Run and become, become and run, part 16

The six-day race

At the six-day race, so many runners knew me. I smiled at them and they smiled at me. But my Cahit! He came off the track — he had to shake hands with me, talk to me and give me gifts. He couldn’t believe that I gave him such a big gift. All the runners smiled at me, but he came off the track to see me.

Fred Lebow was all appreciation for our Marathon Team workers. He spoke to me most gratefully about our contribution.

The leader, a Greek named Yiannis Kouros, is something! Once he ran 200 miles at a seven-minute pace.

  1. RB 811. 2 July 1984

Bringing sunshine

Yesterday it was raining during the six-day race, so I left the track and went inside the car. Cahit came running to shake hands with me. He said that I bring sunshine to him. Then he said he was sorry he was unshaven. Where can I find another Cahit?

Sue Medaglia was so happy to see me at the race. She said, “Because of you, because of your group, I am alive, I am running.”

Today I saw divine Kim, with folded hands. She was smiling and smiling. Such a soulful consciousness she maintained throughout!

  1. RB 812. 8 July 1984

The best

The other day I went to run a 3.1-mile race in Flushing Meadow Park. When I finished, a runner came up to me. He had finished long before me. He said that our races are by far the best. He has run in California and various places, and everywhere our races are the best.

  1. RB 813. 27 July 1984

The over-fifty champion

The man who won the special prize in the over-fifty category in our Runners are Smilers race today is an excellent runner. He will always win, unless somebody else comes. He should bring all his friends by saying that he has got nice gifts. He should show them his trophy. Then his friends will come and challenge him. There is no other way.

  1. RB 814. 31 July 1984

Have a cup of coffee!

The first day I was in Los Angeles for the Olympics, I went out running early in the morning. I asked a man where the stadium was. He said, “Forget the stadium. Go have a cup of coffee!”

On another day, I was walking on the sidewalk when I saw three men — simply undivine — coming towards me. I jumped into the street to avoid them. Very loudly one said, “Jesus!”

In silence I said to him, “Thank you for invoking a very good friend of mine!”

  1. RB 815. 8 August 1984

The mini-swim

Today in the mini-triathlon only Databir, Pahar, Pulak and Dhanu couldn’t swim. In the big triathlon, they would be forbidden — we cannot afford to lose four or five lives.

On the boys’ side Kripan was the best! Luckily Kripan was not driving; he was swimming. First he would go to one side, towards Anugata. Then he would go to the other side. His wife was screaming. How much time he was wasting going to this side and that side! He totally forgot about geometry.

  1. RB 816. 3 September 1984

Giving out oranges

When I was giving out oranges to the runners finishing our half-marathon in Flushing Meadow Park yesterday, some of them were mad. One fellow heard he was tenth or twelfth and his friend was eighth. I think his friend was also his rival. He was very disappointed and he said, “Damn it!”

Some runners didn’t take oranges. One or two perhaps didn’t like oranges, but others were mad at themselves. One or two, when they calmed down, came and took.

  1. RB 817. 19 November 1984

Blessings from the elderly

During the race two or three runners were so nice to me. Some elderly runners were saying, “Guru, Guru!”

One of them was so happy. Another patted my shoulder with such affection. He was blessing me. He was running near me and then he went ahead.

  1. RB 818. 19 November 1984

Ali, Ali, Ali!

Yesterday I was walking near the tennis courts behind P.S. 86 and Hillcrest High School. Six or seven young black boys saw me and started saying, “Ali, Ali, Ali! Champion 1999!” Then one of the boys told the others, “Shut up!” They were calling me Muhammad Ali!

Databir, Pulin and Bipin were following me in the car only 10 metres behind, but the boys didn’t notice them.

  1. RB 819. 1 February 1985

What speed I have!

I was running at 6:30 in the morning on the Grand Central service road. When I stopped for a red light, I saw that Nemi was 50 metres behind me — at least. Then, in a minute she smiled and passed me very nicely. Then Sulochana came up and just went ahead of me. What wonderful speed I have!

  1. RB 820. 7 March 1985

My only rival

In today’s two-mile Runners are Smilers race, Saroja was my only rival. The first mile I was ahead of her, but the second mile I was 10 or 15 metres behind her.

  1. RB 821. 20 April 1985

Smiling like anything

This morning I ran four miles. The first mile I ran in 12:13. I said, “Great! Very near 13, my lucky number.”

The second mile I ran in 10:21. I couldn’t believe it! Instead of descending, I went faster. This was all because I got inspiration from Chidananda. After the first mile I saw Chidananda drive by in his car, and he was smiling like anything.

I said to myself, “Definitely he didn’t meditate at six o’clock. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be out at this hour.” Sunirmalya was in the car with Chidananda. They were going to play tennis. Later Sunirmalya told me they had left the house at 6:16, right after meditation.

My third mile was 9:37. Then my fourth mile was 8:57.

  1. RB 822. 22 April 1985

The challenge

In today’s two-mile race, I saw Kritagyata and Pratyaya so far ahead of me during the first mile.

Then I challenged Lucy and Nilima. I was a few metres behind them, but I felt that I would be able to catch them at the one-mile point. Then, after I passed them, I started walking.

  1. RB 823. 27 April 1985

You must run!

The other day while I was walking, a gentleman with a cane grabbed my left arm and said, “You are not doing the right thing. You must run, always run!”

I said, “Do you run?”

He said, “I can barely drag my leg, so I cannot run.”

A nice gentleman! But he didn’t realise that I also have serious leg problems!

  1. RB 824. 27 April 1985

Cahit’s race

In the five-mile race that Cahit Yeter organised today in the Bronx, Carlos was encouraging me and I was begging him to go a little faster so he would get a prize. In the race, the disciples were encouraging me all the time, singing, O grant me the fastest speed. But the people watching the race were laughing at my speed.

After killing myself for some time, I saw no life inside my body. Then I saw Anne Alaimo 400 metres ahead of me. First I passed Chameli, then Anne, Godavari and Chandra. Then I passed Chetana long after them. But Sarama was beyond my reach.

During the race, at least fifteen people recognised me.

  1. RB 825. 28 April 1985

Patience replaces capacity

When I see my disciples running now, many times they are 600 metres or one mile ahead of me. But I used to be right behind them or even ahead of them.

They have to admire how much patience I have. When you lose capacity, you have to give credit to your patience.

  1. RB 826. 28 April 1985

Maybe he doesn’t understand English

Yesterday I was running in Flushing Meadow Park near our 1,000-mile race. Two men were also running. One of them saw the poster about the race and said to me, “Why are you not also competing?”

I just smiled at him.

Then the other man said, “Maybe he doesn’t understand English.”

  1. RB 827. 4 May 1985

Coming from behind

The day before yesterday I was running behind John in the 1,000-mile race. I said, “I will never be able to pass him.”

But then I went ahead of him. I also went ahead of Trishul two times. I said to myself, “Can you believe it? Never did I think I would be able to pass these two excellent runners! I will give both of them very nice gifts.”

Of course, Trishul had been running for four days. He is planning to complete the 1,000-mile race. And John had also run more than 200 miles by that time.

  1. RB 828. 4 May 1985

He walks faster than I run

Still I have not been able to pass Kirit while running in the 1,000-mile race. Sometimes he walks, and then I say, “This is the time when I will pass him.” But he walks faster than I run.

  1. RB 829. 4 May 1985

A birthday run

The other day was Yury’s birthday. He had completed 23 years, so he walked and ran 23 miles at the 1,000-mile race. Now I think he has become an invalid.

His mother came yesterday to Annam Brahma. She got an orange as prasad and asked her son if she had to preserve the seeds because the orange was sacred.

  1. RB 830. 4 May 1985

A rare smile

So many times I have seen Bob Wise walking in the 1,000-mile race. Previously he never smiled at me. But today, on the fifth day of the race, he smiled at me and started clapping.

  1. RB 831. 5 May 1985

Running and running

Today in the 1,000-mile race, so many times I got joy from passing Trishul. I was forgetting that he had already done 300 miles.

  1. RB 832. 5 May 1985

Good morning!

Today at five o’clock in the afternoon, Bob Wise, the walker in our 1,000-mile race, looked at me and said, “Good morning!”

I told him also, “Good morning.”

  1. RB 833. 10 May 1985

I am nearing 75

This morning at a quarter to seven, I was walking on 150th Street. I saw an elderly man get up on a bike with difficulty. As soon as he saw me, he got off the bike. He had only covered 20 metres.

He said to me, “You are running and I am cycling. I am 75. How old are you?”

I said, “I am nearing 75.”

He was so happy to hear that.

  1. RB 834. 14 May 1985

Walking ferociously

I had an experience near Queens Boulevard at four o’clock this morning. Just near the top of the hill a respectable-looking lady was waiting for the bus. She saw me coming towards her, from about 20 metres away. I was walking so ferociously that she got frightened and ran away. I felt sorry, so I called out to her, “Don’t be afraid of me!” Then she came back to the bus stop.

  1. RB 835. 15 May 1985

The Queens fitness Guru

The end of the 1,000-mile race was on the 6:30 news last night on television. When they mentioned my name they had trouble with “Sri”; they said, “Sir.” They called me “Sir Chinmoy, the Queens Fitness Guru.”

  1. RB 836. 17 May 1985

Struggling towards 1,000 miles

Originally I wanted to run seven miles every day during the 1,000-mile race. I felt that if I tried to do 13 miles, I would not be able to continue. But at the end of the race I had completed 208 miles — an average of 13 miles a day for the 16 days of the race.

Three people completed the full distance: 1,000 miles! Here is the proof that there are a few things the mind cannot understand — when the soul operates through the heart or through the vital. To run 1,000 miles is beyond the comprehension of the mind; the mind cannot imagine it!

Perhaps now people will be inspired to sponsor 1,000-mile races.

By the first week of August I do hope to complete my 1,000 miles. I am going on, going on. God knows if I can do it!

  1. RB 837. 17 May 1985

Nayak’s soul preceded him

The day before yesterday I was at the 800 metre point on the 1,000-mile course, near the circle, walking. It was in the morning. All of a sudden Nayak’s soul appeared for blessings. I thought, “Nayak didn’t inform me he was coming to New York. Usually he informs me.” But it was not actually Nayak, but only his soul, which appeared so vividly.

Then a few hours later I saw Nayak himself standing at the same spot, near the circle. He had come to New York quite suddenly on business.

  1. RB 838. 18 May 1985

My imagination gets frightened

I have run a little over 200 miles during the 1,000-mile race, but already I am blessing my forefathers that I have promised to run 1,000 miles. Even my imagination gets frightened!

But I am sincerely proud of those who have completed the race. Look at Trishul! The race ended just yesterday, and already he is here at the meditation, enjoying his spiritual life.

  1. RB 839. 18 May 1985

A slow run

The other day Pulak and Saral ran with me. I asked them if they ever run as slowly as they were running with me. Both of them remained silent. That means they never run that slowly. One day they will run long distance — 70 miles — and I will see how slowly they run.

  1. RB 840. 18 May 1985

I am blind

Yesterday morning at about 5:30 I was running on 150th Street near Sandhani and Snigdha’s house. Suddenly Navina’s soul came to me for blessings. I said, “Fine. Why did you not come to New York after the April celebrations?” I decided to ask Kailash why Navina had not come.

In the afternoon I was walking to circus practice. On Snigdha and Sandhani’s steps I saw three persons standing: Snigdha, Durga and a third person. So I smiled at them. Snigdha was pointing out the third girl to me, but I couldn’t recognise her. I am blind! Then I saw it was Navina. Navina was with them, but her hairstyle had transformed her face.

  1. RB 841. 18 May 1985

I surrendered

The other day during our two-mile race, Barada waved at Radha as she went ahead of her. I said to myself, “Yes, I am seeing you, Barada.”

Seven years ago during a 10-mile race, Barada and I had our first rivalry. Then I surrendered.

  1. RB 842. 20 May 1985

No competitiveness

Early in the morning I walk at a 20-minute pace — very solid. One morning, when I had covered a mile, all of a sudden I saw a lady pass by me. She had a bag on her shoulder. My ego came forward. How could she go faster than me, carrying a bag on her shoulder? O God, I tried to defeat her.

That was the morning I had taken an oath that I wouldn’t go very fast. After five minutes, I saw another lady. This one was running for the bus, and she also was passing me. I said, “This is too much!”

Then I walked very fast. I was on the street and she was on the sidewalk. I managed to pass her, but it made me very tired. Was it worth it? In three or four seconds, again she was going ahead of me. I asked myself, “Why did I compete with her?” Then I decided not to compete with her anymore.

  1. RB 843. 20 May 1985

Tricking the mind

When I run mile after mile, I meditate. When I don’t feel like meditating, I sing in silence. I have lists of songs that I play on the double bass, cello, violin, Moroccan instrument, Chinese instrument and harp. There are about 40 songs altogether. While running I sing each song inwardly, only once. In this way, when I go out of the house I kill three or four birds at once.

This morning at 7:00 I went four miles. I sang very soulfully, in a prayerful way.

When I walk, my mind says, “Once upon a time, you used to walk at an 11 or 13-minute pace. Now you are walking at a 17 or 18-minute pace.” So the mind brings discouragement. But then I play a trick on the mind. I say, “Yes, it is a 20-minute pace, but I am gaining in another way. I am meditating longer.”

At home I have millions of problems to deal with. In these 20 minutes when I am walking, I am all by myself; so I am very happy. If I take three minutes more, who cares? Nature is helping me. With nature’s beauty I am meditating. The mind brings discouragement, but then I tell my mind that for 20 minutes without interruption I am able to meditate. So the mind remains silent. We have to be super-smart when the mind wants to discourage us.

  1. RB 844. 20 May 1984

I want your outer blessings

The other day I was walking to the tennis court. On the way an elderly Indian man came out of his house and said, “May I speak to you?”

I said, “Why?”

He said, “You are a great man. My daughter is getting married this Friday. I wish to invite you and your disciples. I wish to honour you.”

I said, “Your daughter is getting married. This is her day. Why do you have to honour me?”

He said, “If you come to our house, you will bless our house and bless us.”

I said, “You have my inner blessings.”

He said, “I want your outer blessings.”

“Please forgive me,” I said, “I will not be able to come.”

Then we shook hands and I went on.

  1. RB 845. 25 May 1985

The hat

Today, first I walked two miles. Then I covered another eleven miles by running for 1400 metres and walking for the last 200 metres of each mile. I call this combination “running.” Then I walked another half mile — for a total of thirteen and a half miles.

After the 1100-metre mark, near my seven-mile point, my hat was bothering me, so I took it off. Then I saw a beautiful lawn with a fence. I put the hat on one of the bars of the fence very nicely and left it in charge of God. I said, “God will take care of it. If it is His Will, He will keep it here.”

Then I started jogging. After 40 metres I saw a gentleman smiling at me. God knows why he was smiling at me, but I also smiled at him. We were two gentlemen.

I went to the nine-mile mark and then started returning home. When I came to the seven-mile mark, I remembered that I had left my hat on the fence. I was about to look for it when I saw the same gentleman who had smiled at me holding the hat. He gave it to me and said, “I feel you are a nice man.”

I said, “I know you are an excellent man!” Then he started laughing, and we shook hands.

This all happened right in front of his house. When I had left the hat there, at that time he had been 40 metres away. But when I came back, he was standing right in front of his house holding the hat. Can you imagine!

  1. RB 846. 31 May 1985

The water pistol

After I ran about four miles today, two little boys on bicycles came up behind me. One of them said to me, “I can easily beat you.”

I said, “Fine!”

Then they passed me, and one of them turned around and shot me with a water pistol. Then they both rode away very fast. I thanked them.

  1. RB 847. 31 May 1985

Enjoying the argument

Last week two children came up to me while I was walking and wanted to walk with me. One asked why I was wearing the belt that I always use to support my back. I smiled at him.

The other one said, “Can’t you see that he is fat?” So they had an argument. They walked with me for about 400 metres arguing back and forth. I was enjoying the argument.

  1. RB 848. 31 May 1985

Driving backward

The other day a car was about to drive away from a gas station. It was waiting for the other cars to pass by so it could enter into the street. The driver was looking to this side and that side. I was running on the sidewalk.

The car was not disturbing anybody, and I ran behind it. But just when I was behind it, the driver suddenly got the inspiration to go backward instead of forward. I shouted very loudly, at the top of my voice. What can you do with people like that? Luckily I escaped.

  1. RB 849. 31 May 1985

Running in Quebec

When we were in Canada this weekend for the two seven-hour meditations, I went out running early in the morning in Quebec City. First I saw Pratyaya running. Then I saw Hashi right near me. The next moment, when I looked around, Hashi was already 100 metres ahead of me!

  1. RB 850. 10 June 1985

I know why you are strong

One day I was walking in front of my house and also exercising at the same time. The old German lady who lives on our block — the one who has the dog — came up to me and said, “Now I know why you are very strong and why you are very skinny.”

Then she came near me and pushed my left shoulder. Whenever she sees me, she always pushes my shoulder in an affectionate way.

  1. RB 851. 10 June 1985

We love you!

While I was out walking, two people came up to me and said, “We love you!”

I gave them a smile.

Can you imagine people who are not my disciples saying that to me!

  1. RB 852. 10 June 1985

I am the wrong person!

While I was taking pictures at the L'eggs Mini-Marathon, a man came up to me and wanted me to help him put film in his camera. He was giving me his camera and the roll of film.

O God! I know next to nothing about cameras! Even my own camera, I ask one of my students to load for me. So I said to the man, “I am the wrong person!”

He said, “Thank you!”

  1. RB 853. 1 June 1985

Wearing the American flag

Whenever I see a T-shirt with something written on the back, I think it is a shirt from one of our races.

Last week while I was running, I saw a lady ahead of me with quite a few lines written on the back of her shirt. I thought it was Tanima. I ran so fast to catch up with her, but then I saw it was some other lady. And when I came close, I saw it was an American flag on the back of her shirt!

  1. RB 854. 10 June 1985

Not in the mood to talk

I was outside walking up and down my street. Radha, the little girl who lives two doors down from me, came up to me and said, “Guru, will you be walking for a long time?”

I said, “Yes.”

She said, “I will ride my bicycle with you.”

She rode alongside me for about a mile. She was talking and talking, and I was meditating. Finally she said, “Guru, you are not in the mood to talk!”

I smiled at her.

Then Radha’s sister introduced me to their father. We both smiled at each other. We didn’t know how to talk.

  1. RB 855. 10 June 1985

Mother Earth should bless me now!

When I used to practise running in the ashram when I was young, I used to feel sorry for Mother Earth because my legs were so strong and powerful. I felt I was hurting the ground when I ran. When I did the hop, skip and jump, my hop was so powerful that again I felt I was hurting Mother Earth. But now when I run, I find the ground so hard that it hurts me. Mother Earth should bless me now!

I even feel the difference between the sidewalk and the street. The sidewalk is so much harder than the street. Even when I run on the track at St. John’s University, the track hurts my legs.

In the ashram I used to go out running barefoot at four o’clock in the morning, and I wouldn’t even notice that the ground was hard. Then when I went out at six o’clock, after it had become light, I would see pieces of glass in the places where I had been running. So the Supreme had saved me!

  1. RB 856. 10 June 1985

The candy store

I walked many miles today. At one point, after covering about 11 miles in my slowest possible walk, I entered a candy store. I bought all kinds of things, including candy that looked like little baseballs.

I spent lots of money — about $15. Then, after I had paid for everything, I wanted to buy four more of the little baseballs. The lady said, “They are 25 cents each.”

I gave her a dollar. She took the dollar and then said, “But there is tax.” Can you imagine? After I spent so much money, she had to ask me for tax on one dollar!

I never keep any change in my pocket, but I reached into my pocket and found a five-dollar bill. In the meantime, the lady put the first dollar I had given her into the register. When she gave me change for the five dollars, she gave me three dollars and some coins.

I said, “I gave you a dollar before.”

She said, “Oh no, you didn’t give it to me.”

She had been holding it while I was getting out my five-dollar bill. In this world there are good people and bad people. She was very, very bad!

  1. RB 857. 14 June 1985

Perhaps she thought I was tired

After buying the candy I started walking again. Near my four-mile mark I saw Atala the great in her car. She was smiling and smiling and inviting me to enter into her car.

I said, “No, no!”

Perhaps she thought I was tired.

  1. RB 858. 14 June 1985

The nice man

When I came to Parsons Boulevard, at my 1,000-metre mark, I was really tired! All of a sudden I heard a very frightening noise in the street. I was on the sidewalk, so I didn’t have to worry, but I looked back.

There I saw that a red car had stopped very abruptly. A middle-aged man opened the door and started calling to me, “Sri Chinmoy, you are so tired! Please come into my car. I will give you a lift. I will be so honoured.”

How abruptly he stopped the car! He was ready to have an accident just so he could offer me a ride. I don’t think I have ever seen him anywhere before.

So God wanted me to have this experience. After seeing that bad lady in the candy store, I met this nice man.

  1. RB 860. 14 June 1985

From: Sri Chinmoy, Run and become, become and run, part 16 - , Agni Press, 1985
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