Question: How do we receive God's Grace?

Sri Chinmoy: God's Grace is always there, but how many people utilise it? God's Grace is like the rays of the sun. The sun is always there, but what do we do? We get up late. Instead of getting up at five-thirty or six o'clock, we get up at eight or nine o'clock. Then we do not get the blessing of the morning sun. And when we do get up, we keep the doors and windows all shut and do not allow the sunlight to enter into our room. In the spiritual life also, God's Grace is constantly descending, but we are not allowing the Grace to enter into our system. We have kept barriers between God's Grace and our own ignorance. Only if we keep our heart's door wide open can God's Light enter into our existence. God's Light means God's Grace. There is no difference between God's Grace and God's Compassion-Light. God's Grace is constantly descending; this is absolutely true. So we have to empty our inner vessel every day and fill the vessel with God's Peace, Light and Bliss. We have to feel that God's Light is there all the time and is more than willing to illumine us. Then only we will be able to utilise God's Grace. Again, if we miss God's Grace, we should not be doomed to disappointment. Today we have not allowed the sunlight to enter into our room, but tomorrow again the sun will be there. In the spiritual life also, if today we have not allowed God's Grace to enter into us due to our ignorance, no harm. Tomorrow we must definitely be prepared for God's Light to enter into us.

From:Sri Chinmoy,Aspiration and God's Hour, Agni Press, 1977
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