My Christmas-New Year-Vacation Aspiration-Prayers, part 51

Editor's note

Sri Chinmoy offered the following prayers during his visit to Penang and Langkawi, Malaysia in February 2006.

9 February 2006

Penang, Malaysia

1 My Life’s Ancient Prayers ...

My life’s ancient prayers
And my life’s ancient meditations
I still practise.

2 Humanity’s ...

Will never end.

3 Each Child Of God ...

Each child of God
Is God’s
Ever-blossoming hope.

4 O Seeker ...

O seeker,
Do not think of your salvation;
Think of God’s manifestation.

5 The Soul Shares Its Secrets ...

The soul shares its secrets
Only with the heart,
And not with the mind,
The vital and the body.

6 Do Not Think Of Yesterday’s ...

Do not think of yesterday’s
Think of today’s aspiration-heart
And determination-life.

7 When I Saw My Mind ...

When I saw my mind
At the Feet of God,
I was astonished
Beyond measure.

8 Each God-Surrendering Thought ...

Each God-surrendering thought

9 When I Become ...

When I become
A God-gratitude-heart,
I see a beautiful angel
Singing and dancing before me.

10 I Do Not Think Of Surrender ...

I do not think of surrender.
I do not dream of surrender.
I have become
The very essence of surrender.

10 February 2006 ...

10 February 2006

Penang, Malaysia

11 My Gratitude-Life ...

My gratitude-life
Is the only way
For me to please God.

12 To Serve God ...

To serve God
Is the greatest honour.

13 I Do Not See You, But I Do Feel ...

I do not see You, but I do feel
That You are in the depths
Of my heart, my Lord.

14 Before You Look ...

Before you look
At the world,
Muster all your love.

15 Life Means ...

Life means
Adamantine determination.

16 Heart Means ...

Heart means
Constant aspiration.

17 Inside My Master’s Smile ...

Inside my Master’s smile
I see my new world

18 God Really Wants To Love Us ...

God really wants to love us.
Alas, why do we make it so difficult
For Him?

19 It Is We ...

It is we
Who take ourselves away
From God’s Forgiveness-Reach.

20 To Falsify Anything In Life ...

To falsify anything in life
Is the height
Of our stupidity.

11 February 2006 ...

11 February 2006

Langkawi, Malaysia

21 Ignorance-Frown ...

Our divinity.

22 Our Heart-Tears ...

Our heart-tears
Our divinity.

23 Do Not Be Near ...

Do not be near
The undivine forces —
They may kidnap you
At any time.

24 Our Love Of God ...

Our love of God
Must be as true
As God’s Descent on earth.

25 God Takes Shelter Inside ...

God takes shelter inside
My ever-blossoming

26 Do Not Think Of ...

Do not think of
Your past crimes,
But think of
Your present golden moments.

27 O Seeker ...

O seeker,
If you are a true seeker,
Then your heart
Is bound to be
Flooded with sweetness.

28 Each Smile Of My Lord Supreme ...

Each Smile of my Lord Supreme
A new inspiration-hope-flame
Inside my heart.

29 Those Who Think That ...

Those who think that
Spirituality is out of style
Are swimming
In the sea of ignorance.

30 My Heart Lives ...

My heart lives
The Heart of God.

31 My Life Lives ...

My life lives
In God’s immediate

11 February 2006 ...

11 February 2006

Langkawi, Malaysia

32 Art ...

Is the beauty
Of the heart.

33 Art ...

Is the joy
Of life.

34 Be Either A Believer ...

Be either a believer
Or an atheist —
O mind,
You have the right to choose.

35 Expectation And Attachment ...

Expectation and attachment
Are always found

36 Only One Attachment ...

Only one attachment
Is divine —
My love of God.

37 God Proudly Appreciates ...

God proudly appreciates
Even our smaller-than-the-smallest

38 One Atom ...

One atom
Is equal to
The whole universe.

39 If Your Belief Is Strong ...

If your belief is strong,
Then God-vision
Is within your eyeshot.

40 God-Believers ...

God-chosen heroes.

41 A Sincere And Soulful Seeker ...

A sincere and soulful seeker
Cannot be
A depression-victim.

13 February 2006 ...

13 February 2006

Langkawi, Malaysia

42 Spirituality ...

Does not exclude anything

43 Spirituality Accepts ...

Spirituality accepts,
Embraces and feeds

44 Blows Are Needed ...

Blows are needed
To awaken us
From our age-old slumber.

45 The Body-Temple Neglected ...

The body-temple neglected
Is God-rejection-experience.

46 The Mind ...

The mind
Loves to exercise
Free will.

47 The Heart ...

The heart
Wants to experience
Only God’s Will.

48 Bondage ...

Is the connecting link
Between desire
And ignorance.

49 God Exists Only For Those ...

God exists only for those
Who are always ready
To help themselves.

50 Aspiration ...

Our soul-creation.

51 Book-Information ...

Our mind-creation.

14 February 2006 ...

14 February 2006

Langkawi, Malaysia

52 The Purity Of The Mind ...

The purity of the mind
And the sincerity of the heart
Have no equal.

53 The Doubting Mind ...

The doubting mind
Entangles us.

54 The Aspiring Heart ...

The aspiring heart
Illumines us.

55 Bondage ...

Is our love
Of undivine forces.

56 Liberation ...

Is our God-choice.

57 I Do Not Want To Be ...

I do not want to be
A great singer.
I do not want to be
A good singer.
I want only to be
A God-love-champion-hero.

58 What Is Creation ...

What is creation,
If not a continuous struggle
From darkness to light?

59 In Life We Choose ...

In life we choose
The strength of sound.

60 In Death We Choose ...

In death we choose
The breath of silence.

61 To Be A Seeker ...

To be a seeker
Is to be on
A God-preparation-journey.

15 February 2006 ...

15 February 2006

Langkawi, Malaysia

62 God Is Not Only ...

God is not only
In everything,
But everything
Is God.

63 To Lose Faith In Oneself ...

To lose faith in oneself
Is immediately to lose faith
In God Himself.

64 Books Do Not Help Us ...

Books do not help us
Realise God,
But they do inspire us
To pray to God
And meditate on God.

65 To Be A World-Renouncer ...

To be a world-renouncer
Is much easier
Than to be a God-possessor.

66 Liberation ...

Is much easier
Than God-realisation.

67 God-Realisation ...

Is much easier
Than God-manifestation.

68 Devotion ...

Feeds and expedites

69 To Realise God ...

To realise God,
I need an unbroken chain
Of God-devotion.

70 Reality Is Not ...

Reality is not
From darkness to light.
Reality is
From light to light.

71 We Can See The Road Easily ...

We can see the road easily,
But to walk along the road
To the Destination
Is extremely difficult.

From: Sri Chinmoy, My Christmas-New Year-Vacation Aspiration-Prayers, part 51 - , Agni Press, 2007
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