Joy unlimited1

My imagination tells me that the unlimited joy can be seen. My inspiration tells me that the unlimited joy can be felt. My realisation tells me that the unlimited joy can be seen, felt, possessed and realised. Something more it says, "I can grow into the unlimited joy."

When I think of God, my mind gets Joy. When I pray to God, my heart feels Joy. When I meditate on God, my soul becomes all Joy.

God has given me the body, mind, heart and soul. It is I who have to use them with a view to achieving an everlasting Joy. God has given me the body. I shall have to use it to serve Him in the world of manifestation. God has given me the mind. I shall have to use it to think of Him in the world of determination, Will. God has given me the heart. I shall have to use it to love Him in the world of self-sacrifice. God has given me the soul. I shall have to use it to feel my identity with Him in the world of self-revelation.

I shall have to have Joy of my own. Unless and until I have it, I can never totally become one with others' Joy. There is considerable truth in what Shakespeare wrote, "O how bitter a thing it is to look into happiness through another man's eyes!"

Yesterday I was compelled to accept the belief that human life is strewn with difficulties and sufferings. But today I am given the opportunity, the golden opportunity to release that old thought of mine. I can accept this belief instead, that I inherit my life from God's Life of Bliss and my existence on earth is the ever-renewing and ever-unfolding expression of God the Blissful.

If I have just one aim and if that aim is to be myself, then I am bound to discover Joy, true Joy, eternal Joy in my inner march towards my Goal.

I think not old thoughts. I live not in old consciousness. I grow with new thoughts and flow with a new consciousness to reveal my life of imagination, inspiration, aspiration and realisation.

What to do? Stop thinking.

Why to do? To see the Supreme.

How to do? By running, flying and diving.

When to do? The moment you desire to grow into the Supreme's Dream.

Needless to say that you must realise the value of time if you want to have the unlimited Joy in you, with you and around you.

To kill time is to see the face of failure more and more.

To use time is to open heart's wide door even more.

To value time is to live in God's own Core.

To quarrel with time is to forget the Golden Shore.

To go beyond time is to become God's Transcendental Lore.

You are happy because you know that the world loves you. Someone else is happy because he feels that he loves the world. I am happy because I have discovered the truth that the world is love and my God is the only Lover.

AUM 282. This talk was given at the Westchester-Bronx, N. Y. Branch of the Y.M.C.A. on 27 March 1968, where Sri Chinmoy was invited to speak at a luncheon held by the Lions Club of the Bronx.

From:Sri Chinmoy,AUM — Vol. 3, No. 7,8, Feb. — 27 Mar. 1968, AUM Publishings -- San Juan, P.R., 1968
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