Question: How can one know if he is a young or an old soul?

Sri Chinmoy: Why should one have to know if he is a young soul or an old soul? By knowing that you are a mature soul you don’t gain anything and by knowing that you are a young soul you don’t gain anything. If you feel that someone else is more mature than you or you are more mature than he, then you are creating unnecessary problems for yourself. In the spiritual life let us not be concerned with who is an old soul and who is a young soul. Let us only think that we are all God’s children. God Himself is a Child. He is never old. What will help us most in the spiritual life is the feeling that we are children of God, for only a child can make constant progress. It is a child who evolves, not an octogenarian, because the octogenarian has already played his role. So always try to feel that you are a child, and do not be concerned about your soul’s age.

From:Sri Chinmoy,AUM — Vol.II-1, No.12, 27 December 1974, Vishma Press, 1974
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