Mu Magazine: Finally, if you have any message for the people of Japan, could you share it with us?

Sri Chinmoy: Japan is a country filled with infinite beauty. It has an image of a beautiful flower garden. This beauty is expressed through inner peace. Man has seen many things, but of these things peace is new. Japan is offering this new treasure to the world.

Japan has some other very special capacities to offer. Japan produces such small, beautiful things. God is infinite and finite — larger than the largest and smaller than the smallest. He is both the ocean and the drop. He is inside me as a human being and, again, He is inside the vast sky and ocean. In Japan I see God the Creator in His small aspect, but at the same time, so beautiful and powerful. Here I see the finite expressing the Beauty and Divinity of God in such a powerful way, and I am deeply impressed. It is like the difference between seeing a child do something and a grown-up do it. When the child does it, I get much more joy. In Japan's case, the child is Japan's childlike flower-consciousness — a beautiful flower is reaching the highest in terms of beauty and purity. As soon as I think of Japan, my mind feels beauty, my heart feels purity and my life feels humility. I could write hundreds and hundreds of poems about Japan. In fact, I have already written them in the depths of my gratitude-heart.

During this trip I feel that I received more than I offered. I tried to give a little peace to the hearts of my Japanese brothers and sisters, and they gave me their love — which is so deep and profound. I am grateful to you for asking me such wonderful and important questions today.