Question: Could you shed some light on male-female relationships? There seems to be a struggle going on, and I was wondering how we can work together more.

Sri Chinmoy: If we take man and woman as brother and sister, we feel, from the spiritual point of view, an affectionate bond. If we believe that God created men and women as brothers and sisters, then we feel only constant affection for and oneness with members of the opposite sex.

God is neither masculine nor feminine. Again, if we want to separate God into masculine and feminine aspects, then we have to give equal value to both. Neither men nor women should feel that they are superior or inferior to one another. If we feel that somebody is behind us, then we are sad that we have to drag that person. Again, if we feel that somebody is ahead of us, we may become jealous and insecure. But if we see men and women on the same level, side by side, then there is no problem. So the relationship between men and women has to be based on mutual sweetness and mutual self-giving. Then there is peace, joy and fulfilment.

Sri Chinmoy, Love, Agni Press, 2006