Twenty-Seven Thousand Aspiration-Plants, part 169



The heart needs happiness

At every moment

So it can move forward,

Dive inward

And fly upward.




Our life gets constant movement

Forward, upward and inward

From our enthusiasm, goodwill

And physical dynamism. ```



With the dynamism of your vital

And the self-giving qualities

Of your heart,

You can inspire humanity. ```



Inspiration is of supreme importance,

Since from inspiration

We get aspiration,

Which is sincere longing for God. ```




Will be supremely successful

Only if it is done with sincere willingness,

Cheerfulness and self-offering. ```



Nature’s beauty helps us

To be as vast as possible,

As peaceful as possible

And as pure as possible. ```



Only in our heart-boat

Can we go to the illumination-shore,

Which is the universal Goal.




When your heart speaks

To my heart,

You don’t have to say a word.




To have a feeling of oneness

With God’s Heart

Means you have already started walking

Along the right road. ```



Each good thought

Is a sweetness-dream

From a higher world,

Which we are trying to transform

Into reality.





It is not your mind or vital,

But only your heart,

That is longing for something good,

Something divine,

Something supreme. ```



Offer your life at every moment

To a good cause:

To do something worthwhile

For mankind. ```



Begin your new life

In the New Year

With tremendous enthusiasm,

Tremendous determination

And tremendous self-giving.




A seeker must bring forward

All his inner determination

To challenge ignorance

And show that spirituality

Is infinitely stronger.




God’s manifestation on earth

Always takes place through teamwork.

God will never claim the glory

All for Himself. ```



Serve God the way God wants you

To serve Him.

Inwardly you will deserve

His blessingful Gratitude

And outwardly you will get

His Appreciation and Admiration. ```



As affectionate parents

Immediately try to take away

Their little child’s suffering,

So also the Supreme,

Our affectionate Father,

Has many times tried

To take away our self-inflicted pain.




At once

The seeker-heart comes forward

When it feels the soulful sincerity

In a divine song. ```



The philosophy of spiritual Masters

Of the hoary past:

“Try, and then place the results

At the Feet of the Supreme.”

The philosophy of Masters of today:

“If you really try,

There is bound to come a time

When your life-tree will bear





If you have a true oneness-heart,

You will feel

What I am feeling.

A sympathetic heart

Encompasses the entire world.




Mother Earth is very happy

That God is still playing with her

The way He used to

Many years ago. ```




You may be old,

But inwardly

You do not have to behave

Like an old person.

The Supreme is a perfect example! ```



Bring to your mind’s forefront

Three good qualities of yours,

Then soulfully expand them

And powerfully multiply them.

Lo, your life will be transformed!




O my Lord Supreme,

I am offering You

My heart’s impurity,

I am offering You

My mind’s insincerity,

I am offering You

My life’s insecurity

So that I may become

A supremely choice instrument of yours.




If you want to get tremendous joy,

Just watch and see

How your good qualities

Are increasing

And your bad qualities

Are decreasing. ```



Each time we think

Of others’ imperfections,

We must feel most sincerely

That we are misusing and losing

The most precious life-breath

Of our God-realisation-dream. ```



Only a heart of sympathy,

A heart of compassion

And a heart of oneness

Can feel what God truly is. ```



He who has infinitely more love

For our dear ones

Than we do

Deserves to have them with Him

Whenever He needs them.




If we really care for

The heart’s oneness-love,

Then God will always provide us

With boundless opportunities

Here on earth

To express our own love

And to be loved by others.




His aim is to inspire

Each and every citizen of the world

With his love of God.




While exhibiting

Your most praiseworthy talents

To the world,

Do not forget to also offer

Your sweetness, affection and love.




Every day

You can inspire others

Through your sincere concern

For humanity’s happiness and progress. ```



O God,

Do stay inside

My small heart

But not inside

My big mouth!




If God lives

In my tiny heart,

Then only am I safe.




Many times

I have opened my big mouth

Only to abuse God,

And then to suffer and suffer. ```



God is begging you

To develop your oneness-heart.

Alas, your division-mind

Is destroying everything,

Even poor God!




When you hurl arrows at God

In the inner world,

God will definitely give you a zero,

And that zero

Is your worst punishment.




An act that God’s outer Mind

Calls stupidity,

God’s inner Heart calls Compassion

And nothing else. ```



What has happened?

You have climbed up

The tree of aspiration,

Only to come down again —

Right to the bottom!




Out of His infinite Bounty

God gives us opportunities

To become good citizens of the world,

To become His divine, supreme instruments

For world-transformation.




If you work soulfully

With a oneness-heart,

You will become the dear,

Dearer, dearest instrument

Of the Supreme.




What is God’s Dream?

Perfection of human life,

Perfection of human nature!




It is God who has made the world


But it is we who must utilise it

For the right purpose. ```



We may say that we have tried

Very hard.

But God is telling us

That we have not tried

Hard enough.




With your soul-power,

With your heart-power,

You must shake the life-tree

Of your country

To receive its most delicious fruits

And most beautiful flowers. ```



O seeker,

Ask yourself one question:

Do you want to be

God’s Headache and Heart attack,

Or do you want to be

God’s Crown? ```



No matter how many ways you try,

There is always one more way

That you have not yet tried

To please your Beloved Supreme. ```



Once you have entered

The spiritual life,

You do not belong

To any one country;

You belong to the Heart

Of the Supreme. ```



If you have never been faithful

To God’s Will,

Now is the golden opportunity

For you to do it at last! ```



With our life’s soulfulness,

With our mind’s willingness

And with our heart’s oneness,

Let us achieve the supreme Victory

For our Beloved Lord Supreme:

Peace — our Lord’s Peace-Dream. ```



Exercise your imagination-power!

You are bound to feel

That God’s Sadness and God’s Tears

Are infinitely, infinitely greater

Than humanity’s,

For the world is His creation,

His Dream.




Be a devoted, soulful server

Of humanity.

God will definitely be proud of you —

Infinitely more proud

Than you can ever imagine!




My confusion-knife,

My uncertainty-knife,

My deception-knife

And my destruction-knife

Have shamelessly and ruthlessly


The loving and compassionate

Heart of God. ```



The Supreme is so happy

That He still has infinite children

In His creation

Who will not allow

His Peace-Dream on earth

To remain unfulfilled. ```



Your conscious love for God,

Your sleepless affection for God

And your breathless fondness for God

Will eventually manifest

His transcendental Divinity

Here on earth. ```



Do you know

Where the Supreme is?

He is all the time dreaming

In His infinite Light and Delight. ```



As you and I dream of peace,

Even so, there are many other

Dreamers of peace.

They are crying inside our hearts,

And we are crying inside their hearts.




If you cannot develop

Soulful devotion inside your life,

You will miss

A golden opportunity

To run faster than the fastest

Into the Heart of your Beloved Supreme. ```



Those who become part and parcel

Of any spiritual activity

Become one soul, one heart,

One aspiration, one dedication. ```



Your aspiration-song

Is not just one of the many

Ordinary things

You can have in life,

But something meaningful, powerful

And fruitful. ```



Sometimes we need


But never do we need

Complacency! ```



If you don’t belong to God,

Then you belong only to yourself —

To your stupidity,

Which takes you away from

Your own reality.




The lethargic and self-sufficient seeker

Needs nothing from the spiritual life.

The dynamic and God-dependent seeker

Not only needs something

From the spiritual life

But also wants to offer something

Very special to God.




Keep yourself happy

By keeping yourself busy!

Do not stay in a corner

Thinking and brooding! ```



True oneness is so strong,

Pure and self-giving

That before your friend asks you,

You will fulfil his heart’s need. ```



In his heart-life

He felt miserable

That he did not sing

God’s universal Oneness-Song

When he had the golden opportunity.




Do you not know

That God has forgiven you?

Something more:

God’s Grace is descending

Upon you powerfully

So that you will not repeat

The same mistakes again.




If you really appreciate something,

You will try to possess it.

Just learn divinity-songs by heart.

Lo, the divinity that they embody

Will be yours,

Your very own. ```



Your deliberate lack of receptivity

Is paining the Supreme

Far beyond your imagination!




Although you may not value

The spiritual life,

Rest assured, there will be others on earth

Who will care for God

And who will sincerely try

To be His worthy instruments. ```



Spirituality is for the wise.

If you want to survive,

Do not show your stupidity-compassion

To those false seekers

Who are not aspiring.




You fool!

Why do you think

That your spirituality is stronger

Than the ignorance of the unaspiring world? ```



God will be responsible

For your inner life

Only if you listen to Him.




How can you expect the same

Affection and Concern from God

If you do not offer Him

The same aspiration and dedication

As your fellow seekers do?




Never feel

That because you have pleased God

Over the years

In various ways,

God will forgive you for the many ways

That you are not pleasing Him. ```



Bring to the fore

Your most difficult problem.

God is offering you

His wholehearted support

To conquer it.




My daily prayer to God:

I am helpless; save me!

I offer what I have

And what I am

For You to purify.




What I need

Is constant awareness

To fight not against others

But against my own unillumined self. ```




Humanity is failing you

Not deliberately,

But because of its limited capacities. ```



While walking along Eternity’s Road,

You will find at every moment

That there is only one Friend,

Inner and outer,

And that is your Beloved Supreme.




O Lord Supreme,

True, I can forget You,

But it is I who will be

The veritable loser. ```



Do not despair.

Your inner strength, joy, peace

And satisfaction

You will definitely be able

To bring to the fore again

By the infinite Grace of the Supreme. ```



With our own determination

And with Grace from Above

We will be able to succeed

Without fail

And to proceed

In an amazing way! ```



The outer runner wants speed

To reach his goal.

The inner runner also needs speed,

For inner speed determines

Our inner destination.




If you are deliberately receiving

Nothing from God,

Then you are only stabbing

God’s vaster-than-the-vastest





Humanity’s mind has turned God

Into an unnatural Being.

But God still maintains

His inner Poise.

That is why He still exists

On earth. ```



If you do not avail yourself

Of the opportunity before you,

I do not know when

You will be wise enough

To take any opportunity from Above.




You say that you are a hopeless case.

But do you not hear Someone deep inside

Telling you not to give up,

But to again get inspiration

To become good, better and best?




Whether God asks you to enter

Into the battlefield of life

And fight for Him

Or just to take rest,

You should be equally happy.




Only one feeling

Can make everybody happy:

“I am needed by God

In God’s own Way.” ```



Do not indulge in lethargy,

But do not forget the importance of rest.

With a new supply of energy

You will be able to work for God

With enthusiasm and eagerness.




Work soulfully and devotedly,

Without any pride,

Or at least feel that you are one

With those who do! ```



Are you a first-class God-lover?

If so, even when God does not appoint you,

Insecurity, jealousy and anxiety

Will not torture you. ```



The good things in your life

Gratefully offer to the Supreme,

And He will multiply them.

The bad things in your life

Devotedly offer to the Supreme,

And He will keep them for Himself. ```



O my mind,

For God’s sake

And for your own sake,

Stop carrying

Your utterly useless yesterdays!





When will my mind and heart

Stop dancing the desire-dance?




The mind’s unfounded

Fears and doubts

Are ruthlessly destroying

The seeker-heart’s

Courage and faith.




The aspiration-famine-mind

Always enjoys the thunder-roar

Of ignorance-night.




O Lord Supreme,

Do help me to free myself

From the taut shackles

Of useless regret. ```



God tells the Truth-seekers

And God-lovers,

“You alone are My sweet Dreams,

You alone are My pure Realities,

You alone are My Eternity’s All.”


From:Sri Chinmoy,Twenty-Seven Thousand Aspiration-Plants, part 169, Agni Press, 1992
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