My Christmas-New Year-Vacation Aspiration-Prayers, part 13




Is a supreme necessity-quality

In our God-aspiring life.


APR 1158. These prayers were given in Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam — 12 January 2002.



My God-oneness-heart

Is earth’s representative

To Heaven.




My purity-heart-friend

Tells me what to do

To please God

All the time. ```



My divinity-soul-friend

Teaches me how to become

A supremely choice child

Of my Lord Beloved Supreme. ```



My Compassion-flooded Lord

Tells me:

“Not the distance travelled,

But the destination reached.” ```



I badly failed God

In my God-aspiration-examination.

Is it not surprising?


Is it not shocking?

Yes! ```



Every morning my Lord,

God the eternal Beggar,

Comes to me

For my two sincerity-eyes

And one purity-heart.




I live in between

My life’s soulful sobs

And my heart’s blissful throbs.


APR 1165. These prayers were given in Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam — 13 January 2002.



Today my heart is awakened

To the beauty and fragrance

Of a oneness-world.




I have zero tolerance

For those who constantly

Find fault

With my Lord Beloved Supreme. ```




Whenever I look for my mind,

I find it in the grip

Of God-ingratitude. ```



The mind has no time

For God’s Tears.

The heart gives its whole life

To be inseparably one

With God’s Tears.




At every moment

We must be careful!

Ruthless and baseless

Worries and anxieties

Invade our lives

When we enter into

Our mind-jungles.




“Nothing remains the same for long.”

Not true!

My unconditional


Always remains the same.


APR 1171. These prayers were given in Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam — 14 January 2002.



My Lord,

How will I recognise You

If or when You come to see me?

“My child,

You will be able to recognise Me


From your ecstasy-flooded

Heart-throbs.” ```



When we are aspiring

For divine qualities,

There is no such thing

As too much. ```



When we greedily crave

For earthly possessions,

Each possession can decrease

Our God-hunger. ```



If you think and feel

That you are working extremely,

Extremely hard,

Just think of the Old Man

Upstairs in Heaven.

Your embarrassment

Shall beggar description.




Today’s God-adoration

Invariably tomorrow

Becomes God-destination.




All my prayers

And all my meditations

Have only one secret desire

Inside them:

God-fulfilment in God’s own Way.




To my greatest joy,

Every day my God-oneness-heart

And my man-oneness-life

Are expanding.


APR 1178. These prayers were given in Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam — 16 January 2002.



To fulfil our heart’s

Every divine need,

God Himself

Comes down. ```



In the doubting and suspecting


It is extremely difficult

For the seeker-heart

To survive.




The mind-newspaper

Carries only accidents,

Catastrophes, crimes,

Obscure and impure news. ```



The heart-newspaper

Carries only the news

About the Supreme Lord,

About the cosmic gods

And goddesses

And about the archangels

And angels.




Each moment

Comes to our aspiration-heart

With a new God-fulfilment-dream.




Today is the day for me

To step out of my mind’s

Self-imposed insecurity-prison.




Every morning and evening

I am mesmerised

By God’s Self-Transcendence-Vision-Beauty-Eye.




The mind lends.

The heart gives.

The body and the vital

Do not give

And do not take.




God is extremely proud of Himself

And extremely proud of me

When He sees my life

In between His Friendship

And His Partnership.




My Lord,

I cannot stop thinking of You,

Although I may not think of You

All the time

Either highly or gratefully.


APR 1188. These prayers were given in Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam — 17 January 2002.



There is a constant battle

Between God’s Pride in me

And my own disappointment

With my life. ```



Invincible faith

And nothing else

A seeker needs

In his spiritual life. ```



The moment we enter

Into God’s Boat,

He promises us

In His own inimitable Way

Smooth sailing

On His Oneness-Fulness-Sea. ```



My Lord tells me

That real spirituality

Has nothing to do

With idle and useless curiosities. ```



My Lord,

Do tell me,

How long can You ignore

The streaming tears

Of my broken heart?

“My child,

There shall come a time

When I shall be able to prove to you

That My Kindness is always flooded

With My Wisdom-Light.” ```



Spirituality’s heart-home

Is absolutely the wrong place

For those who are craving

For world-supremacy.

Spirituality’s heart-home

Is absolutely the right place

For those who are longing

Only for God-intimacy

And God-oneness.




My gratitude-heart-tears

Do not fall down.

They just fly up

High, higher, highest

To my Lord’s Heart-Home.




My Lord,

Do give me the capacity

To devour the dust of Your Feet

Speedily and completely. ```



My heart’s sobbing whispers

Reach my Lord’s Heart

With lightning speed.




I wish to find my life

In between my aspiration-intensity

And my Lord’s

Compassion-Immensity. ```



God comes

Closer and closer

To my heart-tears.




God becomes

Dearer and dearer

To my life-smiles.





Why do I live

In my unlit mind-cave,

And not

In my fully illumined heart-home?




In the morning

God examines

My mind’s purity

And my heart’s beauty.


APR 1202. These prayers were given in Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam — 21 January 2002.



In the evening

God examines

My life’s tolerance

And patience. ```



In the morning

I soulfully gather





In the evening

I prayerfully sow





My Lord’s soulful Eye

Shelters my heart-beauty

And my soul-fragrance.




At night

My Lord wants me to count

The unconditional love-moments

That I had during the day. ```



Insecurity and pride

Have the same source:





My Mother India tells me:

“Silence, my son, silence!

Silence in your inner life,

Silence in your outer life.”


APR 1209. These prayers were given in Brunei Darussalam — 27 January 2002.



My Mother India tells me:

“My son,

Sail your heart-boat, sail.

Do not use your mind-volcano

To assail,

Do not — never!” ```



My Mother India tells me:

“My son,

Power is not the answer.

Compassion is not the answer.

Even forgiveness is not the answer.

God’s Vision-Eye-Fulfilment

Is the answer, the only answer.”




My Mother India tells me,

“My son,

The world-crisis will be over

Only when the strength of the mind

Cheerfully embraces

The power of the heart,

And only God knows

When and how it will happen.

But it will definitely happen,

In the very, very, very, very

Distant future.

Until then,

All God-seekers of the world

Must pray sleeplessly

And meditate breathlessly

Only for God’s Victory.” ```



I must blame myself

And not the world

For not taming

My undivine mind.

I must blame myself

And not the world

For not feeding

Regularly, cheerfully, proudly

My God-hungry heart.




We all must be careful,

Very careful!

The patience of the world-soul

Is wearing thin, very thin. ```



I want my life to revolve only

Around God-made yoga.

Yoga means union,

Union with God,

Union with God’s Will.




I love and fulfil

The silence-whisper-messages

Of my soul.




My imagination-mind,

Wake up, wake up!

Sleep no more.

My aspiration-heart,

Climb up, climb up!

Delay no more, delay no more!

My dedication-life,

God Himself is watching.

Be careful, be careful!




My Lord has commanded

Hope, enthusiasm, encouragement,

Promise and fulfilment

To accompany me wherever I go. ```



My Lord,

What does prayer do?

“My child,

Prayer makes and keeps

Your heart-day bright.”


APR 1219. These prayers were given in Brunei Darussalam — 28 January 2002.



My Lord,

What does meditation do?

“My child,

Meditation makes and keeps

Your mind-night illumined.”




My Lord,

What does gratitude do?

“My child,

Gratitude makes and keeps

Your heart sweet and pure.”




My Lord,

What does surrender do?

“My child,

Surrender makes you feel

That you are absolutely Mine,

And also your surrender makes Me feel

That I am absolutely yours.”




My Lord, what shall I do

With my stark enemies?

“My child, if you really love Me,

If you really need Me,

Then you will have nothing,

Nothing, nothing to do

With your enemies.”




My Lord, some friends

Who have betrayed me

And are no longer with me,

And some friends who are

Still with me

But mix with them

And talk with them

And receive wild and absurd gossip

And spread it all around:

What shall I do with them?

“My child, your time on earth

Is extremely precious.

Throw them out of your heart,

Throw them out of your mind,

And throw them out of your life


You do not need

These so-called friends.” ```



My Lord, please, please tell me

Who are my real enemies?

“My child, your real enemies

Are those who are

Ingratitude incarnate.”




My Lord Beloved Supreme,

When do I give You utmost joy?

“My child,

When you claim only Me

As your own, very own.”


APR 1226. These prayers were given in Brunei Darussalam — 29 January 2002.



My Lord Beloved Supreme,

When do I give You utmost pain?

“My child,

When you tell me unthinkable things,

Such as you are worthless,

You are hopeless

And you are useless.”




My Lord Beloved Supreme,

Am I really worthy of You?

“My child,

Have you nothing better to do

Than to hurl an insult at me?

I am your Creator.

You are My creation.

It is My bounden Responsibility

To mould you and shape you

In My own Image.

You have just to love Me unreservedly

And, if it is possible, unconditionally.

Be happy. Remain happy.

Your zenith-perfection-life

Is My sole Responsibility.”




My soul is a perpetual



God-satisfaction-promise-hunger. ```



My outer success

Takes a very, very long time

To reach my Lord’s

Heavily burdened Ears. ```



My inner progress

Sooner than at once

Reaches my Lord’s

Eager Ears. ```



My Lord,

Do You ever get tired?

“My child, I do.

I get tired when I read

The lengthier than the lengthiest

Complaint-list from My children

Against My creation.”




My Lord Beloved Supreme,

Out of Your infinite Bounty,

You have made me

A mountain-success.

Now I pray to You to make me

A fountain-progress. ```



My Lord Beloved Supreme,

Today I have a volley of questions.

“My child, I am all ready.”

My Lord,

Where does my obedience stand

In my spiritual life?

“My child, your obedience

Is your pre-school course.”

My Lord,

Where does my love stand

In my spiritual life?

“My child, your love

Is the kindergarten course.”

My Lord,

Where does my devotion stand

In my spiritual life?

“My child, your devotion

Is the primary school course.”

My Lord,

Where does my surrender stand?

“My child, your surrender

Is your high school course.”

My Lord,

My unreserved surrender,

Where does it stand?

“My child,

Your unreserved surrender

Is your college course.”

My Lord,

My unconditional surrender,

Where does it stand?

“My child,

Your unconditional surrender

Is your university course.”

My Lord,

Where does my sleepless, breathless

And unconditional surrender stand?

“My child,

That is your Ph.D. course.”


APR 1234. These prayers were given in Brunei Darussalam — 30 January 2002.



My Lord,

When I exploit Your indulgence,

What happens to me?

“My child,

You are the one to feel and know

What happens when you exploit

My indulgence.”

My Lord,

We all talk about self-indulgence.

What actually is self-indulgence?

“My child,

Self-indulgence drastically reduces

The God-oneness-dream-capacity.”




My Lord,

Will I ever be able to please You

In Your own Way?

“My child,

You will be able to please Me

In My own Way

Only when you live on earth

Only for me,

And not for your doubting,

Criticising, suspecting, torturing

And annihilating mind.”


Editor's note

Sri Chinmoy offered These prayers during his visit to Viet Nam and Brunei Darussalam in January 2002.

From:Sri Chinmoy,My Christmas-New Year-Vacation Aspiration-Prayers, part 13, Agni Press, 2002
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