Divine mission protected

“Now I wish to tell you a juicy occult story which I heard many years ago from a very dear friend of mine. One morning at around one o’clock, while his brother was sleeping, in just a matter of four or five minutes my friend travelled from his place to another place eighteen miles away. How did he go? He just went there occultly.

“He had been very badly disgusted with the world for a few days so he went to the top of a mountain. He felt that real renunciation would take place there. He left practically everything except his wristwatch, which he thought perhaps he would need.

“After he had stayed on the mountain for one or two hours, he started to go back home. By this time it was about two o’clock or two-thirty. God alone knows. On the way home he had to cross a very high bridge. He said to himself, ‘Since I am so disgusted with the world, let me jump off and end my life.’

“Believe it or not, he jumped off the bridge. But nothing happened to him, absolutely nothing. When he reached the water he felt as though he were just landing on a pillow. The noise of his landing startled three dogs and they started barking like anything, but he was not at all hurt. He simply got up out of the water. He was soaking wet, so he took off his shirt and walked the remaining two miles back home in his dhoti in an absolutely normal, human way.

“When he arrived home he knew that his brother wouldn’t be getting up until five o’clock, so he just went into the washroom, took a shower and then later told his brother all about his experiences. His brother believed him because he had already seen many other demonstrations of his occult power.

“Afterwards, the young man crossed over that bridge at least five or six times to visit his friends or for other reasons. When he saw the bridge with his ordinary eyes, he would say, ‘Oh my God! Did I really jump off this bridge?’ Each time he thought back, it was a really frightening experience.

“At the end of his most fascinating story, my friend shared with me what he learnt from this most significant experience of his inner life. He said to me, ‘My dear friend, when the divine forces protect you, you can come to no harm; nothing happens.’

“Let me tell you another quite fascinating incident-experience of his.

“Once he got on a train without a ticket or money. When he saw the conductor coming he got frightened and said to himself, ‘Oh dear, the conductor will take away my wristwatch, or he may even throw me out of the train.’

“The train was travelling at quite a fast speed, forty miles per hour at least. But my friend just pushed open the window and jumped out of the speeding train. People saw him and they thought he would be killed. But they didn’t see the paddy fields which the train was passing, about forty metres away from the tracks.

“Now, my friend couldn’t jump this far. It is impossible. After practising for many years he could not even jump seven metres. As an athlete, his best performance was a little over six metres.

“Do you know what he did? When he leaped out the window of the train, he covered forty metres. At that time it was his occult power that carried him. And where did he land? He landed right in the paddy field, up to his knees in mud. He was not hurt at all. You people do not believe me at all, I know. But I tell you, I believe that friend of mine and I shall always believe him.

“He walked for half an hour or so and came to the bank of a small river and sat on a branch of a mango tree. The branch was bent down over the water and he was able to sit there and wash his feet. All the while, he was talking to his own spiritual Master like anything. They were having a wonderful conversation.

“At that time both his Master and he were concentrating on his sister. She was very worried, so the Master opened her third eye. And do you know what happened? She vividly heard their conversation and even saw what was going on. Four hours later, when he arrived home, she said to him, ‘Sit down. I will tell you a story.’ My friend sat down on the chair and she said, ‘You were on the edge of a small river, and you and our Master were talking. I saw both of you there.’

“At the end of his most amazing story my friend said to me, ‘Dear friend, in my previous incarnations I had literally hundreds of occult experiences. In this incarnation I am no longer a baby who is fond of his toys. I have something most important to do for God in this incarnation.’

“My spiritual children, I tell you, my friend was absolutely right. I tell you once and for all that occultism has nothing to do with the real achievements of spiritual height.”

From:Sri Chinmoy,The astral journey, Agni Press, 1974
Sourced from https://srichinmoylibrary.com/aj