Aurobindo versus Sri Aurobindo

Part one — Poems



Aurobindo saw.

Sri Aurobindo became. ```



Aurobindo — the boldest revolution.

Sri Aurobindo — the quickest evolution. ```



Aurobindo — "British, out!”

Sri Aurobindo — "World-ignorance, out, out, out!” ```



Aurobindo — a Cambridge-education-zenith-mind.

Sri Aurobindo — a world-illumination-Soul

And the earth-transformation-Harbinger.




Aurobindo — "Cambridge, you gave me

The vastness-knowledge-light."

Sri Aurobindo — "Cambridge, I give you

And the whole world





Aurobindo was

A world-mind-traveller-hunger

Par excellence.

Sri Aurobindo is

A cosmos-heart-lover-feast

Infinite. ```



Aurobindo came down.

Sri Aurobindo went up

Only to be all-where.




In England, a waking lion.

In Baroda, a watching lion.

In Bengal, a roaring lion.

In Pondicherry, an all-conquering lion. ```



Within, Aurobindo heard.

Without, Sri Aurobindo sounds. ```



Aurobindo’s heart

Was a God-dreamer.

Sri Aurobindo’s life

Is a God-giver. ```



Aurobindo — the perfect definition

Of a God-oneness-seeker.

Sri Aurobindo — the absolute definition

Of God the Supreme. ```



In Bengal, he was

An India-lover,


And India-server.

In Pondicherry, he became

A God-seer,


And God-distributor. ```



Aurobindo saw the world.

Sri Aurobindo fought for the world

And so does he still.




His The Life Divine

Is God the man’s


His Savitri

Is man the God’s





Aurobindo accepted humanity’s imperfections

As his own.

God accepted Sri Aurobindo

To claim His Perfection

As his own, very own.




Aurobindo was humanity’s


Sri Aurobindo is Divinity’s

Heart-Shrine-Fragrance. ```



Sri Aurobindo is caught

By both man and God alike —

Man for his transformation;

God for His manifestation. ```

Part two — Notes

Editor's preface

The Reverend George Pattison, Dean of King’s College Chapel, Cambridge University, invited Chinmoy to offer a talk about Sri Aurobindo and a Peace Concert in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of Sri Aurobindo’s Mahasamadhi.

Chinmoy’s visit to Cambridge took place on November 1st, 2000. After attending evensong in the Chapel where Sri Aurobindo used to pray, Chinmoy offered the following talk and gave a Peace Concert in Keynes Hall.

This was the second time Chinmoy had been invited by the Dean to observe Sri Aurobindo’s most significant connection with Cambridge University. On November 12th, 1997 Chinmoy offered a talk on Sri Aurobindo and a Peace Concert at King’s College Chapel in honour of the 50th anniversary of India’s independence.

Introduction to Chinmoy's talk1

On this feast of All Saints, 2000

We celebrate the joy and peace

of the saints in bliss

We rejoice in all who work and pray

for the increase of joy and peace

in our world.

It has been the gift: of


to be an instrument of moving hearts

to a deeper reverence

of the one God

from whom all thoughts of peace proceed.

His is a pure and humble spirit

and I am humbled and happy

to greet him on this day of celebration.

George Pattison, Dean of Chapel, King's College, Cambridge


King’s College Cambridge CB2 1ST

13th November 2000

Dear Sri Chinmoy

It was a great pleasure and honour to welcome you to King’s College last week, and to be able to share in your tribute to Sri Aurobindo.

I’m sure that everyone who was present felt something of the special bond uniting you to Aurobindo, a spiritual relationship that has been so fruitful for the cause of peace in the world, and that will continue to be an inspiration to many.

I was touched by the reverential participation of your students in our Chapel service. Also the College staff were appreciative of their co-operativeness and efficiency in setting up and clearing away afterwards.

Your kindness to me personally was humbling. Praise to the Spirit in which and by which we are set free and made one!

With every good wish for your work in the future.

George Pattison

Dean of Chapel

Part three — pictures

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This bust of Sri Aurobindo was presented to King’s College at the time of Chinmoy’s previous visit in 1997 by Dr. L.M. Singhvi, High Commissioner for India to the United Kingdom

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Reverend Pattison reads his proclamation welcoming Chinmoy to Cambridge University.

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Chinmoy offers his talk “Aurobindo Versus Sri Aurobindo”

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Reverend Pattison and Chinmoy coming out of King’s Chapel after the evensong service on their way to Keynes Hall.

From:Sri Chinmoy,Aurobindo versus Sri Aurobindo, Agni Press, 2000
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