The Spiritual Life ...

In the spiritual life,
The mind and the heart
Are as far from each other
As the East is from the West.

39 If We Act Soulfully And Self-Givingly ...

If we act soulfully and self-givingly
To please God,
It is impossible to fail.

40 Since God Spoke To Me ...

Since God spoke to me,
My outer life and my inner life
Have completely changed
For the better.

41 God In Heaven ...

God in Heaven
Is beautiful.

42 God On Earth ...

God on earth
Is useful.

6 February 2006 ...

6 February 2006

Penang, Malaysia

43 God Wants Me To Smile ...

God wants me to smile,
Bright, brighter, brightest,
To please Him.

44 God Wants Me To Cry ...

God wants me to cry,
Soulfully and ceaselessly,
To please Him.

45 In The Purity-Garden ...

In the purity-garden
Of the heart,
There should be
No falsehood.

46 My Prayer And My Meditation ...

My prayer and my meditation
Take the first aspiration-flight
To God in Heaven.

47 We Cannot Satisfy God ...

We cannot satisfy God
Only with our hollow promises.
God wants us to fulfil
Our promises.

48 Imagination Is Not ...

Imagination is not
A whim of the mind.
It is a reality in its own right.

49 To Believe In God ...

To believe in God
Is not enough.
To be dynamic for God
Is needed.

50 My Meditation ...

My meditation
Silently and infallibly opens
My Lord’s Heart-Door.

51 A Devotion-Heart ...

A devotion-heart
And an argumentation-mind
Must always remain apart.

52 Love Smiles ...

Love smiles,
Whether it is human love
Or divine love.

7 February 2006 ...

7 February 2006

Penang, Malaysia

53 Man’s Mind Is Born ...

Man’s mind is born
For world-success.

54 Man’s Heart Is Born ...

Man’s heart is born
For God-satisfaction.

55 I Close My Eyes ...

I close my eyes
When discouragement
Wants to enter into my life.

56 The Power Of Despair ...

The power of despair
Is shocking.

57 We Must Break Asunder ...

We must break asunder
The veil
Of the doubting mind.

58 Light Is Not To Be Feared ...

Light is not to be feared.
Light is to be loved
All the time.

59 Be Not A Slave ...

Be not a slave
To the mind’s autocracy.

60 Each Seeker ...

Each seeker
Must work very hard
To illumine the mind.

61 The Longings Of Childhood ...

The longings of childhood
Are always cheerful
And soulful.

62 Willingness And Eagerness ...

Willingness and eagerness
Add unimaginably
To our aspiration
And dedication-life.

8 February 2006 ...

8 February 2006

Penang, Malaysia

63 Patience ...

Has a most
Comforting hand.

64 Simplicity And Sincerity ...

Simplicity and sincerity —
These are the very special
Gifts of God
To mankind.

65 I Want ...

I want
The music of silence
To silence my mind.

66 Perfection ...

Is, indeed,
A lifelong battle.

67 I Must Not Allow Fear ...

I must not allow fear
To blindfold
My heart.

68 My God-Oneness ...

My God-oneness
My universal passport.

69 The Light Of Silence ...

The light of silence

70 Slowly And Steadily ...

Slowly and steadily,
Not abruptly,
We must open up our heart-lotus,
Petal by petal.

71 We Are All ...

We are all
Of Time.

72 I Do Not Care For My Mind’s ...

I do not care for my mind’s
I care only for my heart’s

From: Sri Chinmoy, My Christmas-New Year-Vacation Aspiration-Prayers, part 50 - , Agni Press, 2007
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