My Christmas-New Year-Vacation Aspiration-Prayers, part 48

Editor's note

Sri Chinmoy offered the following prayers during his visit to Kijal, Malaysia in January 2006.

17 January 2006

Kijal, Malaysia

1 My Fond Dream ...

My fond dream
Is to do good things
For my Master
Even before he tells me.

2 It Is Beyond ...

It is beyond
The capacity of the mind
To enjoy divine ecstasy.

3 Either The World ...

Either the world
Is darkening the mind,
Or the mind
Is eclipsing the world.

4 I Must Immediately Adopt ...

I must immediately adopt
A new way of happiness
In my life.

5 O Old-Age-Mind ...

O old-age-mind,
How difficult it is for me
To make you smile!

6 I Came Into The World ...

I came into the world
To see a new world,
But now I have come to learn
That there is no such thing
As a new world.
It is only the old world,
Revealing itself in different ways.

7 For A Divine Accomplishment ...

For a divine accomplishment,
We need
An inner urge.

8 Nobody Asked You To Carry ...

Nobody asked you to carry
The weight of the world.
Just carry yourself —
That will be more than enough.

9 One Fundamental Reality ...

One fundamental reality:
My love of God
And the victory of Truth
Are inseparable.

10 An Unconditional Surrender-Life ...

An unconditional surrender-life
Has to be the top priority
In the spiritual life.

18 January 2006 ...

18 January 2006

Kijal, Malaysia

11 Almost Everybody ...

Almost everybody
Can practise
The spiritual life.

12 I Never Miss A Single Time ...

I never miss a single time
To satisfy
My Lord Supreme.

13 We Try To Hide ...

We try to hide
From ourselves.
Can there be anything
Worse than that?

14 God-Worship-Fragrance ...

Unimaginably intoxicating.

15 What Is Jealousy ...

What is jealousy,
If not a merry-go-round ride?

16 God’s Compassion-Rain ...

God’s Compassion-Rain
Is for every day,
And not just for
A particular day.

17 Purity-Progress ...

In the mind
Is of absolute necessity.

18 Desire-Fire Can Burn ...

Desire-fire can burn
Not only the fingers
But the entire body.

19 Alas, Many Days Have Gone By ...

Alas, many days have gone by.
Yet I have failed to increase
My aspiration-height.

20 Have Patience ...

Have patience.
More divine things
Are yet to blossom.

19 January 2006 ...

19 January 2006

Kijal, Malaysia

21 A Single Moment’s Hesitation ...

A single moment’s hesitation
Can take us far, farther, farthest
From our Goal.

22 Depression-Shadows ...

Are very difficult
To cast aside.

23 Expectation-Experiences ...

Are quite often painful.

24 Unconsciously ...

If not consciously,
We betray ourselves.

25 May Each Thought Of Mine ...

May each thought of mine
Become a rising sun
On my heart’s horizon.

26 If We Pray And Meditate ...

If we pray and meditate,
Our stars will forever
Be rising.

27 The Mind Is A Market ...

The mind is a market
Where we find
Ever-increasing noise.

28 Desire-Hungry People ...

Desire-hungry people
Play only
In the mind’s playground.

29 The Beauty Of Divine Light ...

The beauty of divine light
The fragrance of divine love
Are to be found together

30 Each Human Being ...

Each human being
Is not fully animal.
Again, each human being
Is trillions of miles away
From becoming another God.

20 января 2006 ...

20 января 2006 года

Киджал, Малайзия

31 Alas, I Know Two Things ...

Alas, I know two things:
How to blame God
How to praise myself.

32 Time ...

Time —
Either you give me
Or you give me

33 Sinners And Saints ...

Sinners and saints —
And right-path-runners.

34 Surrender Not To Failure ...

Surrender not to failure.
Try once more.
Success will be all yours.

35 Some People Love To Preach ...

Some people love to preach,
While others try to practise.
Still others compete and win.

36 Temptation-World ...

Is empty of divinity.

37 Soulfulness ...

Is always
In demand.

38 The Old-Fashioned Way ...

The old-fashioned way
Is the safest way
To God.

39 The World Needs And Demands ...

The world needs and demands
So many things from me.
God needs only one thing from me:
My love.

40 For Me To Realise God Today ...

For me to realise God today
Is the height of absurdity.

41 For Me To Realise God ...

For me to realise God
At God’s choice Hour
Is not only reality
But inevitability.

21 января 2006 ...

21 января 2006 года

Киджал, Малайзия

42 The Third Eye ...

The Third Eye
Is the eye that conquers
Ignorance-night for us.

43 May My Aspiration-Heart ...

May my aspiration-heart
All the time walk
Side by side
With my Lord Beloved Supreme.

44 May Aspiration Become ...

May aspiration become
My only constant choice.

45 Who Protects Me ...

Who protects me
When I am unsheltered?
My Lord’s Forgiveness-Heart.

46 The Body Knows ...

The body knows
What clay is.
The soul knows
What light is.

47 We Are Born ...

We are born
From God’s Compassion-Height
And with God’s Justice-Light.

48 Do Not Blame Anybody ...

Do not blame anybody
For your failures.
Just have an adamantine will
To succeed.

49 My Mind ...

My mind,
Your sadness is self-styled.
It is not real.

50 My Mind ...

My mind,
Keep quiet.
Can you not see
That I am listening
To my soul singing?

51 I Give Priority Always ...

I give priority always
To one thing:

22 January 2006 ...

22 January 2006

Kijal, Malaysia

52 Each Seeker Has To Live ...

Each seeker has to live
By his inner faith-light.

53 We Must Walk ...

We must walk
With confidence,
Intensity and joy
On life’s road.

54 God Has Taught Me ...

God has taught me
Many, many of His own

55 My Heart’s Surrender-Prayer ...

My heart’s surrender-prayer
To God
Is my life’s best prayer.

56 My God-Obedience-Promise ...

My God-obedience-promise
Is infinitely better
Than any other promise.

57 Without The Support Of The Heart ...

Without the support of the heart,
The mind cannot go forward
In the inner life.

58 God-Realisation Is Not As Difficult ...

God-realisation is not as difficult
As you think.
Again, it is not as easy
As you think.

59 Meditation ...


Бросает вызов

60 Be Careful! ...

Be careful!
Ignorance can attack you
At any moment.

61 We Make God’s Heart ...

We make God’s Heart
Feel sad
When we delay.

23 January 2006 ...

23 January 2006

Kijal, Malaysia

62 Only One Desire ...

Only one desire,
Only one hope:

63 Those Who Have No Faith ...

Those who have no faith
Cannot have God-realisation.

64 The World Is Sinking ...

The world is sinking.
Our prayers have to be
Absolutely sincere.

65 Self-Doubt Is The Worst Enemy ...

Self-doubt is the worst enemy.
Be free from self-doubt
If you really want to make progress.

66 Silence Descends ...

Silence descends
On tiptoe.

67 Man Does Not Realise ...

Man does not realise
That nature’s divinity
Is most illumining
And most powerful.

68 Time Will Reveal ...

Time will reveal
Everything —
Or discouraging.

69 To Surmount Every Barrier ...

To surmount every barrier
We shall have to dive
Deep within.

70 Prayers And Meditations ...

Prayers and meditations
Can bring the distant stars
Within our reach.

71 God Will Shield Us ...

God will shield us
On every side
If we take His Side.

From: Sri Chinmoy, My Christmas-New Year-Vacation Aspiration-Prayers, part 48 - , Agni Press, 2006
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