Question: How can we recognise true aspiration?

Sri Chinmoy: This question is most interesting and at the same time most instructive. Sometimes an aspirant feels that he is doing the right thing. He feels that he is doing his best in his aspiration and that God is most pleased with him. But it may be that this person's aspiration is absolutely insincere. His aspiration may be next to nothing at that very time.

Now, how can we know whether our aspiration is genuine, sincere and productive? There is an inner joy, an inner bliss, right in the inmost recesses of our heart, and this inner bliss we get only when our aspiration is genuine and sincere. We may get some mental and vital joy just because we are practising the spiritual life. But the real inner joy we get only when our aspiration is true and genuine. When we have inner joy, we see and feel that we are consciously sitting and growing in the Lap of God. The more we live in the world of higher aspiration, the more convincing will be our feeling of oneness with God. When we become consciously one with God, at that time He will stand right in front of us even when we are doing the most ordinary things.

If anybody wants to know whether his aspiration is genuine and whether he is really marching towards the Goal or not, then I wish to ask that person to observe his mind and heart. If in his mind he feels inner joy and peace and if his heart is flooded with joy and delight, not pleasure, then his aspiration is true and genuine. At that time the aspirant will know that he is not deceiving himself.

From:Sri Chinmoy,Aspiration-Flames, Agni Press, 1974
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