My Christmas-New Year-Vacation Aspiration-Prayers, part 30

Editor's note

Sri Chinmoy offered the following prayers during his visit to Bali, Indonesia in January and February 2004.

13 January 2004

Legian, Bali, Indonesia

1 My Master’s Acceptance ...

My Master’s acceptance
Of my life
Is God-realisation guaranteed
At God’s choicest Hour.

2 God Knows Everything ...

God knows everything
Except one thing:
His Heart has yet to learn
How to exclude
Any human being.

3 Humanity Is Either Enjoying ...

Humanity is either enjoying
Or suffering from

4 The Transcendental God-Height ...

The Transcendental God-Height
Is only for the one-pointed
God-seekers, God-lovers
And God-servers.

5 My Lord Supreme ...

My Lord Supreme,
Just for a brief moment
Do show me
Your Divinity’s
Absolute Splendour.

6 Until Just Yesterday ...

Until just yesterday
Attachment and I were
Dearest friends,
But now we two have become
Perfect strangers.

7 My Pride-Mind Says To God ...

My pride-mind says to God,
“God, I need nothing
From You.”

8 My Humility Says To God ...

My humility says to God,
“My Lord, I need everything
From You, only from You.”

14 January 2004 ...

14 January 2004

Legian, Bali, Indonesia

9 Knee-Bending ...

Is needed
To cultivate our God-devotion.

10 Head-Bending ...

Is needed
To nurture our God-surrender.

11 God Does Not Want Me ...

God does not want me
To remain asleep
Before His All-Compassion-Eye.

12 My Prayerfulness-Heart ...

My prayerfulness-heart
And my soulfulness-life
Reveal the closeness
Of my Lord’s Heart.

13 This Morning ...

This morning
When I woke up,
I was so excited to see
That I woke up in the Heart
Of my Lord Supreme.

15 January 2004 ...

15 January 2004

Legian, Bali, Indonesia

14 My Lord Supreme ...

My Lord Supreme,
May my heart follow You,
Your Eye and Your Heart
Wherever You go.

15 My Lord Supreme ...

My Lord Supreme,
I have only one prayer:
Do make my heart
As beautiful and pure
As the morning sunrise.

16 My Outer Life ...

My outer life
Faces the world.
My inner life
Embraces the world.

17 Genuine And Authentic Spirituality ...

Genuine and authentic spirituality
Knows no
Outer world-cleverness-compromise.

18 Occult Power ...

Occult power
Is quite often
Drastic and volcanic.

19 Spiritual Power ...

Spiritual power
Is always pure
And absolutely sure.

17 January 2004 ...

17 January 2004

Legian, Bali, Indonesia

20 Action, Action — ...

Action, action —
Preferably heart-action —
All the time!

21 The Temple Of God Abides ...

The Temple of God abides
Inside our life-breath
And nowhere else.

22 My Lord ...

My Lord,
If You have a moment to spare,
I have so many things
To tell You —
Specially all about You.

23 Every Day I Feel ...

Every day I feel
My Lord is coming
Closer to me,
For I am constantly singing
His Victory-Song.

18 January 2004 ...

18 January 2004

Legian, Bali, Indonesia

24 To Have More Inner Blessings ...

To have more inner Blessings
From our Lord Supreme,
We must reduce
Our outer desires.

25 At Every Moment ...

At every moment
There is a flight
From earth to Heaven.
The plane does not wait
Even for a fleeting second.

26 O Come And Bless Me ...

O come and bless me,
Infinity’s Beauty
And Eternity’s Duty!

27 I Must Please ...

I must please
My Mother Earth
And my Father Heaven
With my heart’s aspiration-mountain
And my life’s dedication-fountain.

19 January 2004 ...

19 January 2004

Sanur, Bali, Indonesia

28 My Desire-Mind ...

My desire-mind
Wants to devour
My aspiration-heart.

29 My Aspiration-Heart ...

My aspiration-heart
Longs to illumine
My desire-mind.

30 Today My Lord Supreme ...

Today my Lord Supreme
Is paying His Compassion-flooded
And much-desired Visit
To my heart-home.

31 My God-Devotion ...

My God-devotion
Secretly strengthens
My outer life.

32 My God-Devotion ...

My God-devotion
Sacredly deepens
My inner breath.

33 To Have Spiritual Experiences ...

To have spiritual experiences
Of the summit-heights
Is quite an easy task
For those who have made
Their unconditional surrender
Lovingly and cheerfully
To God’s Will.

22 January 2004 ...

22 January 2004

Sanur, Bali, Indonesia

34 My Lord ...

My Lord,
I do not need a new face,
But I need a new heart
To love You and please You
In Your own Way.

35 My Lord ...

My Lord,
You have left me alone
In my mind-jungle-cave.
How cruel You are!

36 My Lord ...

My Lord,
It seems that
You think only of Yourself
All the time.
How cruel You are!

37 Days Have Run Into Weeks ...

Days have run into weeks,
Weeks into months,
Months into years,
Yet You still ignore me,
My Lord.

38 Those Who Deliberately ...

Those who deliberately
Take the side of darkness
Verily live
In the animal kingdom.

39 Great Men Come Into The World ...

Great men come into the world
To do great things,
Mostly for themselves.

40 Good Men Come Into The World ...

Good men come into the world
Only to do good things
For the world,
And nothing for themselves.

41 God Has Repeatedly Told Me ...

God has repeatedly told me
That He does not want
His Leadership-Command.
He wants only
My friendship-smile.

23 January 2004 ...

23 January 2004

Sanur, Bali, Indonesia

42 When My Lord Arrives ...

When my Lord arrives,
My heart-tears
And my soul-smiles
Thrive unimaginably.

43 O Seeker ...

O seeker,
Be not discouraged
By your repeated sad failures.
God will give you
Innumerable chances.
You are bound to succeed.

44 Every Morning ...

Every morning
And every evening
God comes to me
To examine my purity-mind
And my hospitality-heart.

45 My Heart’s Devotion-Progress ...

My heart’s devotion-progress
Is my Lord’s sleepless

25 January 2004 ...

25 January 2004

Sanur, Bali, Indonesia

46 My God-Aspiration ...

My God-aspiration
Eventually becomes
My God-realisation.

47 My God-Devotion ...

My God-devotion
Ultimately becomes
My God-affection.

48 My God-Surrender ...

My God-surrender
Invariably becomes
My complete God-satisfaction.

49 I Started My Spiritual Journey ...

I started my spiritual journey
As a God-beggar.
Then I continued
As a God-lover, as a God-server.
Now I am continuing still
As a God-partner.

26 January 2004 ...

26 January 2004

Sanur, Bali, Indonesia

50 When I See The Sunrise ...

When I see the sunrise,
The celestial beauty of my soul
Immediately dances before me.

51 If You Admit Your Failings ...

If you admit your failings,
God will without fail invite you
When next time He goes out sailing.

52 A Seeker’s Greatest Gift To God ...

A seeker’s greatest gift to God
Is his ever-blossoming

53 For All The World-Problems ...

For all the world-problems,
The sleepless self-offering
Of each individual
Is the only answer.

54 My God-Obedience ...

My God-obedience
Is my God-Protection
In my life.

55 My God-Obedience ...

My God-obedience
Is my perfection-delight
In God’s Heart.

27 January 2004 ...

27 January 2004

Sanur, Bali, Indonesia

56 How I Long For The Red-Letter Day ...

How I long for the red-letter day
When my Lord Supreme
Will proudly claim me
As His own, very own.

57 For Me To Agree With God ...

For me to agree with God
Implicitly all the time
Is to keep my mind completely shut
And my heart unreservedly open.

58 An Outer Life-Adventurer ...

An outer life-adventurer
I was.
An inner life-explorer
I now am.

59 Self-Transcendence-Joy ...

Unmistakably knows
No equal.

60 My Heart And I Get Much More Joy ...

My heart and I get much more joy
When we walk far behind
Our Lord Beloved Supreme
Than when we walk with Him
Side by side.

28 January 2004 ...

28 January 2004

Sanur, Bali, Indonesia

61 Each Happy Thought ...

Each happy thought
Disperses our mind’s
Thick and dark clouds.

62 Alas, My Expectation ...

Alas, my expectation
Quite often enters into
A frustration-abyss.

63 Be Happy And Remain Happy ...

“Be happy and remain happy.
Forget about your mistakes,
Even the very last one” —
So says my Lord Supreme.

64 God’s Morning Mirror ...

God’s morning mirror
Is my aspiration-heart.
God’s evening mirror
Is my surrender-life.

65 God’s Most Favourite Home ...

God’s most favourite Home
Is my ever-blossoming

31 January 2004 ...

31 January 2004

Sanur, Bali, Indonesia

66 I Do Not Need ...

I do not need
A world-surprising, giant mind.
I need only
A simple, God-loving heart.

67 Self-Importance-Pride: ...

No, no, no — never!
Yes, yes, yes — ever!

68 My Mind-Unlearning Desire ...

My mind-unlearning desire
And my heart-climbing aspiration
Must go together.

69 At Night ...

At night
God’s Compassion-Eye teaches me.
In the morning
God’s Oneness-Heart examines me.

70 The Earthly Races ...

The earthly races
Are for the God-seekers.
The Heavenly races
Are for the God-discoverers.

2 February 2004 ...

2 February 2004

Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia

71 Today Heaven Is Beckoning ...

Today Heaven is beckoning
My climbing heart-flames.

72 Today I Have Become ...

Today I have become
My God-Breath
To sing and play
In the Heart of His Universe.

73 Yesterday I Buried ...

Yesterday I buried
All my sorrows, cries, tears and sighs
In oblivion-cave.

74 Within ...

Heavenly beauty my heart is.
Earthly duty my life is.

75 Time Inspires Me ...

Time inspires me,
Time aspires in and through me,
Time is affectionate to me
And time is proud of me
Precisely because I most sincerely value
The unreserved blessings of time.

3 February 2004 ...

3 February 2004

Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia

76 Silence Speaks ...

Silence speaks.
Silence creates.
Silence fulfils.
Silence becomes
God’s choicest Voice.

77 Be Not Indifferent ...

Be not indifferent.
Be not different.
Be interdependent
If you really want joy
In measureless measure
From your life.

78 My Outer Qualification ...

My outer qualification
Is my Lord’s Compassion-Eye
In action.
My inner qualification
Is my Lord’s Forgiveness-Heart
In action.

79 We Must Never, Never Indulge ...

We must never, never indulge
In our negativity-mind,
Even for a fleeting moment.

80 My Humility Is ...

My humility is
My God-fulfilment-capacity
Far beyond my imagination.

5 February 2004 ...

5 February 2004

Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia

81 I Must Not Delay ...

I must not delay.
Time does not wait for me.
But my Lord Supreme waits for me
Indefinitely, lovingly, self-givingly
And unconditionally.
Therefore I love my Lord Supreme only
And I need Him only.

82 My Life Depends Entirely ...

My life depends entirely
On God’s Compassion-Eye.
God’s Heart entirely depends
On my cheerful and delightful

83 Depression And Enthusiasm ...

Depression and enthusiasm
Are immediate neighbours.
I must make the right choice.
I must go immediately
And live with enthusiasm

84 The Outer World-Recognition-Beggars ...

The outer world-recognition-beggars
Are failure-emperors
In the inner aspiration-world.

85 God’s Compassion-Exploitation ...

God’s Compassion-exploitation
I was.
God’s Compassion-distribution
I now am.

From: Sri Chinmoy, My Christmas-New Year-Vacation Aspiration-Prayers, part 30 - , Agni Press, 2004
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