What is our choice? Our inner and spiritual choice is Infinity’s perfection-poise. And what is Infinity’s perfection-poise? Infinity’s perfection-poise is our Immortality’s oneness-voice.

We choose God, not because He is great. We choose God because He is all Love. We choose man, not because he is always trying. We choose man because he is always crying. He is crying to unlearn all that he has learned from his human, physical, earth-bound mind. We choose man because he is crying to assimilate what his aspiring and Heaven-free heart has taught him since it accepted the spiritual life, the life of inner discipline, the life of God-fulfilment on earth.

We choose Heaven, not because Heaven is all bliss. We choose Heaven because Heaven inspires us, encourages us and finally illumines us. We choose earth, not because earth is the battlefield of life where we can prove to be dauntless and adamantine soldiers. We choose earth because here on earth we can succeed and proceed, proceed and succeed. We can make constant progress, inner and outer, which is of paramount importance. It is here on earth that we can hear the message of liberation. Unless and until we are liberated from the meshes of ignorance, our conscious, complete and inseparable oneness with our Beloved Supreme will always remain a far cry. We choose earth because here on earth we can illumine the animal in us, transcend the human in us and fulfil the divine in us.

We choose ourselves not because we feel in the inmost recesses of our hearts that we have the capacity to lord it over the world, to conquer the length and breadth of the world, to become another Julius Caesar or Napoleon. We choose ourselves because we feel in the very depth of our hearts that our Lord Supreme has chosen us to manifest Himself in and through us. He has accepted us as His choice instruments to please Him and fulfil Him in His own way. Him to please and Him to fulfil in His own way is the only way to please the real in us and the Real in our Beloved Supreme. The real in us is our heart’s constant ascending aspiration-cry. The Real in our Beloved Supreme is His constant descent with His all-compassionate Vision to illumine and perfect us so that we can become His perfect instruments.

The Lord Supreme manifested Himself in and through Sri Krishna, the Buddha and the Christ in a most significant way. It is His inner Promise to all the sincere seekers here and elsewhere, to fulfil Himself in and through them in a most significant way. Sri Krishna’s choice was a sea of harmony. The Buddha’s choice was a sky of illumination. The Christ’s choice was a flood of compassion. And our choice is a heart of poise that can easily brave all the buffets of life. Poise within, poise without: this is our choice.

Great Hall, Student Centre, Guilford College, Greensboro, N.C., 28 January 1978

From:Sri Chinmoy,AUM — Vol.II-5, No. 1, 27 January 1978, Vishma Press, 1978
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