The Golden Boat, part 19

1. Hope entered

 Hope entered.
  He smiled and danced.
He became God’s Vision-Race.

 Hope departed.
  He cried and slept.
He became Eternity’s ignorance-face.

2. God’s Grace

God’s unconditional Grace:
 My soul’s illumining face.

God’s unconditional Perfection-shower:
 My heart’s climbing tower.

3. My silence

 My silence
Is the morning light
  Of God’s God-Vision.

 In God-Vision I have become
The angel-eye
  Of Infinity’s Soul-Smile.

4. God thanked me

I prayed to God.
 He thanked me compassionately.
I meditated on God.
 He thanked me smilingly.
I surrendered my gratitude-life to God.
 He thanked me lovingly.
I declared my sovereign equality to God.
 He embraced me unreservedly.

5. My dark secret, my bright secret

I love myself only:
  This is my dark secret.
I love God only:
  This is my bright secret.

God blesses and perfects
  My dark secret.
God fondles and treasures
  My bright secret.

6. My eternal sunrise

My doubt’s desire-life
Is my slow, gradual death.
  I know it.

My faith’s aspiration-life
Is my eternal sunrise.
  I know it.
  I love it.
  I need it.

7. My beauty

I was despair-beauty.
I am hope-beauty.
I shall become surrender-beauty.
  The day after tomorrow
I shall become God-Beauty.

8. Who are you?

Jealousy, do you know
 Who you are?
In case you do not know
 I shall tell you who you are.
You are the shameless weakness
 Of humanity.

Doubt, do you know
 Who you are?
In case you do not know
 I shall tell you who you are.
You are the useless sickness
 Of humanity.

9. Three worlds

A moment’s pleasure
 Your vital-world wants.
Eternity’s joy
 Your heart-world needs.
Immortality’s satisfaction
 Your soul-world is.

10. My identity

  Who was I?
Earth’s idle dreamer.
  Who am I?
Earth’s slowest walker.
  What shall I be?
My life’s frustration
And failure collector.

11. In silence

In silence you suffered
You were too great.

In silence you suffer
You are too good.

In silence you will smile, sing and dance
The Hour of God before long will strike.

12. When I pray and meditate

 When I pray
I enjoy the depth
  Of God-Compassion
 In my heart-world.

 When I meditate
I enjoy the embrace
  Of God-Concentration
 In my soul-world.

13. The life of light

The life of night
Has only one destructive thing:
 The poison of despair.

The life of light
Has not one,
Not two,
But three constructive things:
 The love of light,
 The path of progress,
 The victory of aspiration.

14. Only one armour

There is only one armour
Against fate:
God’s transcendental

There is only one armour
Against God-satisfaction:
Man’s ephemeral

15. The role of Time

The role of Time:
 Duty, constant duty.

The soul of Time:
 Beauty, illumining beauty.

The goal of Time:

16. He is afraid of three things

He is afraid of three things:
Silence, sound and perfection.
When he is afraid of silence
 Earth loves him.
When he is afraid of sound
 Heaven loves him.
When he is afraid of perfection
The animal in him loves him
The human in him loves him;
The divine in him pities him
The Supreme in him forgives him.

17. Father and sons

Prayer says to God:
 “Father, I have come to You.
 What will You give me?”
“Son, I shall give you joy.
Look, I am massaging your feet.”

Meditation says to God:
 “Father, You have come to me.
 What can I offer You?
 What will give You joy?”
“Son, you can massage My Head.”

18. Two blessings

 Blesses me
By forgetting me.
 I am grateful.

 Blesses me
By forgiving me.
 I am grateful.

19. The flame of courage

The flame of courage
Illumines me, my earth’s life.
  I am grateful.

The flame of love
Fulfils me, my soul’s role.
  I am grateful.

20. Only one food

His is the body
That cries for only one food:
 Night, brooding night.

His is the vital
That cries for only one food:
 Might, controlling might.

His is the mind
That cries for only one food:
 Light, glowing light.

His is the heart
That cries for only one food:
 Delight, flowing delight.

21. The ladder of life

The ladder of humility
Leads us to God-Heights of

The ladder of pride
Is uncertainty’s song,
 Imperfection’s dance
 Futility’s hush.

22. Two secrets

A heart-shattering secret:
 My God-realisation
  Will not take place
  In this lifetime.

A life-illumining
 Life-immortalising secret:
 God’s Eternity
  Loves me supremely
  Needs me constantly.

23. A never-ending Now and an ever-ending now

 He lives
In a never-ending Now
 In an ever-ending now.

A never-ending Now
 Is God’s choice for him.

An ever-ending now
 Is the voice of his treasured

24. In spite of what I am

A daily miracle:
The human in me prays to God
In spite of what I am.

A constant miracle:
God-Compassion dreams in me,
God-Joy loves me
God-Reality needs me
In spite of what I am.

25. Leave me not alone

O earth, leave me not alone.
I need you.
I need your heart’s
To see the Face of God.

O Heaven, leave me not alone.
I need you.
I need your soul’s
To discover the Beauty of God.

26. Be not proud

Death, be not proud;
Life is aspiring.

Life, be not proud;
Death is approaching.

Death and life,
Be not proud;
The Lord Supreme is watching.

27. I love my heart

My heart of love
Is divinely beautiful.
I love my beautiful heart.

My heart of devotion
Is eternally soulful.
I love my soulful heart.

My heart of surrender
Is supremely fruitful.
I love my fruitful heart.

28. They need her

 She embodies
The Eye of Heaven;
Earth constantly needs her.

 She embodies
The heart of earth;
Heaven unreservedly needs her.

 She heralds
God-perfection on earth;
God supremely needs her.

29. Doubt-cure

If you are a doubter,
Then your faith in yourself
Will one day
Come to the fore
And cure you.
If you are doubt itself,
Then God alone
Can cure you
And that, too,
He will do at His choice Hour
And not at your hopeful hour.

30. Love me not, leave me not

My Lord,
 Love me not
  If You do not
   Want to.

My Beloved,
 Leave me not
  Even if You
   Want to.

31. Yesterday, today, tomorrow

My life was a thorn-crown.
  I endured it.

My life is a clown-frown.
  I endure it.

My life shall be a God-town.
  The whole world will treasure it.

32. God and we

God has no Hands
 Of His own.
We are His hands.

We have no eye
 Of our own.
God is our Eye.

God and we
Have one thing
 In common:

33. Yet God loves us

You are an artist
 Who cannot draw;
 God loves you.
Because you are pure.

He is a singer
 Who cannot sing;
 God loves him.
Because he is humble.

I am a seeker
 Who cannot seek;
 God loves me.
Because I am sincere.

34. My body and my heart

My body says to my heart:
“Beloved, I have only you.”

My heart says to my body:
“My sweet little chariot,
For you alone
God’s transcendental Crown
God’s universal Throne.”

35. Mine

Mine is the hope-sky
That keeps me alive.

Mine is the faith-moon
That guides me safely.

Mine is the promise-sun
That fulfils me unreservedly.

36. A broken life

I embodied a heap
 Of broken hopes.

I reveal the thoughts
 Of an arid brain.

I shall sit down
I shall weep

37. When he died

His body-vital-mind died,
 There was silence in Heaven.

His heart died,
 There was sound in Heaven.

He himself died,
 Earth gave him earth’s heart-cry
 Heaven gave him Heaven’s soul-smile.

38. God’s Hospitality and man’s hospitality

 God’s Hospitality
   Tells me:
I need not shout my faith.

 Man’s hospitality
   Tells me:
I must show
   Not only
My heart of gratitude
   But also
My soul of admiration.

39. When I am alone

 Believe it or not,
My eyes do not see
 When I look alone.

 Believe it or not,
My heart does not breathe
 When I live alone.

 Believe it or not,
My God does not need me
 When I meditate alone.

40. My pride

My yesterday was proud
 Of its wild disbelief.

My today is proud
 Of its blind unbelief.

My tomorrow shall be proud
 Of its spontaneous belief.

41. O Silence

 O Eye of Silence,
Your Eye is beautiful.
 I need your transcendental Eye.

 O Heart of Silence,
Your Heart is beautiful.
 I need your universal Heart.

 O Life of Silence,
Your Life is beautiful.
 I need your immortal Life.

42. Your teachers

Let the sky
Your teacher.
You will learn
 How to serve.

Let the moon
Your teacher.
You will learn
 How to love.

Let the sun
Your teacher.
You will learn
 How to become.

43. The voice

I was the trembling voice
  Of earth’s cry.

I am the illumining voice
  Of Heaven’s smile.

I shall become the fulfilling voice
  Of God’s Promise.

44. Like yesterday

God cares for me;
 Like yesterday,
Today for me
Is another aspiration-experience.

I care for God;
 Like yesterday,
Today for God
Is another satisfaction-dawn.

45. Hidden failure and hidden success

My hidden failure:
 My dark ingratitude.
My hidden success:
 My climbing love for God.

46. Reality of love

 Intensity of love
My heart of gratitude

 Immensity of love
My life of fortitude

 Divinity of love
My soul of plenitude

 Reality of love
My God of infinitude
  Eternally is.

47. Three Gods

You are, at your best,
 A different God.
He is, at his best,
 An indifferent God.
I am, at my worst,
 A transparent God.

48. Heaven-silence and world-sound

My life’s world-sound
 Is my success-plant
  Threatened and frightened
   By earth-storms.

My heart’s Heaven-silence
 Is my progress-tree
  That shelters and feeds
   Earth’s excruciating pangs.

49. They are dead

You have deserted your honesty.
 Lo, God’s Duty-Tree
   Which has been pleasing you
  Is dead.

You have completely deserted your humility.
 Lo, God’s Beauty-Flower
   Which has been enlightening you
  Is unmistakably dead.

You have deserted your purity.
 Lo, God’s Spontaneity-Fruit
   Which has been nourishing you
  Is helplessly dead.

50. Victory

 Human victory
Is always precarious.

 Divine victory
Is always prosperous.

 God’s Victory
Is always

From: Sri Chinmoy, The Golden Boat, part 19 - , Agni Press, 1974
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