My Christmas-New Year-Vacation Aspiration-Prayers, part 59

Editor's note

Sri Chinmoy offered the following prayers during his visit to Bangkok and Cha-Am, Thailand in January 2007.

21 January 2007

Bangkok, Thailand

1 I Am Truly Ashamed ...

I am truly ashamed
Of my three main possessions:
I, my and mine.

2 When I Say ...

When I say
I have seen God’s Face —
Not exactly so.

3 When I Say ...

When I say
I have clasped God’s Feet —
Not exactly so.

4 When I Say ...

When I say
I have touched God’s Feet —
Not exactly so.

5 When I Say ...

When I say
I have felt God’s Heart —
Not exactly so.

6 When I Say ...

When I say
My past, my present and my future
Are an exact prototype of God —
True, true, absolutely true.

7 My Mind, My Vital, My Body ...

My mind, my vital, my body
And my life
Love success-pomp.

8 My Soul, My Heart And I ...

My soul, my heart and I
Love watching
A sleeplessly Heaven-climbing flame.

22 January 2007 ...

22 January 2007

Bangkok, Thailand

9 Each Thought Is Either ...

Each thought is either
A creation-teacher
Or a destruction-ruler.

10 My Lord ...

My Lord,
I am sleeplessly hungry
For Your Compassion.

11 My Child ...

My child,
I am breathlessly hungry
For your affection-heart.

12 I Love God ...

I love God
As much as I possibly can.

13 God Loves Me ...

God loves me
Infinitely more
Than I can possibly imagine.

14 Those Who Do Not Pray ...

Those who do not pray
And meditate
Live in their noisy mind-world.

15 Those Who Pray And Meditate ...

Those who pray and meditate
Live in the God-imparted

16 Silence ...

Is the strongest power
To expedite

23 January 2007 ...

23 January 2007

Bangkok, Thailand

17 My Determination-Promise ...

My determination-promise
Is increasing
Along the passage of time.

18 God-Realisation ...

Is the birthright
Of each human being.

19 God-Manifestation ...

Is the birthright
Of each God-realised soul.

20 Above The Head ...

Above the head,
There is really nothing special.

21 Beyond The Mind ...

Beyond the mind,
Realities are most special.

22 O Seeker ...

O seeker,
Shun, immediately shun,
Indifferent-human beings.

23 At Long Last ...

At long last
My mind-sky has become
Purer than the purest
And vaster than the vastest.

24 All Excuses ...

All excuses
In the spiritual life
Are born of our lower nature.

24 January 2007 ...

24 January 2007

Bangkok, Thailand

25 The More We Unlearn ...

The more we unlearn
About the outer world,
The sooner the inner world divinities
Will welcome us.

26 When I Suffer From Loneliness ...

When I suffer from loneliness,
The peace-moon and bliss-sun
Come down and comfort me.

27 Peace-Talkers ...

As usual
Are everywhere.

28 Peace-Servers ...

As usual
Are few and far between.

29 Peace-Givers ...

Are nowhere to be found.

30 We Are So Fortunate ...

We are so fortunate
That our hearts do not believe
In limitation-boundaries.

31 My Prayers ...

My prayers
Are my

32 My Meditations ...

My meditations
Are my

33 My Devotion-Heart-Flames ...

My devotion-heart-flames
Sing only

25 January 2007 ...

25 January 2007

Cha-Am, Thailand

34 God’s Only Representative ...

God’s only representative
On earth
Is our implicit faith.

35 My Very First Goal ...

My very first goal
Is God’s Feet.

36 My Second Goal ...

My second goal
Is God’s Heart.

37 My Ultimate Goal ...

My ultimate goal
Is my God-oneness
Throughout Eternity.

38 As Problems Come Back Again ...

As problems come back again,
Even so, God’s Compassion
Comes back more powerfully,
Again and again.

39 I Challenge My Mind ...

I challenge my mind.
My mind ultimately surrenders.

40 I Challenge My Heart ...

I challenge my heart,
Only to lose —
Of course, happily.

41 Peace Descends ...

Peace descends
On our earth-departure.

42 Bliss Inundates ...

Bliss inundates
Our Heaven-arrival.

26 January 2007 ...

26 January 2007

Cha-Am, Thailand

43 Who Is God’s Boss? ...

Who is God’s boss?
My unconditional

44 Each Time I Do Something Wrong ...

Each time I do something wrong,
God makes me feel
That there is another chance.

45 My Mind Quite Often ...

My mind quite often
God’s Compassion.

46 God’s Compassion ...

God’s Compassion
Never knows how
To give up.

47 Divine Friendship ...

Divine friendship
Is in the heart —
Not in the eyes,
Not in the voice.

48 When I Am Soulful ...

When I am soulful,
I feel God’s Heart.

49 When I Am Miserable ...

When I am miserable,
God feels my every sigh.

50 Be Happy ...

Be happy.
Remain happy.
God never delays.

27 January 2007 ...

27 January 2007

Cha-Am, Thailand

51 My Lord Supreme ...

My Lord Supreme
Takes me seriously
Only after I have offered Him
My soul, my heart, my mind,
My vital, my body and my all.

28 January 2007 ...

28 January 2007

Cha-Am, Thailand

52 My Heart Is God’s ...

My heart is God’s
Panoramic view.

53 God-Unwillingness ...

Is a great obstacle
To surmount.

54 My Heart’s God-Gratitude ...

My heart’s God-gratitude
Is imperative,
No matter how much
My heart suffers.

55 Doubt Will Never Have ...

Doubt will never have
Any access
To my God-hungry heart.

56 To Think Of Our Own ...

To think of our own
Past failures
Is the height of our stupidity.

57 Strive And Strive ...

Strive and strive.
Revive your old

58 God Does Not Appreciate ...

God does not appreciate
Our eleventh-hour prayers.

59 Only Very Few ...

Only very few
God-seekers and God-lovers
Can see God
As He really and eternally is.

29 January 2007 ...

29 January 2007

Cha-Am, Thailand

60 With Aspiration ...

With aspiration
I begin my journey.
With dedication
I continue.
With surrender
I end my journey
In the core of the Unknowable.

61 My Lord ...

My Lord,
Who is Your dearest child?
“Everyone is My dearest child.
But, alas, I find it very difficult
To convince them.”

62 Desire ...

Quite often ends
At frustration-destination.

63 Each Little Progress-Step ...

Each little progress-step
Extremely valuable.

64 My Heart’s Aspiration-Flames ...

My heart’s aspiration-flames
At once embody
Terrestrial realities
And celestial realities.

65 God Does Not Believe ...

God does not believe
Either in addition
Or in division.
He believes only in union.

66 The Mind-Meditation ...

The mind-meditation
In the Sahara desert.

67 The Heart-Meditation ...

The heart-meditation
At the top of the Himalayas.

30 January 2007 ...

30 January 2007

Cha-Am, Thailand

68 My Lord Whispers ...

My Lord whispers,
“My child, prostrate.
Do not demonstrate.”

69 Failure ...

Cannot eclipse
My heart-sun.

70 I Am Truly Proud Of Myself ...

I am truly proud of myself
For having the capacity
To faithfully imitate my Lord.

71 Prominence-Permanence ...

Is not always God’s Will.

72 Love ...

Is worth spreading.

73 Devotion ...

Is worth loving.

74 Surrender ...

Is worth becoming.

75 To Be Among ...

To be among
The God-chosen finalists,
My sleepless faith in God
Is absolutely essential.

From: Sri Chinmoy, My Christmas-New Year-Vacation Aspiration-Prayers, part 59 - , Agni Press, 2008
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