Run and become, become and run, part 20

Protection, protection, protection!

Around 7:35 this morning, if not for Divine protection, I would have gone to God! I was jogging very slowly on 150th Street, near my 300-metre mark. I was on the sidewalk, going towards the Grand Central Service Road, when I saw a car approaching from the side street on my right to cross 150th Street. It was coming at about 50 miles per hour. Another car was approaching on 150th Street. It was going towards the 150th Street hill at about 30 miles per hour.

All of a sudden, both cars saw each other and tried to stop. But the car that was coming at 50 miles per hour from the side street lost control of the steering and smashed into a telephone pole less than 10 metres away from me. The car went up onto the sidewalk. It finally stopped when it hit the fire hydrant which was right in front of me.

The whole thing was over in a matter of seconds. If that car had gone a little more to the left, I would definitely have gone to the other world. But at the moment before the car hit the fire hydrant, my whole body was lifted up over a little hedge and a part of the lawn belonging to the house on the corner, and I landed on the first step of that house. You all know the story about the time in India when I jumped from a moving train and landed quite safely far away in a paddyfield. This time there was no jumping on my part. My body was just lifted up and I landed in a standing position on the first step of the house, about five or six metres away.

What a crash there was! You have no idea what a loud noise it made. The sound was so terrifying. But the man who lived in that house did not come out to see what was happening. I was the only witness and I was also almost the victim.

The car that had been travelling on 150th Street collided with the one that hit the fire hydrant, but not seriously, and it stopped about five feet away. It was driven by a gentle, old lady. Her car was slightly damaged but, fortunately, she was not injured.

The old lady got out of her car in an absolutely panicky way and started screaming at the Puerto Rican lady who had been driving the other car, “What made you drive so fast?” Alas, the Puerto Rican lady could not come out of her car. The lower part of her face was covered with blood.

While the accident was taking place, these ladies did not see me standing there. But afterwards, the old lady was looking at me. I would have been another victim, like them. There was broken glass everywhere and parts of the first car had also flown all over the area. The first car was totally smashed.

I prayed in silence for a few moments.

Then I said to myself, “What am I doing here?”

So I started jogging again. I went to my 800-metre mark and started coming back. Usually I never talk to anybody while I am running, but when I came to the accident place I saw Pragati. I asked her, “What happened?”

Pragati said, “O Guru, there was a terrible crash!”

Then I told her the whole story. She was so horrified. When I was talking to her, my physical body was shaking. If not for God’s Protection I would have been in Heaven. Then I also saw Anna, Aaron and Sulochana at the place where the accident was.

By that time, quite a large crowd had gathered. You cannot imagine how many people had come in five minutes’ time. They were all discussing the accident. I saw an ambulance, but there were no policemen. They took the Puerto Rican lady out of her car and put her in the ambulance. They did not put her on a stretcher, but they carried her into the ambulance. One man was holding her head. Perhaps her neck was broken. There were two or three more people in her car, but they were all right.

Afterwards, I took Databir, Radha and Nilima to see the place where the accident happened. The owner of the house was sweeping up the glass. I could still see pieces of glass near the step where I landed. Another old man said that he has been living there for thirty-five years, and he has been trying to get the city to put a red light on that corner. So many accidents take place there, according to him.

So I always say to meditate for one minute before you drive or before you do anything. The old man who was fighting to have a red light installed said to me, “You should pray to God and thank God that you are still alive.”

  1. RB 987. 6 October 1987

A fellow runner’s greeting

This evening, at about 5:30, I went out for a run. When I crossed my 800-metre mark, I saw a tall, black girl wearing an absolutely flamboyant outfit. She was running quite fast towards me. She started screaming, “Hi!” When she screamed, “Hi!” to me, I asked myself, “Who is she? She is not one of my disciples, but she is speaking to me as if she knows me quite well.” I was guarded because I did not know her at all. Perhaps she was happy to see another runner.

  1. RB 988. 20 October 1987

Looking for the bakery

Last Saturday I ran to my three-mile mark on Union Turnpike. While running, I remembered that Suradhuni’s bakery is at the two-mile mark. I was looking and looking for her bakery, but I did not see it.

  1. RB 989. 21 October 1987

In memory of that fateful day

A few days ago, while I was running, I noticed that some flowers had been placed on my 300-metre mark where there was a terrible car accident two weeks ago. I have been praying that the Puerto Rican lady will recover from her injuries, but usually flowers signify that someone has died at that place.

  1. RB 990. 21 October 1987

A special prize for Snigdha

I ran six and a half miles altogether today. Early in the morning, while I was running on 150th Street, I am sure I saw Snigdha. She was behind me on the other side of the street. Then she went ahead of me so fast. Such long strides she was taking! I will give her a special prize. She is injured and cannot run the marathon, but she is very good over short distances. Later I went to watch our marathon in Flushing Meadow Park. There they were playing the tape of me singing Nayan nehari. I was admiring my soulful performance.

  1. RB 991. 27 October 1987

A pack of cyclists

I was running on my course near Jones Beach. There were five cyclists in a single line, all perhaps in their thirties, wearing uniforms. One by one, as they passed by me, they said, “Hi, Sri!” Each one said exactly the same thing. I was on my third mile and they were going quite fast when they saw me. How did they recognise me?

  1. RB 992. 30 October 1987

Not afraid of Billy

I went out to run at five o’clock and around five-thirty I was returning home. I saw a middle-aged man with a small dog that looked like Kanu, but it was even smaller than Kanu. The dog was on the sidewalk. I said to myself, “I do not want to be bothered by the dog.” So I came down from the sidewalk and entered into the street.

The man said, “Why are you afraid of this puppy?”

I said, “I am not afraid. I was smiling at the dog and I came very near it.”

I asked the man, “What is his name?”

He replied, “Billy.”

I smiled at Billy and at the owner. Then I continued on my way.

  1. RB 993. 30 October 1987

My fellow runner becomes a seeker

The other day I was telling you that I saw a tall, thin, black girl running on 150th Street early in the morning. Her outfit was very flamboyant. She was very happy to see me. During our Wednesday night meditation at PS 86, I was so surprised and happy to see that this same girl came up to meditate with the seekers.

  1. RB 994. 30 October 1987

Saved by the hood

Yesterday, as soon as I started the very first step of my run, rain had to come and bless me. Before that, there was absolutely no rain. But, as soon as I came out of the front door, my very first step was blessed by rain.

I said, “O God!” Then I felt something very thick and heavy on the neck of my jacket. I said, “That means there is a hood there.” So I opened it and found a hood to protect me from the rain. Even that little jacket had something!

  1. RB 995. 30 October 1987

The shopkeeper admires my jacket

After I finished running, I went to buy a new tennis racquet. The shopkeeper said that he wanted my jacket. It was the jacket with the hood. He asked, “Where did you get it from?”

I said, “I do not know. It was a gift.” This was the jacket that Nilima gave me.

The man said, “I want to keep it and sell it in my store.”

  1. RB 996. 30 October 1987

My race walker friend

While I was watching the New York City Marathon, I saw the race walker Tom Klein twice. I took his picture and I will give him copies of the picture.

  1. RB 997. 1 November 1987

Conversations with the runners

One man came up to me during the New York City Marathon and said, “I run your races. They are the best! I understand that you do not run nowadays because you have injuries and also you have taken up weightlifting. I saw in the newspaper that you have lifted 600 pounds.”

I told him that I had done 7,000 pounds, but he thought I was saying 700 pounds.

  1. RB 998. 1 November 1987

A U.N. worker recognises me

Another man came up to me. He works at the United Nations. He asked, “Where are your people? They work at the U.N. and I work at the U.N.”

I have never seen this man at our meditations there. He went and told his wife, “This is the meditation teacher.” He was looking at me with such admiration.

  1. RB 999. 1 November 1987

Seeing me at different places

One man came up to me and asked, “How come I see you at different places along the course?”

I told him that I watch the marathon from many different points along the way.

This time I received so much inspiration from the New York City Marathon. I have decided to start practising 30 miles a week. Every Monday I will run 13 miles. Then next year I will run marathons. I will start with the Chico Marathon.

In a marathon, no matter what speed you go, something becomes tired. If you go fast, your legs become tired, and if you go slowly, your mind becomes tired.

  1. RB 1000. 1 November 1987

Nemi’s former boss

During the marathon, I saw Sandy, Nemi’s former boss, and his wife. Sandy was so happy to see me but when I was taking their picture, the wife deliberately bent down. She did not want to be in the picture.

  1. RB 1001. 1 November 1987

I become the marathon photographer

At the finish line I was taking pictures of disciples’ heads and their finishing times. I took a very nice picture of Boiragi and Databir running together.

  1. RB 1002. 1 November 1987

My running courses

Each of my running courses has a name. Vinaya’s course is full of hills. Dhanu’s course is in Yonkers and Pulak’s mother’s house is on that course.

Today I ran on Vinaya’s course. A battalion of fifteen people followed me, so afterwards we all enjoyed ice cream.

  1. RB 1003. 2 November 1987

Gary Fannelli stops to chat

Gary Fannelli was running among the lead runners in the New York City Marathon. When he saw me at the three-mile mark, I was begging him to continue. But he stayed and talked and talked and talked. He was telling me that he had a vision of me and that he meditates on me. He said that he is so grateful to me. Like this, he went on and on talking. Finally, he continued running, but by that time many runners had gone by.

  1. RB 1004. 2 November 1987

The mystery of the red car

This morning, I was on my way running to our half marathon in Flushing Meadow Park. At my one-mile mark, somebody in a red car was trying to draw my attention. Who was in that red car?

  1. RB 1005. 22 November 1987

The brave soldiers

I am extremely grateful to and extremely proud of those who ran our half marathon this morning. You are really brave soldiers. It was so cold! I ran four miles and walked four miles. That was enough.

Many years ago in Boston I had frostbite. My nose was seriously affected. So I was getting frightened that again I would have frostbite. You are all really brave!

Ninety-five non-disciples came to run in this weather! I am so grateful to them.

  1. RB 1006. 22 November 1987

Missing one husband

The other day, Anna and her husband were running together. Then what happened? I did not see Aaron any more. I thought that perhaps he had become tired. Later he told me that he had to go to work.

  1. RB 1007. 22 November 1987

Running twice in one day

On my trip to Australia and New Zealand I walked and ran every day, except one. Yesterday I ran in Australia. The date was December 3rd. Then, when we arrived in Los Angeles after so many hours in the plane, it became the 3rd once more. Again I ran. So on the 3rd I ran twice.

Tomorrow, no matter what happens, even if it rains or snows, I will definitely run.

  1. RB 1008. 4 December 1987

Niriha’s intuition fails

This morning when I ran two miles and walked two miles, Databir followed me in the car. Then I saw Niriha. I thought that her intuition was working and she would go home and bring her video camera to take pictures. But Niriha never came back.

My second mile timing was 8:30 in spite of one long hill. As soon as I go over five miles, my left leg suffers so much!

  1. RB 1009. 6 December 1987

Morning aphorism-meditations

Today, here in Japan, we started our morning aphorism-meditations. This morning, as I was going out to run, I saw Vijali and then Pratap. Then I got the inspiration to give aphorisms.

When I was returning, I saw Pratap and Vijali once again. When I came back into the hotel lobby, Chetana had joined their company.

  1. RB 1010. 18 December 1987

Saved by Ila

During my run this morning I saw two more soldiers: Ila and Nirvik. Ila saw me first and her soul saved me from imminent death. I was about to make a left turn, but I did not see that one car was coming behind me. I would have crossed in front of the car, but Ila called out to me and saved me.

A little farther on, I saw Pradhan and then I saw Agraha. I ran for twenty minutes and then I came back to the hotel following the same route. On the way back, it was less than eighteen minutes. So, while coming back, I ran faster.

  1. RB 1011. 18 December 1987

Little children running

This morning, when I went running in Jakarta, I saw little children running. They were all about three or four years old. Some of them were wearing sandals, but most of them had no shoes at all.

How I wish my spiritual children would get up early in the morning at 4:30 like these children and run! Savyasachi told me that the main street would be blocked off for joggers and walkers this morning. So many people were out running so early in the morning!

  1. RB 1012. 27 December 1987

Pragati runs inside my heart-corridor

Pragati is one of the very few disciples in the New York area who is so kind to me to give me expressions. Almost every day she gives me ten expressions.

Then, when she sees me early in the morning, running or walking, she puts both her hands over her chest. Her humility is very sincere, her devotion is very sincere. I feel intensity in her humility and intensity in her devotion.

She runs according to her own pace. Most of the time, it is the pace of an Indian bullock cart. Since she runs at the speed of a bullock cart, my compassion-heart can keep pace with her speed and it blesses her for at least 50 or 60 metres. Then I reach my house-destination. I run towards my house-destination and she runs and runs inside my heart-corridor, which is her destination.

  1. RB 1013. 31 December 1987

Running in Bukkuttingi

Around 6:30 in the morning, it is quite light. Before 6:30 I have asked the girls not to run alone. At least two girls, or preferably four or five, should go together. Otherwise, some serious calamity may take place. Today I was very happy to see four or five girls running together. I saw Bigalita and quite a few others.

While I was running, little vans were inviting me. They were literally stopping the vans to ask me to come inside. Perhaps they thought that I was lost.

  1. RB 1014. 2 January 1988

Running in nature’s beauty

I was running and walking early in the morning in Yogyakarta. It gave me such joy. Today, for the first time, I walked for one hour. On other days, I walked for forty or fifty minutes. Today it was one hour.

After I crossed over the mile mark, I saw Savita and Ankhi. Then I went a mile and a half and I saw Indu and another girl.

Running here is so beautiful. Farmers are ploughing their paddyfields and nature’s beauty is all around. I was walking and walking so happily.

  1. RB 1015. 9 January 1988

“Amitabha, Amitabha!”

As I was walking on the beach this morning, I saw that six or seven Balinese men had gathered to play volleyball. When I walked by, the leader came up to me, folded his hands, and said, “Amitabha, Amitabha!”

I said also, “Amitabha, Amitabha!”

Then, in case I did not understand, the man told me, “Lord Buddha, Lord Buddha.”

Soon after that, a Balinese lady saw me and said, “Wise man, wise man.”

  1. RB 1016. 20 January 1988

Running and shopping at the same time

When I went out running this morning, I said, “At least there will be nothing open, so I do not have to take money.” So I put only 10,000 rupiah in my pocket.

I was walking and meditating. All of a sudden, I saw a little shop there in the sand. When I enquired, the man said that everything was fixed price.

The Balinese man who owned the little shop spoke English. I wanted to buy three or four things. Each time he said that something was a fixed price, I bargained with him. Finally, when I said, “All right, then I will not buy it,” he lowered the price. This happened with each item.

So I took 10,000 rupiah with me and I spent it all.

  1. RB 1017. 20 January 1988

Meditating on the pier

While I was walking on the beach this morning, I saw a pier, ending in a circle over the water. So I went out on the pier. I liked it very much. There was water all around and I was meditating.

At one point I was thinking of Niriha. She should have been there to catch it on video. Quite often she has excellent intuition, but this morning it was not working.

  1. RB 1018. 20 January 1988

The green light vanishes

Am I too slow or is it true that the green light does not last as long as the red light? This morning I was on Main Street. I was waiting and waiting for the red light to turn green. As soon as the green light came, I started walking. But before I had crossed half of the road, it started blinking.

  1. RB 1019. 2 February 1988

Going out in vain

This morning I went out, only to come back. It was raining heavily. I wanted to go out running, but I saw that it was useless. Students were wearing raincoats and holding umbrellas. I said, “Let me take exercise indoors today!”

  1. RB 1020. 4 February 1988

The vibration of Savitri’s soul

Once Savitri, the leader of our Vancouver Centre, fell down on one of my running courses and her soul went up into a particular tree. Then I put the soul back into the body. This happened on my old course at two miles and 1,300 metres. The mark is in Flushing Meadow Park near the highway, not near the lake. At that point, there are a few trees.

Now, whenever I pass by that place, immediately I feel the vibration and Savitri’s soul comes to me. Not even a single time do I pass the tree and the tree does not respond, because the soul left the body and it was in the tree.

Sometimes, when souls leave the body, they do not want to come back. But when there is pressure, the soul does come back. Had Savitri’s soul left the body at that time, it would have been an untimely death. That is why I compelled the soul to come back. Then Savitri stayed on earth for at least ten or twelve years more. Her soul got the opportunity to love God more and manifest Him more. So that tree is always so grateful to me.

  1. RB 1021. 10 February 1988

Stuck in the snow

Usually I see quite a few people in the street when I run. This morning I did not even see Sulochana on her famous block. Then I saw Nemi’s car. Nemi was probably going to our Runners are Smilers race. Quite a few cars were having problems because of the snow. It was very dangerous. Some buses were stuck at the top of 150th Street. They did not dare to go down 150th Street hill!

  1. RB 1022. 13 February 1988

The great runner Calvin Smith

The great runner Calvin Smith needs no introduction. Today he was at Annam Brahma restaurant for forty-five minutes. Instead of allowing the disciples to ask him a volley of questions, I asked him one question after the other. I was very pleased to see him. He is simplicity incarnate. All his childlike qualities deeply impressed me and the disciples who were present.

Strangely enough, some of his pictures are quite similar to mine when I was younger, and I also felt in him the same type of shyness that I had when I first came to America.

  1. RB 1023. 13 February 1988

The jumping dog

On 150th Street, near my 200-metre mark, there is a big, huge dog. How high he jumps! Once he grabbed my glove and took it. How I wish the fence around his house could be a little higher!

  1. RB 1024. 17 February 1988

Calvin Smith’s smile

Our prayer for Calvin Smith was fruitful. He stood third in his race in New York and also that was his best timing for the entire year. Usually he does not do well in just 50 or 60 metres. So God listened to our prayers.

Bhashwar has taken a very nice picture of Calvin Smith. Look at his innocent smile — how simple and childlike it is! His whole face radiates with his simplicity-smile. His smile comes spontaneously.

  1. RB 1025. 20 February 1988

Not allowing Savita to defeat me

In Chico I ran my first marathon. I will never forget my very first attempt. One San Francisco girl instigated me or inspired me to run. During the marathon, I made a gesture and this girl thought I was getting a heart attack. Garima came and said, “O Guru, Guru!”

I said, “I am not getting a heart attack,” but they thought I was getting one. As a matter of fact, I enjoyed the marathon.

This year I wanted to do Chico again. My hope and promise never die. They are always immortal in the loving hearts of my spiritual children. There are many, many things I may not be able to perform on the physical plane, as old age is shattering the body’s physical capacity. But my spiritual children are still young, physically young, and I do want them to remain spiritually young. Your loving feeling of oneness I most deeply appreciate and admire.

So this year I could not go because my legs are not allowing me to walk or run. But Garima is so kind. She wanted to pay for Savita to run. She bought the ticket plus Savita was ready. I said, “No, I do not want Savita to go. Then she will defeat my timing.” I am so clever!

  1. RB 1026. 2 March 1988

The Bengali-speaking American

As I ran past my 700-metre mark, I saw a middle-aged man riding a bicycle. He had his helmet on. He stopped cycling and came up to me and said, in Bengali, “Keman ache?” which means, “How are you?”

I said, “Bhalo, bhalo.” I thought that perhaps he knew only one phrase, so I added in English, “Good morning!”

Then, still in Bengali, he said, “Suprabhat,” which means good morning in Bengali. He looked like an American. How did he know Bengali?

Then I smiled and went away. This happened on 150th Street and 84th Drive. He lives there. He spoke to me in pure Bengali and I had to tell him good morning in English!

  1. RB 1027. 30 April 1988

Am I tired of running?

When I was running today, an old man came up to me and said, “Are you tired of running? Do not worry, my dog is doing it for you.”

At that very moment, when he was saying this, his dog came near me running.

  1. RB 1028. 1 May 1988

The Parks Commissioner’s strength

Today was the start of our Ultra Trio Race. How strong the Parks Commissioner was! When Gary Ackerman was shaking my hand, he was trying to show his strength. But the Parks Commissioner with both hands pressed my hands so hard! He was very nice. He is also a runner. He told me that he has run a 10-kilometre race.

  1. RB 1029. 20 May 1988

The grateful runner

Among the non-disciples in the Ultra Trio Race, the best is Tom Klein. Two or three times, he grabbed me and said how grateful he is for this kind of opportunity to run and also to have such excellent organisation. Again and again he has told me. With other runners, we have to please them in millions of ways because quite often they feel they are doing us a big favour. We have to appreciate and adore them because they have come. But Tom Klein was deeply appreciating our activities. This time he has appreciated us and felt our sacrifice the most.

  1. RB 1030. 28 May 1988

The Father’s Day Marathon

In our Father’s Day Marathon, one Swedish girl was so strong! She was wearing trousers, thicker than the thickest. She was trying to lose weight and not going fast. But she was very, very strong. And it was so hot, so hot!

Of all the runners, Surabhi should get a prize for her style.

  1. RB 1031. 19 June 1988

Ready for the lunatic institute

Yesterday my pace was 18:40 per mile walking. Today it became 17:30 — so I am progressing. And yesterday somebody insulted me very badly. I was struggling and struggling. After my two-mile mark, each stride was agony.

An elderly white man passed by me and said, “Why don’t you go to a lunatic institute?” He was very serious. It was not a joke. His voice was full of contempt.

I thanked him.

  1. RB 1032. 3 July 1988

My early morning adventure

Yesterday, early in the morning at 4:35, I left my house to go walking. When I came to my 500-metre mark on 150th Street, I saw a car coming towards me. I was on the sidewalk and the car was on the same side of the street. Someone in the car called out, “Stop, stop!”

I stopped and I saw that two young men were in the car. The driver was drunk. He said to me, “Shrai, Shrai.”

The other one was Puerto Rican. He said to me, “Sri Chinmoy, you are a man of wisdom. Please give me some wisdom.”

The driver screamed, “No, man, he is a man of light, light, light. Give me light, light.” He was screaming very loudly. This drunk one was quite aggressive.

I said to myself, “Oh, what an experience to have at this hour!” Just then a bus came up behind them and chased the car away. So I continued walking. Then, when I came to my 700-metre mark, the same car came back in the other direction, on the other side of the street from me. This time the Puerto Rican was driving. He said, “Sri Chinmoy, is it true that you have lifted such heavy weights?”

I said, “Yes.”

He went on, “I see your picture all around.” Then he added, “I trust you.”

Just at that moment we reached the Grand Central Service Road. I made a left turn and the car made a right turn. I did not see them again.

  1. RB 1033. 9 July 1988

The friendly jogger

When I came to my 1200-metre mark, right near Main Street, one American man was jogging. He was behind me, but he passed me. As he went by, at least six or seven times he said, “Good morning, Sri, Sri, Sri.”

Then I said “Good morning” several times.

At Main Street, he made a left turn and I kept going straight.

  1. RB 1034. 9 July 1988

The car thieves

How much can happen in one day! I crossed Main Street and I was coming towards Queens Boulevard. When I came to my 1500-metre mark, I saw a tall, young man and a girl near one of the cars up ahead. All of a sudden, they left that car and went to the next car right in front of that one. Perhaps they were opening the car. Then I started walking a little faster towards them and the girl ran away in the direction of the side road that goes to Union Turnpike. So I suspected something.

When I came near the man, I said, “What are you doing?”

The man repeated, “What am I doing?”

He had something with him, an iron instrument. He immediately put his hand inside his pocket and brought out a cigarette. He said, “Man, can you give me a match?”

I said, “You are planning to break into this car. I am going to bring my students to thrash you.”

He said, “No!”

Then I said, “I am going to this house to inform them.”

He looked at me and I looked at him. Then he said, “Damn you!” He did not break into the car. He just went away. I saw the number of the plate on the small grey car — LOX 118. When I saw that this fellow had left, I continued walking.

  1. RB 1035. 9 July 1988

“Lord Jesus, save me!”

My walking experiences were not yet over. I continued to my mile and a half mark. I was walking slowly, since I can barely walk. I reached the mark and I was returning the same way. When I had gone another 100 metres, an old, black man with short, grey hair came from behind me and passed me. He was carrying newspapers. He was about thirty metres ahead of me when, all of a sudden, he stopped. When I came near him, he asked, “What is the matter with you? You cannot walk.”

I said, “I have a very bad knee injury. That is why I cannot walk.” I placed my hand on my right knee.

The old man was very sympathetic. He said, “Let me accompany you.” So we started walking together. At first he was walking fast, but when he saw that I was struggling, he slowed down to accompany me. I gave him a smile.

He started saying, “Lord Jesus, save me! Lord Jesus, cure me!” Then he said, “Now say this with me.” So I joined him. Nobody was there to hear us.

He started accompanying me at my one mile plus 600-metre mark. At the 300-metre mark, he started chanting out loud. Both of us were saying, “Lord Jesus, save me! Lord Jesus, cure me!” together. When we came to the one mile and 100-metre mark, he turned down the side street going towards Union Turnpike, near the Motor Inn. I thanked him profusely. He was such a simple man, with such faith in Jesus. But Lord Jesus did not listen to my prayer.

So all these things happened in one day.

  1. RB 1036. 9 July 1988

From: Sri Chinmoy, Run and become, become and run, part 20 - , Agni Press, 2004
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