My Christmas-New Year-Vacation Aspiration-Prayers, part 56

Editor's note

Sri Chinmoy offered the following prayers during his visit to Antalya, Turkey and Varna, Bulgaria in December 2006.

21 December 2006

Antalya, Turkey

1 My Lord Supreme ...

My Lord Supreme
Blessingfully and compassionately
Blesses each petal
Of my lotus-heart.

2 In The Small Hours ...

In the small hours
Of the morning
My life-tree
Exquisitely blossoms.

3 My Lord Appreciates ...

My Lord appreciates
And admires
Only my ceaselessly
Self-giving miracles.

4 Darkness Covers ...

Darkness covers.
Light uncovers
And illumines.

5 The Peace Of My Heart ...

The peace of my heart
And the silence of my mind
Have boundless affection
For each other.

6 God Corrects Me ...

God corrects me
With His Eye.

7 God Perfects Me ...

God perfects me
With His Heart.

8 Early In The Morning ...

Early in the morning
I harvest
My God-gratitude-heart-flowers.

22 December 2006 ...

22 December 2006

Antalya, Turkey

9 Not Just In Our Free Moments ...

Not just in our free moments,
But at every moment,
We must try to satisfy God
In His own Way.

10 Each Devotion-Breath ...

Each devotion-breath
Of my heart
Brings me closer and closer
To my Lord’s Heart.

11 My Earth-Detachment ...

My earth-detachment
My God-attachment.

12 We Do Not Get God-Rapture ...

We do not get God-rapture
From our self-torture —

13 Sleepless Self-Offering ...

Sleepless self-offering
To God’s Will
Is the quickest and only way
To God-rapture.

14 Alas ...

The human in us
Is hopelessly
And unforgettably weak.

15 To Our Greatest Joy ...

To our greatest joy,
The Divine in us
Is unimaginably
And eternally powerful.

16 I Shall Not Control ...

I shall not control
And dominate anybody.
I shall not lead
And guide anybody.
I shall only love everybody
And be for everybody.

23 December 2006 ...

23 December 2006

Antalya, Turkey

17 No More My Mind ...

No more my mind
Can fool my heart,
For I now have
A God-intoxicated
And God-owned heart.

18 Why Am I So Proud ...

Why am I so proud
Of my heart?
I am proud of my heart
Because it is always eager
To take giant steps
Towards the Destination.

19 Each Time My Lord Looks ...

Each time my Lord looks
Into my gratitude-heart,
He gets a very special thrill.

20 Silence ...

Is my inseparable

21 The Infinite Beauty ...

The infinite Beauty
Of my Lord’s Eye
Frightens the eyes
Of darkest ignorance-night.

22 What Does God Do ...

What does God do
All the time?
God dreams and dreams and dreams
All the time
In and through His Creation.

23 I Have Read From Cover To Cover ...

I have read from cover to cover
My aspiration-heart-book.
I am now beginning to read
My life-transformation-book.

24 O Seeker ...

O seeker,
You came into the world
Neither for awards
Nor for rewards,
But to bask in the Sunshine
Of your Lord’s Affection.

25 My Mind ...

My mind
Always likes the power
Of the Unknown.

26 My Heart ...

My heart
Always loves the beauty
Of the Unknowable.

24 December 2006 ...

24 December 2006

Antalya, Turkey

27 My Prayer ...

My prayer
Is my life-tree.
My meditation
Is my heart-flower.

28 My Happy Thoughts ...

My happy thoughts
Have brought me so close
To my Lord Supreme.

29 My Cheerfulness Gives God ...

My cheerfulness gives God
Enormous Joy
And stupendous Pride.

30 The Mind Knows ...

The mind knows
That God is
A very, very strict Teacher
And Examiner.

31 The Heart Feels And Knows ...

The heart feels and knows
That God is
A very kind, inspiring
And encouraging Tutor.

32 My Lord Expects ...

My Lord expects
All the time
Only one thing from me:

33 I Expect From My Lord ...

I expect from my Lord
Many, many things:
Attention, Affection,
Love, Sweetness, Fondness,
Plus Appreciation and Admiration.

34 For The Transformation ...

For the transformation
Of this world,
Our sole necessity
Is a Heaven-climbing aspiration.

35 This Morning ...

This morning
My heart-lotus bloomed
And then blossomed
So prayerfully, soulfully
And exquisitely.

25 December 2006 ...

25 December 2006

Antalya, Turkey

36 Twice I Am Thrilled ...

Twice I am thrilled
Beyond measure:
Once when I soulfully
Clasp God’s Eye,
And once when I hungrily
Devour the dust
Of God’s Feet.

37 Every Day ...

Every day
God’s Encouragement-Smile
Is all I need.

38 Every Day ...

Every day
God’s Confidence-Pride in me
Is all I need.

39 Alas ...

Man’s God-ingratitude-life
Is exactly the same today
As it has always been.

40 Even My Heart’s Tiniest ...

Even my heart’s tiniest
God proudly treasures.

41 Nothing Is As Absurd ...

Nothing is as absurd
As my

42 An Austerity-Life ...

An austerity-life
Is meant neither
For my Beloved Supreme
Nor for me.

43 My Beloved Lord Supreme ...

My Beloved Lord Supreme
And I
Love to live always
A simplicity-life.

44 God The Creator ...

God the Creator
The Transcendental Power.

45 God The Creation ...

God the Creation
The Universal Beauty.

26 December 2006 ...

26 December 2006

Antalya, Turkey

46 The More I Am Attached ...

The more I am attached
To God,
The sooner I will be detached
From mankind.

47 In My Inner Life Of Aspiration ...

In my inner life of aspiration,
God is eager
To be discovered by me.

48 In My Outer Life Of Dedication ...

In my outer life of dedication,
God is eager
To be sought and caught by me.

49 When I Pray ...

When I pray,
I see God
The Beautiful.

50 When I Meditate ...

When I meditate,
I feel God
The Bountiful.

51 My Inner Purity ...

My inner purity
My outer life.

52 Each And Every Soul ...

Each and every soul
Is made of

53 Each And Every Heart ...

Each and every heart
Is made of

54 I Have Come To Learn ...

I have come to learn
That not my capacity
But my God-surrender-life
Has made me win
In the battlefield of life.

28 December 2006 ...

28 December 2006

Varna, Bulgaria

55 Each Time I Have ...

Each time I have
A dream of God,
My heart breathes
An ecstasy-flooded life.

56 Be Careful ...

Be careful
Of your desire-thoughts!
They can easily obstruct
Your aspiration-path.

57 Our Journey’s Start ...

Our journey’s start
Is from right here,
And our journey’s goal
Is beyond within.

58 No More ...

No more
From now on
Only sweet flute-melodies
I shall hear in my life.

59 My Lord’s Smile ...

My Lord’s Smile
Is my life’s only

60 My Life’s Peace-Boat ...

My life’s peace-boat
Sails only
Along my heart-river.

61 My Lord ...

My Lord,
Please, please give me a heart
That will feel You sleeplessly.
My Lord,
Please, please give me a life
That will fulfil You constantly.

62 Quite Often ...

Quite often
The outer success
May prove to be
A colossal inner failure.

63 My God-Dreams ...

My God-dreams
Are extremely sweet.
My God-visions
Are absolutely authentic.

29 December 2006 ...

29 December 2006

Varna, Bulgaria

64 My Soul ...

My soul
Is the hero
Of my inner life.

65 Alas ...

My mind
Is the lord
Of my outer life.

66 God Wants My Heart ...

God wants my heart
To be the supreme guide
Of my inner and outer lives.

67 Love Divine ...

Love divine
Is absolutely needed
Both on earth
And in Heaven.

68 I Love The Beauty ...

I love the beauty
Of my dedication-flow.

69 I Love The Fragrance ...

I love the fragrance
Of my aspiration-glow.

70 My Mind Loves ...

My mind loves
To command.
My heart loves
To plead.

71 Time Is ...

Time is
Power universal.
Love is
Delight transcendental.

30 December 2006 ...

30 December 2006

Varna, Bulgaria

72 My Victories And Failures ...

My victories and failures
Come and go,
But not my Lord’s Compassion-Eye
And His Concern-Heart.

73 O My Mind ...

O my mind,
Start loving the world!
Do not criticise the world
Any more.

74 In The Spiritual Life ...

In the spiritual life,
Are absolutely futile.

75 Transformation Does Not Mean ...

Transformation does not mean
Transformation means

76 My Mind, Keep Quiet! ...

My mind, keep quiet!
I am hearing my Lord’s Footsteps
At my heart-door.

77 Never Forget ...

Never forget
That the unwillingness
Of the mind
Can be extremely dangerous.

78 The Surrender-Life ...

The surrender-life
Is always eager
To love God the Creator
And serve God the Creation.

79 God Devours ...

God devours
My devotion-heart.
I devour
God’s Compassion-Eye.

80 God’s Love Is Always There ...

God’s Love is always there
In the very depths of our heart,
But we must bring God’s Love
To the fore
To be His true friends and servitors.

From: Sri Chinmoy, My Christmas-New Year-Vacation Aspiration-Prayers, part 56 - , Agni Press, 2008
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