Question: How can we learn to love people who hurt us?

Sri Chinmoy: In this world, not everyone is nice. But by feeling that someone is very bad, are you gaining anything? When someone has done something very harmful to you, your immediate reaction will be to hate that person. But by hating that person, you have lost something very sweet inside you. Why should you lose something very precious of your own, just because you want to correct someone by hating him?

Let us say someone has done something nasty to you. If you punish him and strike him, what will happen? Your conscience will prick you. You will say, "What have I done? He has done something wrong, true, but now I have done something worse. Then in which way am I superior to him?"

In this world we have to be very wise. You will say that he is very bad and you have to do something. But hating is not the right approach. The most effective weapon is love. You may think that love is not a strong enough weapon, whereas hatred is just like a sharp knife. No! The power of love is infinitely more powerful than the power of hatred, because when you love someone, his divine qualities have to come forward.

Sri Chinmoy, Love, Agni Press, 2006