Question: In practical terms, how can we give the world our love and concern?

Sri Chinmoy: In the morning or evening, during your regular prayer, you can add to your prayer: "O Lord, I wish this world to be better, more illumining and more fulfilling, by Your infinite Grace." God is the Creator and Sustainer of the world. If your prayer reaches the Creator, which it will certainly do if it is sincere and intense, He can easily carry your concern and love throughout the length and breadth of the world.

The peace, the joy, and the love that we receive in our meditation we can easily give to others. But the process is an inner process. And the best way to carry out this process is to approach the Source. We know that we cannot go everywhere and we cannot approach everyone during our prayer. But there is Someone who can do this on our behalf, and that is God. During our prayer, if we ask Him to offer Peace, Concern and Love to the world at large, naturally He can do it. So our daily communion with God is the best way for us to offer the world our love and concern.

Sri Chinmoy, Love, Agni Press, 2006