Ten Thousand Flower-Flames, part 94

9301. The Song He Enjoys Most

Your Beloved Supreme is inviting you
To walk with Him
And learn from Him the Song
That He eternally enjoys most:
His Eternity’s Oneness-Song
With your heart,
In your life
And for your breath.

9302. Get Used To Saying No

Since I wish to become
An excellent God-seeker,
I must get used to saying no
To the debris of the past,
And I must get used to saying yes
To the edifice of the future.

9303. An Invaluable Achievement

Purity without sincerity
Is an unusual achievement.
Purity with sincerity
Is an invaluable achievement.

9304. Since You Are For God

Since you are for God
And for God only,
My Eternity’s aspiration-heart
Is all yours
And my Infinity’s dedication-life
Is all yours.

9305. His Master’s Heart-University

An obedient disciple
Is a permanent student
At his Master’s heart-university.

9306. A Free Access

Only an obedient disciple
Has a free access
To his Master’s heart
Of infinite Peace
And his Master’s soul
Of infinite Bliss.

9307. What God’s Compassion Is

I do not know who God is,
But I do know what God’s Compassion is:
The eternal beginning
And immortal continuation
Of my soul’s Godward journey.

9308. My Ego Talks

My ego talks,
My humility acts.

9309. I Cannot Please You

God, I cannot please You
Because I am not always pure.

“Man, I cannot please you
Because you and your pride
Are always cocksure.”

9310. What I Am Supposed To Tell God

Yesterday I did not know
What I was supposed to tell God.
Today also I do not know
What I am supposed to tell God.
Tomorrow I sincerely hope
That God will tell me
What I am supposed to tell Him.

9311. Greatness And Glory

Greatness and glory
Live together.
Goodness and satisfaction
Live together.

9312. What You Are Doing Right Now

My Lord,
Since I am not always conscious
Of what I do,
Right now I may not know
What I am doing.
But I do know
What You are doing right now.
You are thinking of me
And forgiving me.

9313. When I Entered The Spiritual Life

My sweet Lord,
When I entered the spiritual life,
I thought I would realise You
Sooner than at once.
I have been praying
And meditating for years.
How is it that the Goal
Still remains a far cry?

9314. God Can Give You His Consolation

God can give you His Consolation,
But consolation cannot give you illumination.
If you do not get illumination,
Then you will not get realisation-satisfaction.

9315. Ask Yourself Three Questions

Every day ask yourself three questions:
Do you think of God only?
Do you need God only?
Do you love God only?
If the answers are all in the affirmative,
Then prove your answers
In your aspiration and in your dedication.

9316. If God Can See

If God can see the perfect manifestation
Of your aspiration
In your everyday existence,
Then He will give you
The realisation of His highest Height
And His deepest Depth.

9317. Dive Deep Within For The Answers

Dive deep within for the answers
To your life’s questions.
Once you have the answers,
Then manifest them in and through
Your heart’s ceaseless cries
And your soul’s ceaseless smiles.

9318. God Is Inside My Doubtful Mind

Where is God?
He is inside my doubtful mind.
What is He doing there?
He is desperately trying
To transform my doubtful mind
Into His own faithful Heart.

9319. If You Are Truly Pleased With God

If you are truly pleased with God,
With what He is doing
With you, in you and for you,
Then you will not have any interest
In your desire-life, comfort-life,
Pleasure-life and achievement-life.

9320. Revolting Against God

In the outer world
Fear may prevent you
From revolting against God.
But in the inner world is there any day
That your mind does not argue with God,
Your vital does not rebel against God
And your physical does not find fault with God?

9321. His Way Is Not God’s Way

God has not been able
To please him,
And God will never be able
To please him,
For his way is not God’s Way.

9322. If Your Lord Supreme Pleases You

If your Lord Supreme pleases you
In your own way,
Immediately you will embrace destruction.
But if you please your Lord Supreme
In His own Way,
Yours will be a life
Of continuous delight.

9323. God As Your Only Interest

The day you close your door
To myriad interests
And have God as your only interest,
You and God will be able to celebrate
Both your victory and His Victory.

9324. A Blind Disciple

A blind disciple is he
Who thinks he can do everything
All by himself,
Although he has a spiritual Master.

A blind disciple is he
Who thinks his Master
Will do everything for him,
Even if he does not pray or meditate
Or do anything to please his Master.

9325. Without God’s Help

A seeker can do nothing,
Absolutely nothing,
Without God’s help.
Again, God can do little,
Next to nothing,
Without the seeker’s conscious awareness
And conscious co-operation.

9326. An Added Advantage

Even though your aspiration is tremendous,
Do not ignore purity.
I tell you a supreme secret:
Purity is an added advantage,
Ever unimaginable.

Even though your dedication is continuous,
Do not ignore humility.
I tell you a supreme secret:
Humility is an added advantage,
Ever unimaginable.

9327. Each Gift Offered To God

Each outer gift soulfully offered to God
Increases the seeker’s sweet and strong
Oneness-capacity with God
And gives God a unique opportunity
To express His blessingful
And powerful Gratitude
To the seeker.

9328. God Has Only Two Demands

God has only two Demands:
The perfection of oneness
In your inner life
And the satisfaction of perfection
In your outer life.
You can fulfil His Demands easily
If you can all the time have
One sleeplessly crying heart
And two sleeplessly smiling eyes.

9329. You May Surprisingly Succeed

Do not give up!
There is every possibility
That you may surprisingly succeed
In the battlefield of your self-giving
And God-becoming life.

9330. We Shall Not Ultimately Fail You

O Lord Supreme,
We, Your children,
May unimaginably delay You,
But we shall not ultimately fail You
In Your God-Manifestation-Promise.

9331. God Wants You To Know

God wants you to know
What you can eventually become
And what you eternally are.
You can eventually become
His choicest instrument.
You eternally are
His Oneness-Heart.

9332. My Heart’s God-Hour

Money-power will not last.
Personality-tower will crumble.
Popularity-flower will fade away.
Only my heart’s God-Hour
With my Beloved Supreme
Will forever and forever last.

9333. Why Have You Lost Your Inner Joy?

O truth-seeker,
Why have you lost your inner joy?
You have lost your inner joy
Because you did not value it.
You mistakenly cherished the idea
That you could have inner joy for the asking.
Therefore, you began
Secretly drinking pleasure-soup
With your body, vital and mind.

9334. An Unthinkable Opportunist

Your cleverness and meanness
Have turned you into
An unthinkable opportunist.
You want joy, appreciation, love, concern
And even gratitude from God.
But you do not want God Himself
For His own sake.

9335. God Uses His Justice-Light

God uses His Justice-Light
When it is the only way
To awaken you
And make you see and feel
The importance of the inner life.

9336. Once You Lose Your Inner Wealth

Once you lose your inner wealth,
You have to start over
Right from the very beginning,
Where sincerity, humility, purity
And self-offering are waiting
To run with you, in you
And through you once more.
Do not disappoint them,
Or yours will again be the life
Of immediate failure.

9337. God’s Blessing-Opportunities

For years and years God will lavish
His invaluable Blessing-Opportunities upon you.
But if He is seriously displeased with you,
He not only can but also does
Withdraw these Blessing-Opportunities.

9338. I Must Avail Myself

In my life of aspiration and dedication,
Either I must avail myself
Of God’s inner and outer Gifts,
Or I shall be forced to accept
A life of unimaginable failure
And a heart of total disappointment.

9339. Mortal Death Knocks

Each time a birthday comes,
Mortal death knocks at our body’s door.
But the immortal soul inside the body-room
Calls out,
“You are knocking at the wrong door.
Go away, go away!”

9340. When I Am The Body

When I am the body,
Which is limitation in every sense,
I see death at every moment
Here, there and everywhere.

When I am the soul,
Which is unlimited freedom in every sense,
There is no death,
But only endless Immortality.

9341. The Greatest Inner Crime

If your ignorance
Does not torture you,
I do not mind.
But if your ignorance
Pleases and satisfies you,
Then I accuse you of committing
The greatest inner crime.

9342. Think Of The Soul

O body, my body,
Think of the soul.
For with the help of the soul
You will grow into
Eternity’s Poise, Peace, Light and Bliss.

O soul, my soul,
Think of the body.
For it is in and through the body
That you will have to manifest your divinity.

9343. The Body And Fleeting Time

The body and fleeting time
Are synonymous.
Each fleeting second
Is a fleeting life-breath.
Therefore, do everything as soon as possible
In and through the body.

9344. On My Upward Path

My Lord Supreme is not asking me
To see if others are accompanying me
On my upward path.
He is only asking me
To sleeplessly march
On my upward path.

9345. A New Name

If you deliberately hide something
From your Lord Supreme,
He will give your mind a new name:
Your heart a new name:
Your vital a new name:
Your soul a new name:
And Himself a new name:

9346. My Bounden Duty

I am under no obligation
To explain myself to others,
But it is my bounden duty
To see their God
In them,
As I see my own God
In myself.

9347. My Real Vision

I exceed in order to become.
I exceed my usual reality
In order to become my real vision,
Which is the perfection of man
For the Satisfaction of God.

9348. Each Act Is A Work Of Art

Each act is a work of art.
The Supreme Artist, my Beloved Supreme,
Has already completed
The Supreme Work of Art.
But alas, I have not yet started
My own artwork,
And I do not know
When I shall start.

9349. How Can It Be Possible?

How can it be possible?
You love God,
But you do not love
The chosen children of God.
How can it be possible?

9350. If You Say

If you say there are no
Infallible God-seekers
And God-lovers on earth,
Then why don’t you try yourself
To prove to the world
That it is possible?

9351. Do Not Care For Those

O truth-seeker,
Do not care for those
Who scoff at your devoted meditation
And doubt your fruitful sincerity.

9352. Mine Is The Way

My Lord Supreme,
Do You think I can bind You?
“My child,
You will not be able to bind Me,

My Lord Supreme,
Do You think You can bind me?
“My child, I can bind you,
But I shall not.
Mine is not the Way
To bind My creation.
Mine is the Way
To grant freedom to My creation.”

9353. God Appears Before You

In the morning
God appears before you
As divine Opportunity.

At noon
God appears before you
As supreme Capacity.

In the evening
God appears before you
As immortal Reality.

9354. Try To Grow In Freedom-Light

Try to grow in freedom-light
Inside your Lord’s Oneness-Heart,
Where Nectar-Delight is there for you
To drink to your heart’s content.

9355. Man’s Rare Gratitude-Heart

The unparalleled height
Of man’s rare gratitude-heart
Still remains unmatched.

9356. A Moment’s Inner Strength

A moment’s vast inner strength
Can easily nullify
A year’s stupendous outer ignorance-life.

9357. There Will Be At Least A Few

I know, I know,
There will be at least a few
Supremely chosen instruments
Of our Beloved Supreme
Who will remain absolutely faithful
To the Boatman
And who will remain soulfully seated
In the Boat
Until the Golden Shore
Is unquestionably reached.

9358. An Obedient Seeker-Disciple

An obedient seeker-disciple
Is his Master’s invaluable possession
In the outer world
And his Master’s incomparable promise
In the inner world.

9359. Always Found Together

A heart of gratitude
And God’s lightning Smile
Are always found together.

9360. Each Soulful Seeker Must Surrender

Each soulful seeker must surrender
Money-power to heart-power
To illumine his mind
And save his life.

9361. The Heartbeat Of The Supreme

I can hear the Heartbeat of the Supreme
Only when I feel the Compassion-Power
Of His Lotus Feet.

9362. Sweetness And Brilliance

Sweetness purifies our heart.
Brilliance strengthens our mind.
When sweetness enters into brilliance,
The victory of brilliance is soulful.
When brilliance enters into sweetness,
The victory of sweetness is powerful.

9363. God Plays My Victory-Drum

Here on earth when I surrender
To God’s Will unconditionally,
There in Heaven God plays
My victory-drum breathlessly.

9364. God Feels Sorry

God feels sorry that you have no time
To watch the victory-flag
That He has unfurled on the wings
Of your gratitude-soul.

9365. The Supreme Victory In Life

There are only two ways
To achieve and declare
The supreme Victory in life.
One way is to feel
That you are nothing, absolutely nothing,
On the strength of your sincere humility.
The other way is to feel
That you are everything, absolutely everything,
On the strength of your perfect oneness
With God’s Love, Peace and Power.

9366. God Uses His Destructive Power

God uses His destructive Power
For the transformation of human ignorance
And the illumination of human life.

9367. Flooded With Divine Consciousness

When one is flooded
With divine consciousness,
One becomes a perfect representative
Of God on earth.

9368. An Imaginary Disobedience

Sometimes in the inner world
What you have
Is an imaginary disobedience
And what you are
Is an imaginary arrogance.
Detect them and dismiss them,
For God loves you as His own, very own.

9369. Negative And Positive Thoughts

When negative thoughts
Assail your mind
And assault your life
Of aspiration and dedication,
You have to convince yourself
That they can never be permanent,

When positive thoughts
Inspire and encourage you,
You have to convince yourself
That they not only can but also will be
Unquestionably permanent.

9370. The Two Worst Negative Thoughts

The two worst negative thoughts:
I am not of God;
God does not care for me.
The two best positive thoughts:
I am eternally of God;
I am unconditionally for God
And God alone.

9371. Give Up And Accept

Give up, give up, give up
What you usually are.
Accept, accept, accept
What you really are.
What you usually are
Is a friend of ignorance-night.
What you really are
Is an inseparable friend of wisdom-delight.
Ignorance-night is nothing but
Slow, steady and unerring death.
Wisdom-delight is nothing but
God’s God-Satisfaction
In man’s perfect Perfection.

9372. The Best Thing You Can Give

To a friend,
The best thing you can give
Is your heart’s sweetness.

To an enemy,
The best thing you can give
Is your soul’s forgiveness.

9373. He Is Dearer To God

He may not have high inner experiences,
But he does obey God inwardly and outwardly.
You do have high experiences,
But you do not listen to God.
Therefore, he is far dearer to God than you.

9374. Reality-Freedom-Sky

Although the soul-bird has allowed itself
To be caught inside the tiny body-cage,
It still carries the message
Of the boundless Reality-Freedom-Sky.

9375. His Soul Is Now Coming Forward

Finally his body is getting up,
His vital wants to manifest God
And his mind has stopped its doubt-train.
Therefore, his soul is now coming forward
Very powerfully.

9376. The Message Of The Supreme

The Message of the Supreme
For aspiring humanity:
“If you have,
Then be happy;
If you don’t have,
Then be equally happy.”

9377. Happy And Unhappy

On his birthday
He was both happy and unhappy.
He was happy because
His friends were congratulating him.
He was unhappy because
He had accomplished so little
During so many years on earth.

9378. Human Music, Divine Music

Human music
Feeds the vital of mankind.
Divine music
Serves the heart of mankind.

9379. The World-Tree

Enamoured of the beauty
Of the world-tree,
He appreciated not only
The root and boughs,
But each and every one
Of its countless leaves.

9380. To Expedite Your Progress

How to expedite your progress,
Inner and outer?
Be cheerful, be dynamic
And always do the needful,
Inwardly and outwardly.

9381. Serious Inner Damage

If you do not take
Your spiritual life seriously,
No outer calamity may take place,
But you will definitely incur
Serious inner damage.

9382. Wait Patiently For God’s Hour

Meditate, serve
And wait patiently for God’s choice Hour.
Your journey to God
Is bound to be successful and fruitful.

9383. Dive Deep Within

Dive deep within and you will discover
That inside your body is your heart,
Inside your heart is your soul,
And inside your soul is God.

9384. Difficult To Remember

It is very easy to surrender
What we have:
But it is very difficult to remember
Who we are:
God’s chosen children.

9385. A Perfection-Life I Badly Need

An intelligence-mind I needed,
And I achieved it.
A wisdom-heart I need,
And I amply have it.
A perfection-life I badly need,
And God’s Compassion-Smile
Is descending with it.

9386. Peace Means Perfection

Peace does not mean
Peace means the perfection
Of oneness-life.

9387. His Mind Is Flooded

His mind is flooded
With teeming queries.
His heart is flooded
With beaming reveries.

9388. You Want To Climb Up

You want to climb up to Heaven,
Yet your mind enjoys living
In the abysmal abyss
Of darkness-night.

9389. What My Mind Needs

What my mind needs
Is a new inspiration
To please God’s Eye.

What my heart needs
Is a new aspiration
To please God’s Heart.

9390. I Must Reawaken My Heart

With astonishing swiftness
I must reawaken my heart
For the clear and complete manifestation
Of my Beloved Supreme.

9391. Because Of His Angelic Speed

Because of his angelic speed,
His heart enjoys
The beauty and purity
Of the higher worlds.

9392. Two Lives I Must Love

Two lives I must sincerely love:
My heart’s crying life
My soul’s dreaming life.

9393. If You Want To Give

If the world wants to give you
In small measure,
Don’t be a fool.
Just take it.

If you want to give to the world
Without measure,
Don’t be a fool.
Just do it.

9394. If You Always Borrow

If you always borrow
From others’ thoughts,
Then naturally someday,
Sooner or later,
Sorrow will sleeplessly
Follow your steps.

9395. Its Blue-Gold Wings

Your heart-bird cannot use
Its blue-gold wings
Unless your diamond faith has attained
Total sufficiency.

9396. Aspiration Discovers Doubts

Aspiration discovers doubts.
Dedication challenges doubts.
Revelation cheerfully, powerfully
And unmistakably disperses doubts.

9397. His Mind Is Not Satisfied

His mind is not satisfied
With newness.
His heart is not satisfied
With fulness.
His life is not satisfied
With richness.
But he is satisfied with his Lord’s
Constant Fondness.

9398. It Looks So Simple

When others pray to God soulfully,
It looks so simple,
It sounds so simple.
Yet how is it that I cannot sail
In the same devotion-boat
With the same aspiration-boatman?

9399. To Please God

To please God
All you have to do
Is offer your soul’s smile.

To please man
All you have to do
Is offer your heart’s cry.

9400. Work-Story And Success-Glory

There was a time
When God wrote the work-story
And I took the success-glory.
But now we work together
And write our success-story together.
There shall come a time
When together we will compose
A progress-song
And we will continue singing it
Forever and forever.

Editor’s introduction to the first edition

This is the ninety-fourth volume in a series of ten thousand “flaming flower-poems” which Sri Chinmoy is placing devotedly, unreservedly and unconditionally at the Compassion-Feet of God, our Beloved Supreme. They stand as a supreme offering from the unfolding beauty of his flower-heart and the flaming heights of his realisation-sun. Indeed, a treasure-tower which will at once be claimed by humanity’s self-ascending cry and Divinity’s God-descending Smile.

Editor’s note to cover photo

Representative Joseph P. Addabbo of New York presents Sri Chinmoy with a Certificate of Achievement on behalf of the United States Congress, during a ceremony at the U.S. Capitol marking the inauguration of the Sri Chinmoy Cross-Country Bicycle Trail on 5 June 1980.

From: Sri Chinmoy, Ten Thousand Flower-Flames, part 94 - , Agni Press, 1983
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