Question: How can we use the power of love to overcome our weaknesses?

Sri Chinmoy: Emotional and mental weaknesses have tremendous strength. But the strength of weakness is a negative strength. The positive strength is love, divine love.

Often when we are unable to conquer our weaknesses, it is because we are actually cherishing them. In our outer life, our weaknesses are torturing us; but inwardly, secretly, we are enjoying them.

There is only one power that can challenge and conquer our weaknesses, and that is love-power. That love-power has a Source, which is God. If we have done something wrong, we feel that God has the capacity and the right to punish us. Now, the question arises; do we love God out of fear that He will punish us? Or do we have tremendous fear and sorrow, not because He will strike us when we do something wrong, but because we may lose Him? There are two kinds of fear. One kind of fear says that because God is omnipotent, He will strike us very hard if we do something wrong. Another kind of fear says that if we do something wrong, He may withdraw His Love for us. If we truly love someone, and if that person withdraws his love for us, will we not feel miserable?

Now, how can you maintain your love for God? Every morning you have to feel that you are a most beautiful flower in God's Heart-Garden. And who is the gardener? It is God Himself. As the Creator, He creates you as a flower; and again, as the Gardener, He breathes in the beauty and smells the fragrance of His Creation. In this way, He gets tremendous joy.

Any weaknesses that we have, we can conquer if we increase the eagerness and intensity of our love for God. Our weaknesses last because our love of God is not solid, not complete, not lasting. But if there is tremendous eagerness and intensity in our love for God, then no weakness can last.

Sri Chinmoy, Love, Agni Press, 2006