Question: If the Supreme is the Creator, the supreme Artist, isn't He responsible for His creation?

Sri Chinmoy: The Supreme is responsible for everything; only we have to know that He has given us limited freedom. The parents have created the child, but they do not control his every breath. They have given him, say, just a dollar and they watch what he does with it. They observe whether he uses that dollar to buy a spiritual book, or whether he uses it to buy something undivine. Similarly, the Supreme gives you limited freedom and then watches what you do with it. This is how He plays. If He sees that you are using that freedom divinely, then He will give you much more freedom. But if you misuse it, then you have to suffer the consequences. How can you blame poor God? But even if you use your freedom in a good way, you do not get full satisfaction until you have used your freedom to become one with the Supreme. Then the Supreme will always be consciously acting in and through you. He is like the father who says, “You want to be happy in your own way. I will give you the opportunity. But since you always want to maintain your individuality, why do I have to guide you and protect you all the time? All right, use your individuality, but use it in a good way.” When He gives you capacity and opportunity, if you misuse it and make a mess out of your life, how can you blame God? The best thing to do is to let the Supreme act in and through your freedom. Only when you allow the Supreme to act in and through you, will the world become perfect.

From:Sri Chinmoy,Art's life and the soul's light, Agni Press, 1974
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