The big hole in the road

One particular night, around nine o'clock, I was cycling to the Ashram very fast, very fast. I was quite unmindful. Then very near the Ashram, I did not see a huge hole, like a cave, in the road. My front wheel entered into the hole. The rear wheel was still up. One half of the cycle was inside the hole and the other half was up on the level of the road.

What did I see there inside that big hole? I saw a wide circle of light and inside the circle I saw the Mother's Face, smiling at me. She was smiling at me very vividly there inside that big hole. The hole at that time was not a hole as such, but a round circle of light. I was not hurt at all, but nine or ten spokes were gone in the bicycle's front wheel. I left the bicycle in one corner of the street, then I went to the Ashram. The following day I got the bicycle repaired.