Part III: My American life

Unbearable cramps

When we were competing in the 24-hour Pepsi-Cola Bicycle Marathon, alas, how I suffered. At the very beginning of the bicycle loop in Central Park, just after our camp at the 200-metre mark, the road just goes up, up, up. I used to have such a hard time at that place on the course.

During the race, at that very place, I was attacked by unbearable cramps. I left my bicycle and went down the hill to the foot of a tree. I was fifty metres away from the actual cycling course. I was lying down on the grass absolutely in agony. Arpan happened to see me there. He stopped and he immediately started massaging me. This was the first time that he had massaged me and I have to say that he saved me. Such severe cramps I had! That was my worst cycling experience here in America. My life is full of wonderful experiences!