The inner commitment

As you know, we have a path. Along that path many, many people are walking or running towards the destined Goal. Seekers from various walks of life, from various countries, are walking along our path. There are many roads that lead to God, but you can walk along only one road. If you keep changing roads, then you will never reach your destination. Those who want to follow our path or any other path, should understand what it means to make an inner commitment.

If you make a commitment to our path, you have to know that it is a commitment that your heart and soul are making to the divine within you. It is not a financial commitment or an earthly commitment. No, it is not that kind of commitment, but a far more important commitment. It is the commitment of your heart to your soul, and of your soul to your heart; and it is the combined commitment of your heart and soul to your entire life.

Joining an established spiritual group is most important, because without a group, without friends, without supporters, without spiritual brothers and sisters, you cannot make fast progress. If you see some other swimmers in the sea, then only will you jump in. Otherwise, you will not be inspired. You will feel that it is chilly or that it is dangerous. You will be uncertain, or you will be frightened to death. But when you see that some people are already swimming in the sea, then your fear and uncertainty disappear. You enter into the sea and swim along with those people.

When you belong to a group, today you may not be inspired to meditate, but if somebody beside you in the group is praying and meditating most soulfully, then immediately you will get inspiration. Then tomorrow you may be surcharged with inspiration and aspiration, whereas your spiritual brother or sister will not be inspired, so you will inspire that person. This is the main reason why we have Centres all over the world. It is extremely helpful to have a group so that the seekers can inspire one another or get inspiration from one another. Every day you may not have the same kind of aspiration. Sometimes for weeks you may lack aspiration. But if you have a brother or sister disciple who is on the same path, then that person can inspire you. And again, when that person is totally lost in the world of frustration, anxiety or temptation, it is you who will be in a position to inspire him or her. That is why we feel the supreme necessity of having meditation groups, which can grow together most divinely and soulfully.

From:Sri Chinmoy,AUM — Vol.II-6, No. 6, June 1980, Vishma Press, 1980
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