Twenty-Seven Thousand Aspiration-Plants, part 1



Twenty-seven thousand


Indeed, the distance is too long.

But my Beloved Lord Supreme

Says to me,

“My child, the distance is too short.

In top secrecy I am telling you:

I shall walk with you

All the way.”




Every day my entire being

Receives a blessingful boon

From my Lord Supreme,

And that boon is

A beauty-flooded dawn of joy.




Choice is my unnecessary imperfection

In my desire-life.

Choice is my indispensable perfection

In my aspiration-life. ```



I am a chosen instrument

Of my Lord Supreme

Not because I have done

Something great for Him,

Not because I shall do

Something good for Him,

But because He wants to do

Something divinely great

And supremely good

In and through me. ```



I shall become a purity-prayer

So that my heart

Can safely climb up to God.

I shall become a luminosity-meditation

So that God’s Delight

Can easily enter into me.




Since God has not given up

His Vision-Transcendence-Dance,

How can you give up

Your God-manifestation-song? ```



You are useless!

Therefore you do not fight

Against ignorance the intruder.

You are stupid!

Therefore you do not want

God the Lover to fight for you.




A soulful cry, where is it?

Inside my heart.

A powerful smile, where is it?

Inside my soul.

A bountiful blessing, where is it?

Inside my life.

And where am I, myself?

Inside God’s unknowable Vision-Eye. ```



If you and your mind are afraid

Of a silence-life,

That means you are nowhere near

God’s Transcendental Throne. ```




My mind was fond of

God’s Greatness.


My heart is fond of

God’s Goodness.


My life shall be fond of

God’s Oneness.




My Lord, how can I be pleased with You

When You do not give me

What I want?

“My child, I cannot be cruel to you.

You want from Me

The bondage of the finite.

I want to give you and I shall give you

Only the freedom of the Infinite.” ```



O Inspiration-Runner,

I love your running.

It is so beautiful.

O Aspiration-Climber,

I love your climbing.

It is so soulful.

O Realisation-Diver,

I love your diving.

It is so powerful.




In the morning

My Lord gives me

A powerful concentration-arrow.

In the evening

My Lord gives me

A beautiful meditation-bow.

At night

My Lord asks me to kill

My ferocious ignorance-tiger.




My mind’s brooding doubt-sea


My Lord’s ever-illumining Patience-Sun:

Who can unmistakably

Predict the result?




God and His Infinity’s Power

My mind wants.

God and His Immortality’s Love

My heart needs. ```



O my mind,

Do unlearn quickly!

O my heart,

Do learn soulfully!

O my soul,

Where are you hiding

Sleeplessly and calmly?

O my God,

I am here!

I need You only,





The Vision-Eye

Of my Beloved Supreme

Thinks of me.

The Compassion-Heart

Of my Beloved Supreme

Loves me.

The Forgiveness-Life

Of my Beloved Supreme

Immortalises me.




My prayer-cry is making my heart

Beautiful and soulful.

My meditation-smile is making my life

Powerful and fruitful. ```



My Beloved Supreme never reminds me

Of my tiny ant-promises.

Alas, why do I remind Him every day

Of His mighty Lion-Promises? ```



O my stupid mind,

Do not dare to challenge

My heart’s sleepless

And breathless faith

In my Lord Supreme.

Also, do not dare to challenge

My soul’s birthless

And deathless oneness

With my Lord Supreme.




During my morning God-Hour meditation,

My Beloved Supreme said to me:

“My child, your heart-ecstasy’s


Is not a secret treasure

But always a sacred,

Supremely sacred, treasure.”




When I am inside my mind,

I am a helpless sigh

Of utter failure.

When I am inside my heart,

I am a mounting flame

Of divine love.

When I am inside my soul,

I am a translucent smile

Of my Beloved Supreme.




Yesterday my success-life

Made me godless.

Today my progress-heart

Has made the world speechless.

Something more,

My Beloved Supreme now tells me

That my life has become totally flawless.




You have blindfolded your vision-eye


Yet when, out of His boundless Bounty,

God comes to your rescue,

You blindly refuse to accept

His unconditional Help. ```



I call it life.

My soul calls it beauty’s temple.

I call it death.

My soul calls it purity’s shrine. ```



You are a chosen child of God,

Yet you envy.

Whom do you envy?

You envy your own totally forgotten

And astonishingly unrecognised

Boundless oneness-self. ```



In my life’s battlefield,

At long last my world-division-mind

Has unconditionally surrendered

To my God-oneness-heart. ```



If you do not become

A conscious God-lover,

Then you will always remain

A stranger to your own

Absolute vision-heights.




Do you know that I am

A very special member

Of God’s immediate family?

Do you know that at every moment

I am being guided, moulded,

Perfected and liberated

By God’s fondest instrument-child:

Compassion? ```



What is my human mind

If not a life of sheer nothingness?

What is my human heart

If not a life of fragile littleness?

What is my divine soul

If not a life of supernal newness?

Who is my Supreme Lord

If not the Life of Universal Oneness

And Transcendental Fulness?




The God-lover who prays

With a sincere mind,

Meditates with a soulful heart

And serves with an unconditional life

Is a hero-warrior

Of God-Immortality’s infinite Delight

Who is journeying home.




You know that it takes time

For the mind to become

Sincerely spiritual.

How is it that you are unwilling

To give your life the needed time

To become perfectly perfect? ```



Right from the day I was born

I have been maintaining a very strict diet

Of God’s very special food:

His Eternity’s Compassion


His Immortality’s Love. ```



Secretly you enjoy climbing

The staircase of despair.

Openly you enjoy gathering

Your life’s incapacity-sighs. ```



My prayer wants to conceal

The impurity of my unnatural sound-life.

My meditation wants to reveal

The beauty of my Lord’s

Natural Silence-Life.




Your aspiration tells you

That God you can have.

Your dedication tells you

That God you already have.

Your realisation tells you

That God you always have been. ```



My constant happiness entirely depends

On the quality of my gratitude-heart

And on the quality of my surrender-life

To the Will of my Inner Pilot. ```



Nothing is as eternally beautiful

As my life’s surrender-dance.

Nothing is as infinitely fruitful

As my heart’s gratitude-song. ```



I deeply admire

Your three astonishingly

Sincere confessions:

You have not prayed to God

Even once in your entire life


You speak ill of God the creation


You serve God and help man

Quite unwillingly. ```



You do not want to live for others.

That is fine with me.

You do not want to live with others.

That is fine with me.

You do not want to live for me.

That is fine with me.

You do not want to live with me.

That is fine with me.

But if you do not want to live

For God’s full Manifestation on earth,

I shall never be pleased with you.

And if you do not want to live with

God the Lover and God the Beloved,

I shall not only be displeased with you,

But I shall never forgive you,

Never! ```



O my heart,

Can you not become

A climbing sun?

O my life,

Can you not become

An expanding sky?




As a doubting mind

Finds no comfort on earth,

Even so, a loving heart

Finds no comfort in the grave. ```



My Lord Supreme,

You are both

The Creator and the creation.

Why is it so difficult for me

To thank You as the creation?

“My child,

Because of the capacity

I have given you

To serve My creation,

You are thanking Me, the Creator.

Because of the opportunity

My creation has given you

To serve Me,

Can you not thank Me, the creation?”




You are not

What others think you are.

You are not

What you claim to be.

Others think of you

As a useless human being.

You claim to be

A perfect human being.

Now I shall tell you

What you actually are.

You are an eternal pilgrim

Walking along the road of aspiration

Towards the destined goal:


And your perfection is another name

For God’s complete Satisfaction. ```



My Lord, every day I see those

Who are creating so-called happiness

Through self-deception.

They think and feel

That they are absolutely perfect.

What can I do with them?

What can I do for them?

“My child, you do not have to do

Anything with them or for them.

Just remain silent.

Your silent indifference

Will be the most severe punishment.”




Only a mind

That has learnt a bitter lesson

Realises what an extraordinary sacrifice

The aspiring heart has already made for it

And how many more sacrifices

Are yet to follow. ```



A mind of wandering thoughts

Will sooner or later have to face

Life-devouring worries and anxieties.




My Lord, do not tell me

What Your Will is.

Without knowing Your Will

I shall try to fulfil it.


Because, my Lord,

If I first learn Your Will

And then execute it,

Who knows,

I may not be as happy. ```



My Master’s race

Has already begun,

And I shall make

The perfect choice:

My heart shall be with him

And my life shall be for him alone. ```



I may not be

A great truth-seeker.

I may not be

A great God-lover.

But not to tell the world

About God’s Compassion-Eye

And Forgiveness-Heart

Would be a destructive

And unfortunate mistake.




My Lord, do examine me.

Do examine the extravagance

Of my doubting mind.

Do examine the sincerity

Of my heart’s climbing cry.




Your heart lives

In a remote land

Of hope.

Your mind lives

Inside a devastating flood

Of fear.

But yours is the soul

That will never give up

Until it has indisputably won

The God-manifestation-race. ```



My Lord Supreme,

This time I shall be

A good seeker.

I shall definitely

Spare You the torment

Of waiting for me any longer. ```



Mind, my mind,

Are you not ashamed

Of walking every day

Along the stupidity-street?

Heart, my heart,

Are you not tired

Of walking every day

Along the insecurity-path?

Soul, my soul,

I definitely know

You will accompany me

When I start walking consciously

Along Eternity’s Road.




To consume the poison

Of your suspicion-mind,

What you need

Is a new inspiration-start

And a new aspiration-journey.




God is not ashamed

Of what you say and do.


You do not have to be ashamed

Of what you are.

Just give God cheerfully

As many chances as He needs

To correct and perfect you. ```



The universal discovery

Of all God-lovers:

God’s Compassion-Height

Is God’s Vision’s

Transcendental Justice-Light.




The winter of my life’s lethargy-night

Is over.

The spring of my soul’s action-delight

Has come.

Now God has given me

The capacity to reveal His Satisfaction

Through my perfection-life.




My mind is always unwilling

To ask God

What He thinks of it —

For fear of the answer. ```



Each day

Is a hopelessly futile day,

And each day

Shall remain a hopelessly futile day,

If I cannot cheerfully cast aside

The impurity-ink

Of my mind.




Who asks you to remain

Buried beneath the soil

Of self-indulgence?

Tell me, who?


I am ready to guide you

Along the age-old path

Of self-discipline —

But are you ready?




When you are trapped

Between your mind’s disbelief

And your heart’s belief,

Invoke your Lord Supreme

To rebuke you sharply.

You will before long

Swim in the sea of wisdom-delight.




My Lord Supreme,

There was a time when I did many things

To please myself.

Now I am doing only one thing,

Not for me but for You.

I am watering my life’s


With my gratitude-tears. ```



My eyes are so blind

That they do not see

My Lord’s Compassion.

My heart is so dull

That it does not feel

My Lord’s Compassion.

My mind is so arrogant

That it does not care for

My Lord’s Compassion.

My vital is so stupid

That it thinks it does not need compassion

Either from earth or from Heaven.

My body is so lethargic

That it enjoys ignorance-sleep

All the time.

Therefore, it does not even know

What compassion is.

But my soul is fully awakened.

Therefore, it unmistakably knows

That the breath of my perfection-life

Lives inside my Lord’s





You are unwise

If you are satisfied

With today’s inner flames,

And do not try to increase

Your receptivity-light,

For, who knows,

Tomorrow’s outer sun

May not rise at all. ```



What is it like to be another God?

It is like attaining

Not only your unattained self

But also your unattainable Self. ```



God has made many roads

Leading to Him

Since God wants to please

Each individual in his own way,

As He Himself wants to be pleased

In His own Way. ```



A cheerful self-giving

And a powerful God-becoming

Are the obverse and reverse

Of the life-perfection-coin. ```



No outer aptitude can ever equal

The inner aptitude for self-transcendence

And God-Satisfaction.




O my doubting mind,

Let us say a final farewell

And invoke Eternity

To appreciate our stupendous parting. ```



My proud mind

Does not stop talking about God.

Alas, alas!

My timid heart

Has not started talking about God.

Alas, alas!




If your eyes want to see the world,

Then do it, but measure.

If your heart wants to love the world,

Then do it, but don’t measure. ```



You have installed

Teeming fears and doubts

In the confusion-chamber

Of your mind.

How then can you install God

And His Infinity’s Splendour-Delight

On the illumination-throne

Of your heart? ```



Before you dare to analyse God,

You must tranquillise your mind,

Organise your life

And sensitise your heart. ```



Your only complaint against me

Is that I am incapable

Of being false,

Even when necessity demands.

My only complaint against you

Is that you are incapable

Of being indifferent,

Even when necessity demands. ```



Do you know

What failure has taught you?

It has taught you

Not to make any compromise

With ignorance-night.




Soul, my soul,

You save me from constant

Invasions of death.

Soul, my soul,

You welcome the teeming

Sighs of my life.

Alas, I do not consciously

Love you

And yet I desperately

Need you. ```



The outer sun is not new every day,

But the inner sun is.

The outer sun

Asks me to climb up

To the Himalayan heights.

The inner sun

Tells me to remain sleeplessly

On my Himalayan peak. ```



The human in me foresees my life

As a hopeless battle.

The divine in me foresees my life

As a peerless God-victory.

It is I who have to make

The correct decision.

I shall either allow myself

To be discouraged by giant fears,

Or I shall prepare myself

For God’s God-Embrace. ```



My inspiration-smile

Is my secret power.

My aspiration-cry

Is my sacred power.

My realisation-song

Is my God-manifesting power. ```



Mine is the mind that wants to be

Reunited with ignorance-power.

Mine is the heart that wants to be

Reunited with wisdom-king.

Mine is the life that wants to be

Reunited with perfection-emperor. ```



Your life is invaded

By uncertainty-truths

Because your mind is reluctant

To enjoy the sun-vast dreams

Of God’s world.




Every morning

I faithfully do three things:

I climb far above

The clouds of my mind.

I master my despair-life.

I try to become a champion instrument

Of my Lord’s Satisfaction-Delight.




A single breath

Of impurity-night

Can fell the hope-tree

Of your outer life

And the promise-tree

Of your inner life. ```



He is at once

The professor of his desire-life

And the student of his mind’s

Illusion-prison. ```



Do not try to conceal

What your mind has.

You will badly fail.

Try to reveal

What your soul has and is.

You will speedily succeed. ```



Every door can be shut —

But not death’s door.

Every room can be ignored —

But not life’s room. ```



A true God-lover’s aspiration-heart

And dedication-life

Can and will enjoy

The beauty-hours

Of Heaven-days.




You are your burdened life.

You are your sense-hunger.

How then can you expect your heart

To liberate you? ```



Your life has teeming problems.

Your mind has become

A chain of falsehood-mountains.

But God knows and tells the world

That He will transform your earth-life

Into His own Heaven-Home. ```



Yesterday I was sincere.

Therefore, I admitted

That I have human weaknesses.

Today I am again sincere.

Therefore, I am admitting

That my Lord Supreme

Is transforming me

Fast, very fast,

Into His divine instrument

Unparalleled. ```



Now that your mind is totally shattered

By its own absurd pretensions,

Your life will soon have

The capacity to reveal

God’s self-transcending Vision-Light

In and through you. ```



Because you approach every situation

With your heart’s moon-white poise,

God is granting you

His own Eternity’s universe-feeding Voice. ```



What is sleepless self-giving

If not the flowering of God-Delight

Inside your heart’s aspiration-garden?





God most compassionately told me:


Is quenchless thirst

In the desire-world.”


God most satisfactorily tells me:


Is endless nectar-delight

In the aspiration-world.”




I keep on praying and praying to God

For His Forgiveness.

God keeps on forgiving and forgiving

My entire existence-life.

God’s Heart and my soul feel

That this is an extremely charming

And illumining game.




Do not sink into despair!

Your obedience-light

In the heart of your aspiration

And in the life of your dedication

Is your highest victory

And God’s boundless Delight. ```



The day I threw myself

On God’s side,

God secretly granted me

Three world-loving, world-illumining

And world-fulfilling lessons:

How to cry for the world


How to smile at the world


How to serve Him in the world





My Beloved Supreme,

I shall without fail

Tame everything in my life

Save and except

My heart’s sleepless tears

To realise You. ```



Are you absolutely sure

That your heart cries for God only?

If so, then rest assured,

God will before long give you

His Eternity’s GOLDEN ALL.


From:Sri Chinmoy,Twenty-Seven Thousand Aspiration-Plants, part 1, Agni Press, 1983
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