Is purity necessary for occult power?

“I tell you, children, this will be my absolutely last occult story.

“Two hundred years ago at a spiritual community in India, a Master was walking in the playground. Some young men told their Master that they were very eager to have occult powers. So the Master said, ‘I can tell you what to do. If you can conquer two things, I will immediately give you occult power.’ Three or four of the boys stepped forward. The Master continued, ‘The first thing you have to conquer is fear.’

“The boys thought, ‘Oh, that is nothing!’ For young men to conquer fear is nothing. They are all soldiers. They can conquer fear sooner than at once.

“The Master’s second request, they unfortunately had difficulty accepting. He said, ‘You have to conquer your sex-life, totally.’ They looked at each other. No one wanted to give this up. And there it stopped.

“But this request was not valid. There are many occultists — especially those who practise black magic — who don’t care for that kind of purity. They just use their tremendous vital will-power and get occult powers. The lower vital does not have to be purified in order to get occult power. The Master just told them this to keep them from trying to develop these powers. He didn’t teach them, so they didn’t learn, and in that way he saved them from possible danger. He was undoubtedly wise. Let us all be wise like him.”

From:Sri Chinmoy,The astral journey, Agni Press, 1974
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