Silver Thought-Waves


Aspiration is our achievement in the inner world. Dedication is our achievement in the outer world. Surrender is our achievement in the higher world.

In Heaven we achieve a fruitful smile. On earth we achieve a soulful cry. In us we achieve a prayerful life.

Anything worth having is worth offering. An aspiration-heart is a shining example.

The achievement without a second is happiness. Happiness is the fulness of God in man.

Achievement on earth, appreciation from God, and admiration from Heaven always love to live together.

Achievement is our earth-life’s duty fulfilled. Achievement is our Heaven-life’s beauty manifested.

When we achieve, our hearts become divinely soulful. When we receive, our lives become unreservedly fruitful. When we believe, our yesterday’s desire-world and our today’s aspiration-world become supremely meaningful.

Because we achieve, we believe. Because we believe, we achieve. Because God the Lover is in us and because God the Beloved is for us, we believe and achieve all at once.

From:Sri Chinmoy,AUM — Vol.II-4, No.12, December 27, 1977, Vishma Press, 1977
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