Question: I have sat through this meditation and have not felt my consciousness elevated at all. Why is that?

Sri Chinmoy: In order to have your consciousness elevated, you have to come as a seeker. When you come to a spiritual Master, you have to come with an open heart and a mind that is calm and quiet. The first thing which is required when you go to learn anything, even if you go to an ordinary teacher, is that you believe that the teacher knows the subject. Then, you must want to learn it. Similarly, in the spiritual life, you have to believe in spirituality, and then learn it in the way the teacher wishes to teach it. If you sat here and did not feel anything in my meditation, that is, unfortunately, your bad luck.

From:Sri Chinmoy,AUM — Vol.II-6, No. 1, January 1980, Vishma Press, 1980
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