Question: When we are in the outer world, are we to be free and open in talking about our spiritual life or should we reserve it only for those who are aspiring?

Sri Chinmoy: If you speak to everyone about your inner experiences, you will run into difficulty. The soil has to be fertile. If people are genuine and sincere, your conversation will then be fruitful. Otherwise, they will misunderstand and ridicule you. You may not mind if someone mocks you, but the person who has not benefited or been inspired by what you said may unfortunately try to block your own inspiration and aspiration. So you should use your wisdom and say that he is also God’s child; let the moment of his awakening come at God’s choice Hour. It is not your business to awaken those who want to sleep. When someone is ready, crying for a higher life, then you can inspire him with your own spiritual experiences.

If you give a thousand dollar bill to a child, he will tear it up. For him there is no value in it. But a grownup will know the value of a thousand dollars. Similarly, when you share your inner experiences with an aspirant or seeker he will benefit by it while others will not. Only those who really cry for the inner life are the right persons to share your experiences with.

[The following question was asked after Sri Chinmoy spoke about the three major categories of souls: those that care most for divine manifestation, those that care most for perfection of the inner and outer life and those that care most for oneness with the Inner Pilot. Sri Chinmoy told each disciple present which quality his soul cared for most.

From:Sri Chinmoy,AUM — Vol.1, No.12, 27 December 1974, Vishma Press, 1974
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