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I love my animal kingdom-songs

Editor's note

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Ant-Frugality I Want Not

Ant-frugality I want not.


Ass-stupidity I want not.

Bee Industry I Want

Bee industry I want.

Bull Straight-Forwardness

Bull straight-forwardness

I want.

Cat Slyness

Cat slyness I want not.

Crocodile Hypocrisy I Want Not

Crocodile hypocrisy I want not.

Butterfly Sportiveness

Butterfly sportiveness I want.

Dove Innocence I Want

Dove innocence I want.

Fox Cunning I Want Not

Fox cunning I want not.

Monkey Tricks I Want Not

Monkey tricks I want not.

Cock Vigilance I Want

Cock vigilance

I want.

Dog Fidelity I Want

Dog fidelity I want.

Worm Cringing

Worm cringing I want not.

Pig Obstinacy I Want Not

Pig obstinacy I want not.

Elephant Sagacity I Want

Elephant sagacity I want.

Horse Speed I Want

Horse speed I want.

Nightingale Forlornness

Nightingale forlornness I want not.

Tiger Ferocity

Tiger ferocity I want not.

Lion Nobility I Want

Lion nobility I want.

Lamb Sacrifice I Want

Lamb sacrifice I want.

Peacock Pride I Want Not

Peacock pride I want not.

Pigeon Timidity I Want Not

Pigeon timidity I want not.

Swan Grace I Want

Swan grace I want.

Hen Maternal Care I Want

Hen maternal care I want.

Hare Shyness I Want Not

Hare shyness I want not.

Bear Ill-Temper

Bear ill-temper I want not.

Kitten Playfulness I Want

Kitten playfulness I want.

Cow Self-Giving I Want

Cow self-giving I want.

O Crow, O Kak

O crow, O kak, O crow, O kak, O crow, O kak

Tor chetanar rupantarer asiyachhe dak

O pigeon, kabutar

O pigeon kabutar, O pigeon kabutar, O pigeon kabutar

Bhaye bhaye bhaye kena sada tumi kampa tharathar

Swan: Raj Hangsa

Swan, swan, swan, raj hangsa,

Agyanatar timir pathar

Karo tumi dhangsa

Peacock: Mayur

Peacock, mayur, peacock, mayur, peacock, mayur

Tumi ano bijayer ananda prachur

Ghughu: Dove

Ghughu, dove, ghughu, dove, ghughu, dove,

Shanti debir abirbhab

Crane: Bak

Crane, crane, crane, bak, bak, bak, crane, bak —

Habe shesh habe shesh tor chalakir shakh


Concentration has and is

The deer-speed.

Meditation Has and Is

Meditation has and is

The elephant-confidence.



Has and is

The lion-victory.

Friendship-Birds Can Fly

Friendship-birds can fly

Only on the wings of sincerity.

I Am a Pig

I am a pig, I am a pig!

My stomach is big, very big.

I eat all kinds of junk food.

No good, no good, no good, no good!

I Am a Lion-Roar

I am a lion-roar, I am a lion-roar.

My boat has touched my Supreme Beloved’s

Golden Shore.

From:Sri Chinmoy,I love my animal kingdom-songs, 2001
Sourced from https://srichinmoylibrary.com/aks