Dukhi Bhabe Tahar Cheye

Dukhi bhabe tahar cheye
Dukhi ke ar ache
Dukher agun pran gabhire nache
Sukhi bhabe ke ar sukhi ache
Sukher plaban thake tahar kache
Dukher maya sukher maya
Bhulbo ami jabe
Pabo ami parashanti
Amar alor bhabe


A man of sorrow thinks
That there can be nobody
Who will surpass him in suffering.
The fire of suffering dances inside his heart.
A man of joy feels
That he alone is happy.
There can be nobody else
Who can have even an iota of happiness;
He alone is flooded with happiness.
In my abode of light,
I shall receive boundless peace
The day I forget the attachment-bondage
Of happiness and sorrow.