Why I don't use occult power openly

“So, my children,” said the Master, “I have many, many stories like this. When people get occult powers, they use them like toys to see whether or not they are real.”

“But Master,” asked one disciple, “How is it that we have never seen you perform these kinds of miracles?”

The Master said, “Even the genuine Masters at times use their occult powers without being asked by God. Needless to say, later on they feel miserable. Then they take an oath that they will use occult powers only when God wants them to use these to fulfil His own purpose. Further, there are two significant reasons why they do not use occult powers. The first reason is that they must not try to break God’s cosmic laws. The second reason, believe it or not, is that when they see that their children cannot use occult power, they themselves don’t like to use it. When parents do something and the children say, ‘Oh, we can’t do it,’ there is pain. Parents don’t get any joy when their children can’t do something that they are doing. So the parents don’t openly do it.

“But inwardly, is there any day that spiritual Masters don’t perform occult feats? In my case, sometimes I do twenty or thirty or more on the days that I am all alone. Sometimes I sit down for hours because I have so much to do. Outwardly I do absolutely nothing, but inwardly I do everything. For whom? For you, my spiritual children.

“I have shown my occult power to some disciples and done things which physical strength simply cannot do. Only spiritual strength can do them. Once, something got stuck and a few young disciples tried very hard but they could not open it with physical strength. In front of them I tapped it only three times and it opened. But really it was my occult power which opened it. This reminds me of an experience of a Master whom I knew in my last incarnation.

“One day this Master asked four of his strongest disciples to lift a statue and carry it to some other place. They could not carry it. They could not lift it properly. So he told them that he wanted to show his physical strength. He was playing with them, fooling them. Physically he was so thin, he couldn’t even lift twenty or thirty kilos. If he had to lift thirty kilos, he would die. And God knows how many hundreds of kilos the statue weighed. But he said to his disciples, ‘See, I am using my physical strength.’ Then he just grabbed the statue and said in very endearing terms, ‘Now, my dear child, if you don’t come with your father, then whom will you come with?’ He picked up the statue and carried it twenty metres. If you had asked him to lift twenty kilos, he would not have been able to do it, but in this case he moved the whole statue all by himself with his occult power. Then he playfully told his disciples, ‘Look at my physical strength!’

“There is not a single disciple here upon whom I have not exercised occult and spiritual powers. But I sometimes have to wait for two years, four years or six years for his sincerity to develop before that person will admit it outwardly. On the inner plane those things are all known, but on the outer plane it takes time for them to be recognised.

“So first of all, spiritual Masters do not use occult power because it is not the Will of the Supreme for them to do so openly. Secondly, although spiritual Masters can use occult power, since their little brothers and sisters cannot use it, they feel sad, even though they know that this is not something ideal for them right now. If you have finished your meal, you can have your dessert. But if your little brother or sister who has not finished eating sees you, he will be sad and miserable that he cannot eat his cake yet. Out of your feeling of love and oneness you wait for him.”

From:Sri Chinmoy,The astral journey, Agni Press, 1974
Sourced from https://srichinmoylibrary.com/aj