Question: I would like to know the difference between Cosmic consciousness and Christ consciousness.

Sri Chinmoy: The Christ consciousness and the Cosmic consciousness go together. The Cosmic consciousness is like a house. Since it is a house, somebody is expected to live there. Who lives there? The Christ consciousness. Then again, in the divine Game the players change their roles. The Christ consciousness becomes the hall, since one who has realised the Highest has become part and parcel of the Highest, and the Cosmic consciousness becomes the resident of the hall.

The Christ consciousness and the Cosmic consciousness are one. At times the Christ is inside the house, living in the Cosmic consciousness. At other times the reverse is true. The Christ embodies the Cosmic consciousness. At one time one is the house and at another time the same one is the resident of the house.

On the strength of his highest consciousness, on the strength of his inseparable oneness with his eternal Father, the Christ said, “I and my Father are one.” How is it that he could say this? We all the time say that God is our Father, but to most of us this is just a vague idea. We have heard it from our parents or read it in books. But in the Christ’s case, it is a reality, a living reality.

From:Sri Chinmoy,The Avatars and the Masters, Agni Press, 1979
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