My Christmas-New Year-Vacation Aspiration-Prayers, part 61

Editor's note

Sri Chinmoy offered the following prayers during his visit to Chiang Mai, Thailand in February 2007.

10 February 2007

Chiang Mai, Thailand

1 The Mind Loves ...

The mind loves
The zigzag road.

2 The Heart Loves ...

The heart loves
God’s sunlit Road.

3 My God-Gratitude ...

My God-gratitude
Is my heart’s
Most powerful strength.

4 Cry, Cry, Sleeplessly Cry ...

Cry, cry, sleeplessly cry
Fly, fly, breathlessly fly

5 The God-Doubting Mind ...

The God-doubting mind
Everywhere spies.
The God-searching heart
In the vast blue sky flies.

6 My Prayer-Life ...

My prayer-life
My God-addition.

7 My Meditation-Heart ...

My meditation-heart
My God-multiplication.

8 The Rising Sun ...

The rising sun
Beautifies me.
The setting sun
Purifies me.

11 February 2007 ...

11 February 2007

Chiang Mai, Thailand

9 The Source ...

The Source
Of my heart-tears
Is my Lord’s Compassion-Eye.

10 When We Really Love God ...

When we really love God,
His Voice does not remain

11 When We Really Worship God ...

When we really worship God,
His Feet do not remain

12 My Aspiration ...

My aspiration
My Heaven-flying bird.

13 My Dedication ...

My dedication
My earth-serving hand.

14 My Heart ...

My heart
Has another name:

15 I Ply My Life-Boat ...

I ply my life-boat
Between God’s Enthusiasm-Shore
And His Dynamism-Shore.

12 February 2007 ...

12 February 2007

Chiang Mai, Thailand

16 I Shall Not Allow My Desire-Life ...

I shall not allow my desire-life
To touch my Lord’s Feet.
I shall only offer, again and again,
My aspiration-heart
At my Lord’s Feet.

17 Not The Darkness Of Our Mind ...

Not the darkness of our mind
But the disobedience of our life
Weighs us down
In our spiritual life.

18 God Cares ...

God cares
Not only for
The awakened seekers,
But also for
The sleeping seekers.

19 My Lord Takes Care Of ...

My Lord takes care of
Not only the depths of my heart,
But also the shallows of my life.

20 My Soul Conducts ...

My soul conducts
My life-symphony
With tremendous care.

21 Opportunity ...

Is of no avail
If receptivity
Is wanting.

22 I Believe Only In ...

I believe only in

23 God Keeps ...

God keeps
His Heart-Entrance open
Only to the
Surrender-accomplished seekers.

24 Hesitation ...

In pleasing God
Is a serious spiritual crime.

13 February 2007 ...

13 February 2007

Chiang Mai, Thailand

25 Fear Not ...

Fear not
The agonies
Prior to transformation.

26 I Have Always ...

I have always
Tremendous admiration
For those
Who are ahead of me.

27 In These Trying Times ...

In these trying times,
Each seeker has to be
Extremely, extremely careful.

28 We Must Happily And Proudly ...

We must happily and proudly
To God’s choice Hour.

29 The Very Nature Of The Mind ...

The very nature of the mind
Is either to undermine
Or to belittle everything.

30 When I Do Not Pray And Meditate ...

When I do not pray and meditate,
I deal with the theoretical God.
But when I pray and meditate,
I deal with the practical God.

31 God Tells Me ...

God tells me
To sing only two songs:

32 Do Not Be Doomed ...

Do not be doomed
To disappointment.
If you have failed this time,
God will give you another chance.

33 God Powerfully And Proudly ...

God powerfully and proudly
All gratitude-hearts.

14 February 2007 ...

14 February 2007

Chiang Mai, Thailand

34 From God’s Eye ...

From God’s Eye
My spiritual journey starts.

35 At God’s Feet ...

At God’s Feet
My spiritual journey ends.

36 God Allows Us ...

God allows us
To enter into
His Heart-Kingdom
Even without

37 A Desiring Mind ...

A desiring mind
A turbulent life.

38 This World Needs ...

This world needs
Millions and millions
Of God-hungry souls
To raise the standard
Of the world.

39 Every Day ...

Every day
God beckons us
To sail and sail and sail
In His Compassion-Affection-Sea.

40 Every Day ...

Every day
God most compassionately
And most carefully examines
My success-smiles
My progress-tears.

41 Disobedience-Strides ...

Are dangerous, destructive
And God-defying.

15 February 2007 ...

15 February 2007

Chiang Mai, Thailand

42 My Aspiration Teaches Me ...

My aspiration teaches me
How to see God
Brighter and brighter
Every day.

43 My Dedication Teaches Me ...

My dedication teaches me
How to feel God
Kinder and kinder to me
Every day.

44 When Our Heart Cries Desperately ...

When our heart cries desperately,
God’s Grace descends immediately,
Plus unconditionally.

45 When I Soulfully Pray ...

When I soulfully pray,
My heart beautifully blooms.

46 When I Unconditionally Meditate ...

When I unconditionally meditate,
My life exquisitely blossoms.

47 God The Lover ...

God the Lover,
Secretly teaches me
How to be
A true God-worshipper.

48 When I Enter Into God’s Heart ...

When I enter into God’s Heart,
I see myself as God the Life
And not God the Death.

49 The Desire-Life ...

The desire-life
Everything is possible.

50 The Aspiration-Heart ...

The aspiration-heart
Everything is inevitable.

16 February 2007 ...

16 February 2007

Chiang Mai, Thailand

51 The World Is Full ...

The world is full
Of God’s
Unblossomed Joys.

52 My Strength Is In ...

My strength is in
My crying
At God’s Feet.

53 God’s Strength Is In ...

God’s Strength is in
His smiling
At my eyes.

54 Each Human Being ...

Each human being
Is a unique God-representative
On earth.

55 When I Pray And Meditate ...

When I pray and meditate,
I drink and drink
From my Lord’s

56 Alas, Will There Be A Time ...

Alas, will there be a time
When all human beings
On oneness-peace-journey?

57 I Was Born ...

I was born
As a God-Authority-

58 Aspiration ...

Prayerfully rises.
Soulfully increases.

17 February 2007 ...

17 February 2007

Chiang Mai, Thailand

59 God’s ...

Transcendental Greatness
Blesses my head.

60 God’s ...

Universal Goodness
Embraces my heart.

61 The Insincere Mind ...

The insincere mind
Finally surrenders
To the sincere heart.

62 A Reasoning Mind ...

A reasoning mind
Can never be
A blossoming heart.

63 I Do Not Want ...

I do not want
The capacities of my mind,
But I do want
The qualities of my heart.

64 Spirituality ...

Turns problems
Into opportunities.

65 God Will Never Allow ...

God will never allow
My aspiration-heart-sun
To be eclipsed.

18 February 2007 ...

18 February 2007

Chiang Mai, Thailand

66 My Prayer ...

My prayer
Is my life’s
Morning rose.

67 My Meditation ...

My meditation
Is my heart’s
Morning lotus.

68 A God-Seeker ...

A God-seeker
Has to be on the alert
Twenty-four hours a day.

69 Each Thought Comes From ...

Each thought comes from
The unknown,
And each will comes from
The Unknowable.

70 Alas, Every Day ...

Alas, every day
There is a new barrier
To cross.

71 Patience ...

Eventually becomes

72 My Desire-Life ...

My desire-life
Was planted
By my mind.

73 My Aspiration-Life ...

My aspiration-life
Was planted
By God’s Heart.

19 February 2007 ...

19 February 2007

Chiang Mai, Thailand

74 O My Sleep, I Love You ...

O my sleep, I love you —
You take away
All my worries and anxieties!

75 Alas, When Will Truth ...

Alas, when will Truth
Reign supreme on earth,

76 My Eyes Can Fool Me ...

My eyes can fool me
And betray me,
But not my heart,

77 Another Name ...

Another name
For meditation
Is God-communication.

78 Another Name ...

Another name
For prayer
Is God-pleasure.

79 In Vain, My Mind ...

In vain, my mind
Wants to interview God.

80 God Takes Great Pleasure ...

God takes great pleasure
In interviewing my heart.

81 I Thank God ...

I thank God
For what He has done for me,
And specially
For what He has not done for me.

20 February 2007 ...

20 February 2007

Chiang Mai, Thailand

82 Silence Is ...

Silence is
A blissful creation-hour.

83 Sound Is ...

Sound is
A powerful destruction-tower.

84 Alas, When I Am Ready ...

Alas, when I am ready,
God pretends
Not to be ready.

85 Alas, When God Is Ready ...

Alas, when God is ready,
I am nowhere
To be found.

86 My Lord ...

My Lord,
May my unfulfilled desires
Remain forever unfulfilled.

87 God Tells Me ...

God tells me
Not to give undue importance
To my imperfections.
He asks me just to love Him
More and more,
And my imperfections
Will be His problems.

88 I See Myself ...

I see myself
As a colossal failure.

89 God Sees Me ...

God sees me
As His own highest
Reality’s Height.

90 Faith And Doubt ...

Faith and doubt —
Each man has to choose
Either faith or doubt
As his tutor.

91 The God-Lover’s ...

The God-lover’s
First and foremost task
Is to love God
For God’s Sake.

22 February 2007 ...

22 February 2007

Chiang Mai, Thailand

92 I Cry And Cry ...

I cry and cry
For the joy
Of my heart.

93 God Gladly Allows ...

God gladly allows
My aspiration-heart
To accompany Him,
And not my desire-life.

94 Just Claim God ...

Just claim God
And His Path

95 Hope ...

Is my heart-sunrise.

96 Despair ...

Is my mind-sunset.

97 My Prayer ...

My prayer
My life-temple.

98 My Meditation ...

My meditation
My heart-shrine.

99 I Have Smashed Asunder ...

I have smashed asunder
All my mind’s

100 My Lord Does Not Believe ...

My Lord does not believe
In an old mind —
He believes only
In a new heart.

23 February 2007 ...

23 February 2007

Chiang Mai, Thailand

101 Desire-Fire ...

Quickly burns us.

102 Aspiration-Flames ...

Slowly, steadily and unerringly
Awaken us.

103 I Have Such Love ...

I have such love
And concern
For the roots
Of my life-tree.

104 We Welcome Darkness ...

We welcome darkness
Before we enter
Into the spiritual life.

105 Once We Enter ...

Once we enter
Into the spiritual life,
Darkness threatens us.

106 Ignorance ...

I do not need you,
I do not want you,
I despise you.
Your arrogance puzzles me.

107 God-Believers ...

Are plenty.

108 God-Lovers ...

Are rare.

24 February 2007 ...

24 February 2007

Chiang Mai, Thailand

109 I Cherish ...

I cherish
My Lord’s
Powerful Commands.

110 My Lord Treasures ...

My Lord treasures
My fearless promises.

111 I Call It ...

I call it
My human birth.

112 My Lord Calls It ...

My Lord calls it
My divine descent.

113 My Lord ...

My Lord
Does not count
My countless imperfections.

114 My Lord Counts Only ...

My Lord counts only
My readiness, willingness
And eagerness.

115 I Am Now A Perfect Stranger ...

I am now a perfect stranger
To my life’s idle talk
And my heart’s empty vision.

116 Each Human Being ...

Each human being
Will become
An inevitable God.

From: Sri Chinmoy, My Christmas-New Year-Vacation Aspiration-Prayers, part 61 - , Agni Press, 2008
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