Moderator: Agni (Mr. Jose Luis Casanova)

Greetings, televiewing friends. By the courtesy of Telemundo and the program "Community Forum" we are going to present a program of the AUM Centre. This Centre is dedicated to the study of Yoga and spirituality. It opens its doors to all persons interested in spirituality and inner development. It is located at 659 Miramar Avenue, Santurce, P.R. The telephone number is 724-7268. Meetings are held at 8 p.m. on Mondays and Wednesdays and at 11 a.m. on Sundays.

Poet, philosopher, thinker and spiritual guide, Sri Chinmoy Kumar Chose is now here with us. He was born in Bengal, India. This is his seventh visit to Puerto Rico. He is the spiritual director of the Aum Centre in Puerto Rico and the Aum Centres in New York City, Miami, Florida, and Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies.

According to the philosophy of Sri Chinmoy, life must be accepted fully, life must be transformed devotedly and unreservedly, life must be lived in an integral and divine way. The Master teaches his followers, students and disciples that spirituality can never be an escape from the world of reality; on the contrary he says that spirituality is the only assurance we have in life, of solving the world's problems. It is spirituality that can and will change the face of the earth. It is spirituality that brings forth the inner life and manifests the Infinite here on earth.

With us also here today are Mr. Ramon Torres Pena, Mrs. Rose Albin, Miss Petrita Hernandez and Miss Lotti Wolff.