Question: Spiritually speaking, what is meant by God-Realisation?

Sri Chinmoy: God-Realisation means a realisation of one’s own self. When you realise your highest Self, you will know that you are nothing other than God. According to our Indian philosophy, “As many men, so many gods.” What does this mean? You may think that it means that there are innumerable gods who take care of human beings, and that the gods are infinitely superior to men and have to look after them like children. But it does not mean that. The ancient Hindus, when they said, “As many men, so many gods,” meant that each man is God. But each man is not consciously aware of this. When he becomes divinely aware of what he is and what he stands for, he knows automatically, spontaneously, that he is nothing other than God, for God and he are absolutely one, both in the inner life and in the outer life. So long as one remains in ignorance, he will feel that God is someone who has infinite Power, whereas he himself is the feeblest person on earth. But the moment he realises God and identifies himself with God, he will see that God-Realisation means one’s identification with one’s absolute highest Self. When one can identify with one’s highest Self and remain in that consciousness forever, when one can reveal it and manifest it at one’s own command that is God-Realisation. God-Realisation is the realisation of one’s own Self. When you know what you are, then you will see that you are nothing other than God.

From:Sri Chinmoy,AUM — Vol.II-5, No.11,12, November-December 1978, Vishma Press, 1978
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