Consciousness is our real teacher, our dear friend and our sure slave. As a slave consciousness carries our teeming ignorance to God. As a friend consciousness tells us what the supreme Knowledge is. As a teacher consciousness reveals to us the undeniable truth that today's imperfect and unfulfilled man is tomorrow's perfect and fulfilled God.

Consciousness sings: It sings the song of universal oneness. Consciousness plays: It plays the game of cosmic manifestation. Consciousness dances: It dances with God's fulfilling Vision within and God’s fulfilled Reality without. Consciousness acts. It acts through man’s crying, climbing and surrendering aspiration and God’s descending, protecting and illumining Compassion.

When consciousness is all activity it bows to God the Mother, its Source. When consciousness is all silence, it bows to God the Father, its Source. From the Mother it gets the mightiest power to make the supreme sacrifice for the unconscious earth. From the Father it gets the highest Light to illumine the unlit earth. Consciousness itself is at once light and power. As the light it identifies itself with the pure inspiration and deep aspiration of our inner world. As the power it exercises its divine sovereignty over the darkest bondage and the wildest ignorance of our outer world.

The consciousness that the unaspiring body uses is called the hopeful consciousness. The consciousness that the unyielding vital uses is known as the hurtful consciousness. The consciousness that the uncompromising mind uses is called the doubtful consciousness. The consciousness that the uncovering heart uses is called the truthful consciousness. The consciousness that the unlimited soul uses is called the fruitful consciousness.

Aum anandamayee chaitanyamayee satyamayee parame

O Mother absolute of existence-consciousness-delight! This triple consciousness is the longest length, farthest breadth and deepest depth. The longest length is infinity. The farthest breadth is eternity. The deepest depth is immortality. When consciousness lives in existence, humanity devotedly receives what Divinity soulfully offers. When consciousness lives inside its own domain, humanity and Divinity lovingly yet surprisingly share each other’s experience. When consciousness lives in delight, humanity is realised and transformed and divinity manifested and fulfilled.

Blind is he who does not see the consciousness-light. Deaf is he who does not obey the consciousness-right. Poor is he who cannot eat the consciousness-fruit. Fool is he who denies the existence of consciousness-sea.

AUM 585. This talk was given by Sri Chinmoy at the New School, New York, on 7 April 1970.

From:Sri Chinmoy,AUM — Vol. 6, No. 3,4,5, Oct. — 27 Dec. 1970, AUM Centre Press, 1970
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