Question: Many people kill themselves to lose weight, but I can eat whatever I want without gaining at all. Why am I so lucky?

Guru: How I wish to remain in your boat instead of you remaining in my boat! From now on let me be in your boat. No matter what I eat I gain weight, whether I eat too much or too little. My fate is such that if I lose, I gain again immediately. Since you don’t gain weight, it is I who should be in your boat. Now in two or three of your previous incarnations, unfortunately you were fatter than the fattest. So you cried and sighed, and sighed and cried to lose weight. And fortunately, God listened to your cries. In this incarnation He is fulfilling the desire of your previous incarnations. In your Chinese incarnation you were a mountain, and now the mountain has become a mouse. That is called divine justice.

From:Sri Chinmoy,AUM — Vol.II-5, No. 3, March 27, 1978, Vishma Press, 1978
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