My acceptance of God and God’s acceptance of me

Away with my halting and doubting mind! My implicit acceptance of God will invariably be able to meet the teeming needs of my aspiring soul.

Him I have accepted, my God, the Lord Supreme. No more can my world fall. My age-old fear's torture is now being transformed into my heart's rapture. How? Just by virtue of my purest acceptance of God.

Happy I was because He implanted in me His Message of Hope. Happier I am because He is shaping me into His own Image. Happiest shall I be because He will awaken in me His Eternity and reveal through me His Infinity and fulfil me with His Immortality.

Perfect I am not, far from it. I make Himalayan blunders day in, day out. But my sweet Lord is neither severe nor unforgiving. Stern justice He is not. All Compassion He always is.

God has accepted me. Something more. He has assumed my human nature so that He can be fully conscious of my wants and needs. He is freeing me from the world marred with ignorance. He is freeing me from the life eclipsed by the shadow of ruthless death.

My earth is linked with His Heaven through my loving surrender and His unconditional concern. Through my personal effort I can never better myself; it is like trying to straighten the tail of a dog for good. I have come to God just as I am. I know that what I do not consciously overcome will mercilessly overcome me. But my Lord out of His infinite Bounty says that He will overcome it, the wildest ignorance, in me and for me.

In my acceptance of God I have sign up all that would separate me from Him. In His acceptance of me, He has given me a new world and His breath entire.

From: Sri Chinmoy, AUM — Vol. 4, No. 1, August 27, 1968 - , AUM Centre Press, 1968
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