Concentration is the surest way to reach the goal. The goal can be God-Realisation, the goal can be success in a material field, the goal can be merely the fulfilment of human desires. It is concentration that acts like an arrow and enters into the target. He who is wanting in the power of concentration is no better than a monkey. A real aspirant, a devotee, sooner or later acquires the power of concentration either by the Grace of God or through his constant practice of the inner life or through aspiration. Concentration should be like a bullet entering and piercing the mail-coat of ignorance. Concentration is a real divine hero in each aspirant. Each aspirant can declare and proclaim that he has a divine hero, a divine soldier in him. And what is that divine warrior? It is his concentration. So if one wants to achieve or reach a goal in any walk of life, whether it is the human, earthly journey toward emancipation or the soul’s journey toward the absolute realisation, then I wish to say that concentration is the answer. Concentration is the aspirant’s true divine pride.

From:Sri Chinmoy,AUM — Vol. 4, No.10, 27 May 1969, AUM Centre Press, 1969
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