Question: How can you blend your transcendental Self or Spirit with your physical being?

Sri Chinmoy: This can be done and is being done every day by those who follow the path of Yoga and spiritual discipline. Yoga means union, conscious union with God. We are one with the Self, but we are not now aware of it. We can become aware of it only when we consciously practise spirituality, and for that we need aspiration. When we are marching along the path of aspiration, our soul will automatically blend with our physical being and the physical being will devotedly listen to the dictates of the soul. Then we will see that our inner life and our outer life have become totally one. At that time one complements the other; one fulfils the other. The inner life becomes the embodiment of the Truth and the outer life becomes the manifestation of the Truth.

From:Sri Chinmoy,AUM — Vol.1, No.12, 27 December 1974, Vishma Press, 1974
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